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Number of episodes: 60
First date of airing: 14 October 2017
Day/ Time of airing: Friday-Sunday, 9.00 p.m
Channel: TV3 (Malaysia) 
Scriptwriters: Zarihah Hassan, Nasir Sulaiman, Azidah Jaafar, Azmy Ariff,
Shuhadatul Ain
Directors: Eoon Shuhaini (Indonesia), Omar Olly Alaydrus (Indonesia), Zamri Zakaria (Malaysia)
Production: OrangeTree Production Sdn Bhd

Adit (Irwansyah) was forced to marry Emelda (Izara Aishah) even though he loves Aira (Janna Nick). He eventually marries Emelda due to feeling indebted to Emelda's family for helping his family, especially his father years ago. The story follows the three main characters from the time they were in school to the time when they are working adults.

Emelda and Aira are like sisters even though Aira's mother works as a helper for Emelda's family. The moment Adit entered the picture due to an exchange programme between Malaysian and Indonesian schools, the love triangle starts. Adit grew to love Aira and Aira felt the same for him. However, Emelda also grew to love Adit but Adit only sees her as a sister. Aira eventually had to sacrifice as Adit ended up marrying Emelda. Emelda only found out that both Aira and Adit love each other after their marriage.

However, Emelda died after giving birth to Icha Aulia (Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki). Emelda's mother was so enraged that she did not want to accept Adit and Icha into her house. Nevertheless, Adit keeps on trying to let Icha come over to the house to spend time and know who her mother and her grandparents are. Since Adit often came back and even stayed in Malaysia over a period of time, fate brought him and Aira to meet again. However, by now, Aira already has Zaid (Adi Putra) as her boyfriend. Aira still loves Adit but whenever she meets him, she acts differently as she is still hurt by what he did. Who will Aira choose? How will Adit resolve the problems that come his way? 


Irwansyah - Adit

Janna Nick - Aira

Izara Aishah - Emelda

Adi Putra - Zaid

Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki - Icha

Kevin Andrean - Mika

Juliana Moechtar - Zelma

Aleza Shadan - Fatimah

Zamarul Hisham - Hafiz

Emma Maembong - Tina

Farouk Hussain - Pak Hashim

Fazlina Ahmad Daud - Mak Milah





Still the same sound of heartbeat

Nothing has changed


Still as strong as before

Will he realize

That I was hurt

And I've forgotten

Until they came back again

That I was hurt

And I've forgotten



Until whenever

There's no replacement

Like him

Until whenever

It'll never change

My longing for him

He is extraordinary 

From anything else

Oh elixir of love

['Dia' means him/her]


Only his silhouette in my mind

Everything about him

Only I am still awake

Will he realize

That I was hurt

And I've forgotten

Until they came back again

That I was hurt

And I've forgotten




Even if time passes   ['masa' means time]

Even if I continually get hurt   ['luka' means injury/hurt]

Every second

I still long for him

The one whom I love, please return

Please return to me

I am waiting   ['menunggu' means to wait]







Adit: This longing will strengthen our relationship. This distance won't even change my feelings for you. One day, we will surely meet.

Adit: Were you shocked?

Aira: Did you follow me?

Adit: No

Emelda: This is a present for you. Remember me when you're over there.

Emelda (reading from laptop): I promise I will always send emails to you. I dearly love you.

Adit's father: I have a surprise for you.

Adit: What surprise, pa?

Adit's father: I have chosen a potential bride for you- Emelda.

Emelda: Adit gave me a ring. 

Aira: Why didn't you tell me that Adit is going to marry Emelda? You wanted to see me disappointed, right? You purposely wanted to see me sad. Do you like seeing me sad?

Aira's mother: You know who Adit is, right? Who we are.

Aira: Then? A poor person like me can't marry?

Adit: Oh Allah, I dearly love Emelda. But not more than as a younger sister. I only love Aira. 

Aira: Why did you have to lie to me? Why did you give me hope? Why did you disappoint me? 

Adit: As long as I am not married to anyone, I will make attempts for our relationship.

Adit's father: Uncle Hafiz and I will ensure that you and Emelda will marry!

Aira: I only want Adit, ma. I don't want anyone else. I only want Adit.

Emelda: If, one day, we are blessed with a child, do you want a boy or a girl?

Aira: Oh Allah, please give me a sign if you sent Zaid as a replacement for Adit, as someone to heal the wounds left by Adit. So that we are able to feel what love is.

Zaid: But whatever it is, I still hope that one day, you'll be my wife.

Doctor: I am sorry, Mr. Adit. We are unable to save your wife. Your wife just passed away. 

Emelda's mother: You've killed my daughter. You've killed my daughter! I will never forgive you! Don't hope that your child will be part of my lineage.

Emelda's father: [Bawa mengucap- means to be calm and remember Allah by reciting shahadah]

Emelda: I want to tell you that you have grown so big in here.

Emelda's mother: Go from here! I do not want to accept you or Icha! Don't bring Icha here again! Do you understand? Go!

Icha: Auntie, do you want to be my friend? 

Aira: Can. We'll become BFFs.

Zelma: For now, I open my heart to anyone. Including you, Adit.

Emelda (voiceover): I want to remind you and if anything happens to me, there's only one woman who can take my place-Aira.



