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Oh Yeon Soo 오연수

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YTN Star Video Clip on the Best 6 Star Couples in Korea

1. Sean - Jung Hye-young

2.Yeon Jung-hoon - Han Ga-in

3.Cha In-pyo - Shin Ae-ra

4. Son Ji-chang - Oh Yeon-soo

5. Lee Jae-ryong - Yoo Ho-jung

6. Choi Soo-jung - Ha Hee-ra





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November 11, 2007 - OYS and Husband Son Ji-chang with their son watching the KTF vs. SK Basketball match...hope to see her though in a new production soon... :rolleyes:




src: Photoro

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OYS article - January 14, 2008






link to article: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...;newssetid=1352


and OYS will also appear in a new drama soon titled "Sweet Life" which will air on MBC after Winter Bird ends. Her co-stars are Jeong Bo-seok, Lee Dong-wook and Park Shi-yeon


article translated c/o Yeohweping

Oh Yeon-soo and Jeong Bo-seok will be playing a pair of couple of crisis.

Oh Yeon Soo plays the role of a good wife/mother 'Yoon Hye Jin' while Jeong Bo Seok plays Ha Dong Won, a fund manager.

Lee Dong Wook plays Lee Joon Soo, a young man that Yoon Hye Jin meets accidentally and falls for when her relationship with her husband turns sour.

EDIT: the upcoming drama "Sweet Life" is rescheduled to air after the upcoming MBC Weekend Drama My Life's Last Romance which will air after Winter Bird Ends in March

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OYS new drama updated news

updated news courtesy of Yeohweping/Koalabear


Drama name changes to '내 몸에 악마가 산다'

내(my) 몸에 (body) 악마가 (demons) 산다 (living) which means Demons living in my body.

Demons living in my body will be airing in May.



Demons Living in My Body marks Oh Yeon-soo's come back to TV screens after one year after her appearance in Jumong January of 2007. She was casted because of her elegant image though this time she would play an entirely different role as a woman who falls in love with a younger man and starts an affair with him...Writer is Jung Ha-yeon whose other work is the historical drama Shindon aired on MBC 3 years ago

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Jan 28 - Oh Yeon-soo and Uhm Jung-hwa were officially baptized as Christians at the Onnuri Church last Sunday, January 27. Both actresses were teary-eyed while professing their faith in God



[sTAR★미니다큐] (26)오연수, '데뷔16년차' 청초한 미모 그대로




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OYS New Drama Bittersweet Life First Shooting Day







src: DC MBC, Mandalaywith @ Bittersweet Life Drama Thread

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February 16, 2008

Hokkaido becoming popular filming spot for South Korean TV dramas

A South Korean drama is being filmed in Otaru, Hokkaido, on Thursday.SAPPORO -- An increasing number of South Korean TV dramas are being filmed in Hokkaido, with an eye to air the programs not only back in South Korea but also here in Japan.

Last year, SBS became the first South Korean broadcaster to shoot a TV drama, titled "Salt Doll" in Hokkaido. On Thursday, another South Korean broadcaster, MBC, started filming the first four installments of a drama titled "Bittersweet Life" in Otaru.

Otaru was home to the shooting of the Japanese film, "Love Letter" (1995), which also became a hit in South Korea. Kim Jin-min, director of the drama "Bittersweet Life," says the film influenced South Koreans' image of Japan.

"For South Koreans, winter in Japan is associated with snow. And snow is associated with Hokkaido. These images are strongly influenced by the film, 'Love Letter,' " Kim said.

"Bittersweet Life," which will be aired across South Korea from May during prime time on Saturdays and Sundays, stars popular Korean actor Lee Dong-wook, 26, and actress Oh Yeon-su, 36.

"South Korean producers are shifting the target of their dramas to Japanese fans. 'Bittersweet Life' features Korean actors who are also popular in Japan, and it is highly likely that the drama will be aired in Hokkaido, too," said the executive director of the Japan Korea Culture Association, a nonprofit organization based in Sapporo.

In fact, Hokkaido is known to air more South Korean TV dramas via land broadcasts than other prefectures in Japan. Currently, three TV stations in Hokkaido air six Korean dramas a week via land broadcasts, while Korean dramas are shifting to communications satellite broadcasting in the metropolitan area.

According to the Hokkaido branch of Video Research Ltd., a TV rating service company, the audience rate for the three South Korean dramas aired on Tuesday morning was between 3 to 4 percent.

"The viewer ratings (of Korean dramas) are stable. We will keep on broadcasting (Korean dramas)," said a public relations official of a broadcaster in Hokkaido.

Noriko Mizuta, 70, president of Josai International University, said, "South Korean dramas often use snow or winter scenes as a metaphor in describing psychology, such as in 'Winter Sonata.' I assume people in northern areas, where people regularly deal with snow in winter, may sympathize more with Korean dramas."

Although several South Korean films have been shot in Hokkaido since 2006, it's another story when it comes to South Korean TV dramas.

"Hokkaido will gain higher recognition by appearing in South Korean TV dramas, rather than films. We expect that Korean broadcasters will continue to shoot their dramas in Hokkaido," said the executive director of the Japan Korea Culture Association.


related Korean Article






src: Ahgou_9@Popcornfor2.com, Baidu.com

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pics from Bittersweet Life




src: Lee Dong-wook Baidu Bar

and a message from her Cyworld page regarding Bittersweet Life's premiere date which is on May 3

5월3일 "달콤한 인생"시작합니다.

just 2 months to go ^ ^

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New BTS pics from the upcoming drama Bittersweet Life

credits to:


CREDIT; cafe.daum.net/1004dong


THANKS. to ahgou_9@popcornfor2 forum

reposted by Mz. Hyunki @ Lee Dong-wook's Soompi thread










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Oh, I just love Oh Yeon-su in Second Proposal! Never miss an episode if I could. It's the first time I've ever seen her in any drama. I think her acting as a jilted woman is perfect! She kinda reminds me of Chae Si-ra and her character in Terms of Endearment. I have yet to see Jumong but have heard of how it's such a great drama. Hope to see more of her in other new dramas soon.

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April 21, 2007 article



It is about Oh Yeon-soo's TV comeback thru the MBC drama Bittersweet Life after the hit drama Jumong in 2007. She has this policy of appearing in only one production a year and it turns lucky that all the productions she appeared in were hits like The Second Proposal, Goodbye Sadness and Jumong. She decided to take on this project after one year.

It also talked about her new character in this drama, initially cutting off her already long hair to prepare for this role (Sorry though I didn't understood what the online translator gave me about her character in the new drama). Also during the postershoot, when she was required to shed a tear, she was able to shed one in 3 seconds. OYS will show another side of her in the drama Bittersweet Life



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Guest bshater1

is anybody else getting the impression that OYS gets prettier as she ages? she's become a goddess over the years.

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