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Oh Yeon Soo 오연수

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Elegant Hong Tae-ra in Bad Guy

Oh Yeon-soo (오연수)


By sassygirl17 at 2010-07-01


By sassygirl17 at 2010-03-31

Date of Birth : 1971 October 27th

Height: 165cm

Weight: 43kg

Blood Type: O

Family:Married to actor Son Ji-chang, has 2 Sons

Educational background :Yeudo elementary school - Yeudo junior high school - Anyang art high school - DanKook University

Debut : 1990 MBC Talent

Agency: SM Entertainment

Close Friends: Yoo Ho-jung, Shin Ae-ra, Lee Hye-young, Choi Ji-woo

Interests: Cooking, telephone and clock collection

Hobbies: Golf, classical dancing, singing

TV Dramas

2011 MBC Gye Baek

2010 SBS Bad Guy

2009 KBS The Queen Returns

2008 MBC La Dolce Vita/Bittersweet Life

2006 MBC Jumong

2005 KBS Goodbye Sadness/ Farewell to Tears

2004 KBS A Second Proposal

2003 MBC Snowman

2002 KBS Hard Love/Unreserved Love

2001 MBC Law of Marriage

2000 SBS Woman on Top

1998 MBC Love and Success

1998 MBC Living With The Enemy

1998 MBC Shoot Toward Tomorrow

1997 MBC Bloody Revenge

1996 SBS Mother's Flag

1996 SBS In the Name Of Love

1996 SBS Mangang

1995 MBC War and Love

1994 KBS The Man Worries Me

1993 KBS Endure Sunday

1992 MBC Two Women

1992 MBC Son and Daughter

1991 MBC Eyes of Dawn

1990 MBC The Gayageum Comes Alive (Debut)

TV Shows

2010 Story On Married Woman's World

2008 Olive TV Oh Yeon-soo's Secret Diary

Stage Play

1993 La Femme Du Boulanger


2010 Style Icon Awards Fashionista Category

2006 Grand Scale Historical Drama Award, MBC Drama Awards

2004 Top Excellence Award (Actress), KBS Drama Awards

1998 MBC Best Actress

1993 29th Baeksang Art Awards New Actor Award (Movie Category; Female)

1992 13th Blue Dragon Awards New Actor Award

1992 3rd Chunsa Film Festival New Actress Award

1991 27th Baeksang Art Awards New Actor Award (TV Category; Female)

1990 MBC New Actor


Isa Knox Trevina


CF Link: http://serviceapi.nmv.naver.com/flash/NFPlayer.swf?vid=77BFE08ADF7D83E6927959498E28E4722CA9&outKey=V129bd1631d80ffae64355508428f425ce66c031ef40c21d10a495508428f425ce66c


Vitamin Brand Cenovis



Video Clips

credits: Jahye/Koalabear

Jumong NG

MBC Section TV Interview December 2006

Goodbye Sadness Interview, 2005

Goodbye Sadness Interview Streaming link

MBC Happy Time Jumong Behind the Scenes

MBC Section TV March 2007 Interview

KBS Show Power Video - A Second Proposal NG's

Revenge and Passion MV

Revenge and Passion Episodes 1-7 You Tube Link

Love Sonata Revival Japan 2007

2002 Drama Hard Love Video Links (credits to Aidahlr, Meyyale, Cyworld)





Elle Korea February 2008 Aging Beautifully

Olive TV: Oh Yeon-soo's Secret Diary

Allure Korea September 2009 - Alluring Women 30s

From Bittersweet Life (2008) (src: Bittersweet Life thread)

Teaser Trailer


Press Conference video (Jinkzzmec)

Bittersweet life preview and press conference (Jinkzzmec)

Bittersweet life news coverage by YTN star (Jinkzzmec)

Soompi Rules

*profile and photo credits to Yahoo Korea, PIFF Official Website EPG, Empas, Naver, Daum Cine 21 and IMDB</i>

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Guest loving_D

shes so pretty. i love her in jumong, my favorite series at the moment. :D its funny how she plays song il kook's mom but in real life, hes a few days older than her. :lol:

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She's so pretty in both modern clothes and in Jumong. I didn't know the guy she's married to is actor Son Ji Chang, ahh now I know. Thanks for starting the thread, koalabear!