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Hi everyone! I started this thread as I felt like introducing this drama to the forum members here:grin: Dia is aired in Malaysia but is a collaborative work between Malaysia and Indonesia. There are Indonesian crew and Malaysian crew but both work together to produce this drama. Cool, right?B) Besides that, I am pleasantly surprised to see Irwansyah acting in this drama. The last time I saw him was in a touching, heartbreaking movie about a love triangle when I was about 9 years old. I'm 20 now. Yes, it has been THAT long. So that's why I decided to watch this drama:) Plus, have you seen Sandrinna before? She's a 10 years old actress from Indonesia but she's an amazing actress and so cute!:wub: And of course, there's well known Malaysian actors and actresses too. If you haven't watched their dramas, you should google their names and maybe check out a few of the dramas they star in. Hopefully, that'll introduce you to more Malaysian & Indonesian dramas:D BUT the NO.1 factor that got me into this drama is... my mother:heart: She waits every evening for the episode to be uploaded and then forces me to watch them with her. I figured that I might as well start a thread on it:lol:

Hope you'll join in on this thread and maybe start watching a few Malay dramas. Here are some videos they posted before the airing of this drama:



5 Things about 'Dia' that you ought to know:

1. Combination of great actors from Malaysia & Indonesia

2. The main OST is sung by the winner of Anugerah Juara Lagu 2016, Dayang Nurfaizah

3. The full name of the child actress in Dia. Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki- she has mixed parentage of American and Javanese

4. Scenes in Dia were shot in Malaysia & Indonesia

5. Dia is a 'comeback' project for Irwansyah




Irwansyah: Hello, my name is Irwansyah. I play the role of Adit in 'Dia'


Janna: Hi, I'm Janna Nick playing the role of Aira in 'Dia'


~Scene from 'Dia'~

Adit: Do you like it?

Aira: I like it



Izara: The character Emelda is pampered, always happy. She buries her feelings when she is sad and angry. She only wants people to see her happy.


Adi: Zaid is a lawyer in a law firm. He is firm but is an ordinary guy when it comes to love.


~Scene from 'Dia'~

Zaid: I don't know how to handle this situation-when a third person enters. As time goes by, it gets more complicated.



Sandrinna: Hi, my name is Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki. I play the role of Icha. She is a character who is happy, excited and is loved by papa Irwansyah. Since I have never acted in Malaysia before, I want to gain a new experience in acting in Malaysia.


Izara: There are 2 teams- a team Malaysia and a team Indonesia. The first time I worked with team Indonesia, it was quite hard. The way we speak is different, they don't really understand. I spoke Malaysian, they spoke Indonesian, it was tough. And when I stayed there, I missed my family here, homesick. I couldn't really concentrate. 


Janna: I have no problems with the crew members. The good thing about shooting a drama that is long, has 60 episodes, is that we are able to bond more with the crew and technical team.


Irwansyah: Team Indonesia has more people. Team Malaysia has fewer people but they help one another. For example, the soundman helps out with lighting. So when I am shooting here, I feel at ease and it is not burdensome for me. I just focus on shooting. So, it's kind of the same.


Janna: We try to make this different in terms of how we present the story. And this is also already something different for TV3 as this is a long drama which combines Malaysian & Indonesian actors.


Adi: All the episodes are interesting to me because I rarely act as a lawyer who is very defined. 


Eoon: I am grateful as I get actors from Indonesia & Malaysia who are the very best.


Irwansyah: 'Dia' is different from other dramas. Indonesian dramas have never done something like this as 'Dia' is shot in 2 countries using 2 different teams that are combined to form 1 drama. Actors from 2 different countries- Indonesia & Malaysia- collaborate in 'Dia'. That's how different 'Dia' is from other dramas.




[I'll post translations of video soon :) ]

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I have watched up to episode 40 and really wish she would marry the man who has waited patiently for 8 years for her. I can not get behind her old love trying to rekindle the love they had when he mad and mess of things and still had to follow his parents rule and marry that woman. He now is raising their child and he wants to come back to DIA. He knew how DIA felt back when they were kids. The small jealousy she had and the feelings of never being important enough to get her mom to do things for her on the day they should have been done and for having to always wait to have her turn.


Then he messed up and could not go against his family and should have broken up with DIA prior to things getting that far but up until a few days before the wedding he was still telling her to trust him. IF DIA had been willing he prolly would have married her to and had her as his second wife if he could get away with it. Luckily DIA was hurt but not stupid enough to continue and walked away.


Knowing that DIA has a man interested in her he is wrong to try to still get her to take him back. He loved his wife in his own way and lived a good married life with her and for me he should not be able to get DIA back after that. Circumstances may have made him have to marry the woman his family felt he should but now DIA has someone and could be married to them (if only she lets go those feelings she has been carrying around for years.)


I am waiting to see how this ends and if she ends up with her first love I will be truly disappointed as I am rooting for the other guy who is a lawyer and has been in love with her for a long time.

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I am so glad that I put this drama on-hold after the first 20 eps... I couldn´t warm up to Aira...it annoyed me how she treated this one person...that stood by her for so many years...and even more so after sneaking a look at the last episode....it came to pass what I feared..

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