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  1. Any updates on our fave couple? LOL. A friend of mine watched Q47D only recently and he talked about how great it is. It kind of revived my love for these two and so I watched clips on YT. I miss them!
  2. Basically, they compared the kind of relationships they had/could have based on their astrological signs. The woman said She said that PMY is someone who is fiery and passionate about everything she does in life. Then she went on to see how she would be like with the guys. She said that with JCW & PMY, they had the kind of chemistry that could be compared to first love. It's very similar to the energy they had in the "Healer" because of the commitment and the kind of relationship they had in the show. For PSJ, she said the words, "GAME OVER!" She just basically said they complement each other so well that they should date if they aren't yet. She also said the success rate of their relationship is almost certain - something about how their signs stick and intersect in so many ways. For KJW, she is predicting the upcoming series is gonna be hot as both have fiery signals. He's the perfect lover for her and 12 episodes is just the right time for them as too much fire may be too much if they got together. LOL. Thank you so much parkparkloveu for sharing that video. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  3. I wonder if Woojin's dream of them working on a romantic movie will ever come true. I'm still waiting.
  4. My heart is so full right now. It's been a while and I honestly thought seeing them together again this soon wasn't possible.
  5. Thank you for sharing all the pics. It's a great day for us. Translation: "Eating dinner... the others in the same table have already left."
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