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Guest jahye

To be honest, I didn't really pay attention to 오연수 until 주몽.

I always knew of her, but was never really a particular fan of her's until I watched her in 주몽.

She really is a hidden gem.

오연수 throughout the years (first 6 pictures with her husband Sohn Ji Chang)



From Snowman


From Goodbye Sadness


As Yoohwa in Jumong:




Even though they didn't have many scenes together, Yoohwa and Haemosu are definitely in my top 10 couples of Korean dramas.










Random pictures. She is so beautiful!







credits; yahoo + naver.

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you're always welcome guys ^ ^ I was really thinking of starting this thread for her since I really admire OYS as an actress...she always makes me and my mom cry whenever we watch any of her dramas...I think our personal faves among all her dramas were Love and Success and A Second Proposal, the latter helped her make a successful comeback in Korean Showbiz but I think Jumong will make her more popular altogether...I really wanted to watch the drama initially bcoz of her and I really got hooked to it, she doesn't look her age at all too :D She has a nice Cyworld homepage but she's too busy to update it nowadays but you can see a lot of messages in her guestbook...too bad I can't read Korean that well haha

jahye...nice pics...I've got some of them in my pc but never got to upload it yet...I like the last pic you posted though

some more pics...with husband Son Ji-chang and other random ones


at SM Town's 10th anniversary last February...the couple just joined the agency this year...they signed a 2 year exclusive contract if I'm not mistaken



with eldest son Sung-min







credits to Yahoo! Korea

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Guest dramalover

Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful captures of OSY....She is one of my favorite and currently

watching her latest drama Chu Mong(JU MUNG)..I got hooked with this drama bec.of her and Song Il Kook..

Fighting for OSY all the way..Cheers.. :D

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Guest sparkled_silver

wow, she is actually really really beautiful in her recent piture =) and she doesnt look her age at all

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Guest jjowah

she's such the ideal woman...perfect! if there is really a thing, i think she is..

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dropping off some pics for now...


with Shin Ae-ra, Cha In-pyo and Lee Hye-young


pics with friend Choi Ji-woo




OYS, Choi Ji-woo and Lee Young-ae

younger pics



she's timeless :D

credits to Yahoo! Korea and Naver

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Life After Marriage

TV Actresses Make Successful Return to Careers After Saying 'I Do'

By Park Chung-a

Staff Reporter

These days, actresses who had left the television scene to get married are making successful come backs, imbuing new energy into television dramas.

Jung Hye-young, Lee Yo-won, Kim Ji-ho, Ha Hee-ra and Oh Yon-su have all made come-backs to entertainment scene with leading roles in TV mini-series and weekend dramas and their mature performances are drawing viewers.

This has also been a positive sign for TV producers and production companies who have been going through difficulties in casting actors due to increasing star power.

``As housewives and mothers, these actresses seem friendly and comfortable to many viewers. Their experience in acting also distinguishes them from younger actors,’’ said Lee Jae-kyu, a producer from SBS’ ``Fashion 70s.’’

Oh Yon-su

Oh Yon-su has pursued her acting career the most aggressively. In KBS’ ``Second Proposal’’ last year, she played a tough and humorous housewife named Mi-young, successfully breaking stereotypes on her actress image of being fragile and feminine. Currently, she is playing the role of Yeo-jin, a spinster career woman on the KBS weekend drama ``Goodbye Sadness.’’

Different from Mi-young, Yeo-jin is a romantic and introverted character who cannot forget her ex-boyfriend whom she couldn’t to marry due to her family’s objection. Oh has said that since the character matches her real personality, she feels much more comfortable with her acting.

