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[OFFICIAL] Yeon Woo Jin ❤️ Park Min Young 【♥ WooMin Couple ♥】


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10 hours ago, Mayapotz said:


We have to wish harder now. I know YWJ mentioned he'd like to work with PMY in a movie. Let's hope someone listens and makes it happen. PMY recently said she's looking for movie options, right?


I am surprised she's barely made any. I wonder why.

True... and that's what comes to my mind first.... It's the movie thing that YWJ mentioned to PMY.... Im really hoping and wishing..... And PMY said that she wants to do comedies more....


That's my thought too, why she didn't have any movies, after The Cat??

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Hello! I hope Im not late since I only watched Q47D just recently in netflix. I have watched what's wrong with secretary kim first (i like PSJ), and didnt like her male lead on HER PRIVATE LIFe (sorry) so I thought theres no one who can beat ParkxPark chemistry but boy was I wrong. When I watched the first Ep of Q47D, I wasnt really a fan of YWJ on the first scene and thought Ill just endure it and route for LDG and PMY instead. I watch the drama for LDG/PMY but stayed because of YWJ. He is just so darn charming and cute the more I look at him. And of course, their chemistry is beyond superb!!! PMY/YWJ just looking at each other makes my heart melt,  how much more the kissing scenes! Because of their outstanding chemistry, i have watched the drama atleast 3 times already! 


is there really no update about them? I really hope they will have another drama/movie after this pandemic, heck, even a tiny scene at commercials would do. or i dont know, maybe they could just date?. hehe. . 


i hope this page is still active though. . I just love their chemistry on and off screen. thanks!

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