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[variety] Loveletter 연애편지

Guest dabest123

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ANYWAY.. DOWN TO BUSINESS.. I NEED TO KNOW WHO CAN TIME ANY LOVELETTER EPISODES! LUCKILY WE HAVE A TRANSLATOR!! dreamofgoose is our current translator =) Hope u all say thanks!!

So yeah.. i've recieved some translations of a season 1 episode.. which dreamofgoose translated to see how it would be since he/she hasn't translated before. The Han Ga In episode Part 1.

If anyone here can time.. that would be great! PLEASE PM ME!!

I'm hoping we could make a LL subbing team as well!


I PMed you on this. My sister and I can help in subbing for the episodes.. :)

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Guest damifino

my immortality: well based on the picture of the cast, i think yoon ji hoo is the tall guy that was on X-man alongside with Minwoo. He's tall and a good dancer and he had a mini dance battle with Minwoo in the couple segment of Xman. ^_______^ so if you watch Xman, that's where you probably saw him. I think he was also in a drama but I don't know which one.

Yoon Jihoo used to be an entertainment reporter and model before becoming an actor. He played one of the president's security guards on "Really Really Like You" and is currently in "Rainbow Romance."

i'm so excited to see x-mas there.. i hope he'll couple with seungeun... why isnt jay in the show too?

I heard that Jay is going to be on X-man this week.

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Guest x_sadendings

i wish they brought back the dance segment for the girls... MAAAN i miss the bokko!

aww me too i really miss it ;] but the kingka and the pohtah thing really gets me going x]

and to nie im glad Ayumi wont be on anymore also >.> & yuri is a little too much for me O_O

lol BSg ;] i just saw her perf for this weeks Music core i think she changed her style of bokko dancing x.x

ahhh must stay up to watch LL o.o

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I heard that Jay is going to be on X-man this week.

From what I saw of the Xman #70 cast list, there're no TRAX members on this week. Maybe next week? :3 Jay's actually such a DORKFACE but when he went on Loveletter last time he didn't talk all that much O_o

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Guest damifino


Regarding Jay, he's in the episode with Kibum and Hankyung from SuJu I'm told. Maybe it's the week after next. Hmmm.

All the talk of Love Letter ending made me curious so I went on Naver and read any articles related to Love Letter and this is what I found. In an article dated October 12, they talked about the schedule changes going on in SBS for November. They said that "OotChaSa" would be moving from Thursday to Sunday. It will air after X-man.

On Saturday, they are airing a new show whose concept was imported from a Japanese variety show called "Viking" which they tentatively plan to call "Super Viking" at 6:40 pm. What this means to Love Letter is this. Currently, Reality Saturday which is what SBS calls its Saturday shows consist of Love Letter, My child has changed, and Love Monkey all of which take up a 2 hour block. Because of the new variety show, they are shortening the time block for those 3 shows to 1 hour. The article didn't say whether they are getting rid of some of the shows or if they are just going to shorten each show. My thought is that they are more likely to get rid of the other two shows and keep Love Letter, mainly because Love Letter is being exported to other countries (and very successfully) so they probably raise more revenue for SBS than the other two shows. Besides, Love Monkey can't go on forever, eventually those monkeys will be trained, right? LOL I don't know how Love Letter is doing in the ratings in Korea, but honestly, do more people watch "My Child has changed" or "Love Monkey" than "Love Letter"? Although, it would be sort of odd putting two game shows like Love Letter and Super Viking on back to back, but you never know.

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Guest nick_lplin

i agree as well!! cystalis.. u did such a good job! must have taken u ages for that episode!

AND thank you treeesaa for those subs... i've added them to the post now..


Thank you for the hardsubbed files...I am hoping someone could upload to clubbox or YSI. I can't use MegaUpload.


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Guest x_sadendings

damifino can i say i agree with you x]

i mean LL has been making it big out there

and i was thinking no way they would cancel it

and love monkey true those monkeys shall

be trained soon & will end like SJFH did.

anyways im glad its not ending. and um

jungmo(x-mas) on LL gosh yay xD

poo so jay wont be on x-man >.>

pickles them all

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Guest silverwingz

Hello guys! I'm starting up a subbing team for Loveletter!! So far.. i've received a few PM's from people volunteering to translate/time.. and here they are:

>>Loveletter Subbing Team<<





Yesha & sister





Resyncher (LQ to HQ):







I'm still looking for translators.. so if u can translate.. please PM me.. More timers would also be good. I'm also looking someone who will be able to resynch subs from LQ to HQ. If u can do that.. u know what to do..