Lee Yo-won

In 2003, Lee Yo-won, known for her pure and innocent image, got married and announced her sudden retirement from acting at the peak of her career. Two years have passed and at only 25-years-old, Lee’s come-back has given a fresh perspective on the actress for TV viewers. In SBS’s ``Fashion 70s’’ Lee is playing the role of a genius fashion designer and has been acclaimed for her mature performance, despite offering injuries to her feet while shooting the drama early this month.

The drama has also been recording high viewer ratings compared to other dramas in the same timeslot. The drama’s Internet bulletin boards are also filled with positive comments on her acting. ``Lee’s professional attitude and devotion are such an asset for the drama. No would could play To-mi better than Lee. If ever To-mi’s character doesn’t seem persuasive enough, it’s not because of Lee, but me,’’ said Chong Song-hee, a writer of the drama.

Jung Hye-young

Jung Hye-young, currently appearing in MBC’s mini-series ``Law & Love’’ as a secretary at a law firm is also being praised for her passion for acting. Despite being three-months pregnant, she recently shot a scene of being beaten, with her hair aggressively grabbed. As for the scene in which the character had to roll about after being beaten, the drama used a substitute actress. Jung has been reported to have regretted not having been able to perform the scene herself.

Ha Hee-ra

Ha Hee-ra, who is also known as part of an exemplary married couple with her husband and actor Choi Su-jong, has made a comeback after two years, by starring as a beautiful and talented housewife in SBS’ ``I Love You Enemy,’’ which has been airing on Fridays since July 15th. In order to cast Ha, the drama’s producer Sung Joon-ki persuaded Choi, who thought it was to early for his wife to make a comeback, for more than two months.

``It was not easy to identify with the character since it’s so different from me. Although the character could be seen as somewhat bad and egoistic, I will try my best to buy sympathy from viewers,’’ Ha said in a press conference for launching the drama.

Kim Ji-ho

Kim Ji-ho came back to TV with SBS’s ``Single Again’’ in June after three years of concentrating on child care and house chores. In 2001, Kim married Kim Ho-jin, also a TV actor. Although the drama ended recently with only a moderate viewer rating due to the enormous success of MBC’s ``My Lovely Samsoon’’ in the same timeslot, with her trademark lively character and intelligence, Kim’s acting as Kum-joo, an independent widow in her thirties, drew compliments from critics and viewers.

The Korea Times


< Prince of Legend > Catches the Viewers' Eyes with its Imposing Magnificence

MBC's 45th anniversary special production drama "Prince of the Legend" has started its long 60 episode journey with great reviews. According to the rating agency, TNS Media Korea, the drama's viewer rates recorded 17.5% in the metropolitan area and 16.3 % throughout the whole country on the first day it aired, May 15th.

After the first showing netizens visited the "Prince of the Legend" website and could not hide there excitement.

A drama that will make an upward stroke in the drama business has been born...(J6353)

My heart is still beating with excitement...[PRAYER77]

Huh June-ho's powerful force....[CJY2682]

The drama is more exciting and the pictures are a lot better than I thought they would be [KFYWCG]

Especially, Hae Mo-soo and Geum-wa's grand and magnificent fighting scene set on China's great landscapes on the HD TV caught the viewers' eyes, and on the drama's website were constant reviews saying that this made it seem like the viewers were watching a martial arts movie.

Firmly the character that caught the viewers' eyes was Huh June-ho's role as Hae Mo-soo. Huh June-ho showed a deepened charisma in playing Hae Mo-soo, a hero who fought the Han Nation's army in order to free the immigrants from the Han Nations domination, which the viewers gave their highest praises to.

Also viewers praised Yu Hwa, played by Oh Yuen-soo, who has come back to acting in a historical drama after an 11-year hiatus, and Guem-wa, played by Jun Kwang-lyul who has usually done soft and gentlemanly characters. Yu Hwa shows her tough spirit when she tells Tae-soo of the Han Nation to stop at once while watching the migrants get brutally murdered but she is pure and meek in the eyes of her father and Hae Mo-soo and the viewers thought of Yu Hwa's character as cute. In the scene that Geum Wa (Jun Kwang-lyul) showed his extravagant actions there was a kind of force that could only felt by him which caught the viewers' eyes.