Thank you so much to these people who've volunteered! I've put the team up in the first post :D I think they deserve recognition..

Oh.. I'm not going to be able to time from now until the beginning of november, because it is exam time.. but after that, I will contribute more into the subbing!!


BTW.. does anyone know if there is a HQ version of the Han Ga In Part 1 Episode available anywhere? coz otherwise there will only be LQ subs for this episode.

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Guest dreamofgoose

I'm translating episode 8 of Season 3 right now, which is the second part of the one that has Lee BoRam appearing and that freaky lady chasing after Tim. I could be finished by tomorrow. The physical nature of the games in Season 3 makes it much faster to translate than Season 1 episodes.

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Guest x_sadendings

i wont say much since i havent watched it all yet

after all its live ;] anyways heres a few spoilers

Kingka: Kim Jisuk, Yoon Jihoon, Jungmo(X-Mas), Yoo Jung Soo, Brian

Poktah: CHM, KJM, Neo, SJH, Lee Seung Ki


-SJH hilarious dance

-Neo(paran) scaring the girls

-Jungmo(X-Mas) plays the guitar and kicks butt ;]

-BSG dances, but to her new album (not bokko)

this time the song she sang on Music Core

-Brian does a dance also & i say he's really good x]

-& last one i kinda found just odd Jungmo(X-mas) says who he

likes and Park Jung-ah and another girl says no to him just because of it xD

-oh and BSG practically going out to cheer almost every guy >.>

anyways im sure others will come with more details than me B]

but the only reason why im going to d/l this ep again is because of Jungmo(X-Mas)

guitar playing *envies his talent*

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Guest sereneryne

is bryan's performance song from his solo album?

what did seung ki said to kang ho dong? makes him so angry and kang ho dong even bowed..

i am glad that they brought back Season 2 game and the girls get to play this time!

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Guest x_sadendings

^i think that dance was not from his solo album but maybe a song from an artist over here in the u.s? plus i think it was a dance special ^^

and also watching the preview

looks like jungmo(x-mas) will go for seul gi

& seug ki goes for park jung ah for sure >.>

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Guest milk tea!

damifino, thanks for your insight :] and wow! LL has an official team ^^ thank you so much, all of you and silverwingz for taking charge (_ _)

aw no suju this week~ cast seems pretty okay though ^^ I'm glad Ayumi and Yuri went away... sorta getting sick of them and brian too :x

It seems like no Tung Tung Coupling this week either~ poo >_<

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Guest BLurBLur

BTW.. does anyone know if there is a HQ version of the Han Ga In Part 1 Episode available anywhere? coz otherwise there will only be LQ subs for this episode.

i think perhaps u can get the HQ in the iyagi box??

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Guest silverwingz



thanks a lot BLurBLur! the HQ episode was indeed there!!

Oh.. and i have enough people to resynch the subs! i really only need one person.. but oh well.. it might be faster to release subs if i hav a few ppl..


watching LL right now... here are some spoilers:

1. yoon ji hoo and chun myung competing to be cute!

2. yoon jung soo gets to go on the kingka team for the first time because he purposely hurt himself..

3. x-mas.. wat can i say.. just amazing <3 he's got talent as a guitarist!

4. brian's dance... ROFL!! he was dancing his chicken dance so hard that he got dizzy! he's in kingka again too

5. NEO was SOO funny.. ripping open his shirt and dancing like crazy so close to the gals! CRAZYY!!

6. SJH's always funny.. but his dance today was HAHAHA.. poor him..

7. Lee Seung Gi.. in poktan again.. and he tripped when walking in.. was really cute

8. Bae Seul Gi performed Tomboy (her latest single)

9. Brian also did an amazing dance

10. They play that game again where you run over hurdles and catch the ball from a tube thing at the top (u saw in the previews) and like in season 2, the gals get to cheer for the guys they like! (i'm glad this is back!! makes it fun!) THERE'S MORE ROMANCE!! hehe.. THE GALS get to play as well

11. Kan Mi Yeon literally leaps out to cheer for yoon ji hoo & exchanges romantic glances

12. Bae Seul Gi's very loud and outspoken in this episode!

13. Kim ji suk doesn't get any cheers =( but kim jong min does =)

14. kim jong min and kim ji suk's "fight" hehe..

15. neo jealous of x-mas coz he didn't get any cheers..

16. Brian's VERY popular today.. getting picked by all the girls..

17. Brian's butt shake! hehe..


ok.. so that's wat i thought was funny.. hehe.. i'll be back with an MU link of the episode soon

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