In the first episode Geum Wa gets called by Tae-soo of the Han Nation and goes to the Hyun Toe Castle where he meets Yu Hwa, and the desperate and sad look he gives her offers a hint of the sad love story that is about to be revealed throughout the 60 episode series. Moreover, as Yu Hwa finds and rescues Hae Mo-soo, who has drifted down to the Hah Baek tribe's riverbanks with a wound on his shoulder, caught the viewers' eyes because it showed the start of the first generation's love-line between Hae Mo-soo, Yu Hwa, and Geum Wa.

'Prince of the Legend'has already blown up a stir with the meeting between the two writers, Choi Wahn-gyu's writer of the drama 'Huh June' that ended with record breaking viewer ratings, and writer Jung Hyung-soo who wrote a lot of famous punch lines like "If your in pain then I'm in pain", which brought "Da Mo" a huge fan base, and many other famous lines.

When Geum Wa asks Hae Mo-soo to be treated when he gets a wound from a poisoned sword, he asks "If you don't treat me right this minute I'll never be able to use my arm again", Hae Mo-soo replies "If you are not able to use your arm again than I will be your two arms for the rest of your life", in response to these analects we can expect that a lot of other analects will come from the drama in the long journey to come.

On the other hand, in the episode aired on the 16th of May Hae Mo-soo and So Seo-no meet by chance, Geum Wa risks his life to save Yu Hwa and the birth of So Seo-no, the first queen, is about to be unfolded.

* MBC's 45th anniversary special production drama "Prince of the Legend", main viewing points:

1. The deep and close friendship between Geum Wa and Hae Mo-soo.

2. The first generation's love line between Hae Mo-soo, Yu Hwa and Geum Wa.

3. The force of Jumong, Song Il-gook starting from the 3rd episode.

4. The second generation's love line between Jumong, So Seo-no and Dae So.

credits to MBC Global Media


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she looks quite alike to Choi Ji Woo, and boy there is a photo of her with Ji Woo and they are best friends!

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I remember her!

She is pretty and talented!~

I didnt' know that she signed with Sm along with her husband too!


JuMong I hear is good!


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posting pics from her 2002 Drama Hard Love with Song Il-kook...actually I was watching this drama online when I learned that she was cast as Jumong's mom...I stopped watching the drama then since I felt weird watching it when I knew that she and SIK are mother and son in Jumong and in this drama SIK loved her...I recently finished watching it though






credits to KBS and Empas

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Guest kukuri

Jumong is the first drama I saw her in. Her acting is really good and it was a surprise when I learnt she's the same age as Song Il Kook. I thought she was a few years older than him just by looking at their pictures in Jumong. :sweatingbullets:

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Jumong is the first drama I saw her in. Her acting is really good and it was a surprise when I learnt she's the same age as Song Il Kook. I thought she was a few years older than him just by looking at their pictures in Jumong. :sweatingbullets:

Yup they are of the same age but I think they had to make her look older or they made Song Il-kook younger just to make them look like mother and son...another thing is OYS started acting earlier than SIK...she started acting 5-7 yrs earlier so I think that made her look more mature than him...I honestly think she was the perfect choice for the role despite of the non existent age difference

posting some pics from Jumong...these were Behind the Scene shots (the first 2 were from an earlier episode)






credits to iMBC+Photobucket

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new OYS pics from the 2006 Korea Drama Festival...Jumong Special Fan Meeting



with the cast of Jumong


with Gyeon Mi-ri and Jin Hee-kyung

it was surprising to know though that during the fan meeting she said that she actually initially wanted the role of Soseono

link to that article (in Korean) http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...p;newssetid=487

credits to Yahoo! Korea

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OYS posted these pics earlier today in her Cyworld...from Jumong









please do not hotlink!!! Credits to her Cyworld

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