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  1. Any translations of the interview here??... Thanks...
  2. I do wish that she will still have more awards for Queen For Seven Days, it's not too late thou..
  3. That would be nice too if paired with PHJ, if he is older than her... hahaha...... PMY has this mature and cute vibe so, she should also be paired with those manly and matured featured actors.... ( I feel safe for her, hahaha)...
  4. I was also thinking that, pairing with YAI again... I love them in Sungkyungkwan Scandal..
  5. That was my favorite ep too in 7dq.... actually its ep 5 & 6..... the most, she can carry a comedy... OH well, since Healer and SKKS... I dont know why they say WSK is her firs rom-com .... Anyway, WSK 's premise is Rom-Com, that's why, but she is more funny in SKKS, Healer & 7dq (in some episodes) and not so much in WSK..... SHe is so versatile, it's like in one snap she can do a lot of switching in acting, hehehe...
  6. https://aminoapps.com/c/k-drama/page/blog/seven-days-queen-review/L2LH_8ueolgvLXB20Rv2orz6Qp8r6E2 Just a perfect review....
  7. True... and that's what comes to my mind first.... It's the movie thing that YWJ mentioned to PMY.... Im really hoping and wishing..... And PMY said that she wants to do comedies more.... That's my thought too, why she didn't have any movies, after The Cat??
  8. Same here!.... actually, I dont care about the ending... Yes. it really made me cry a bucket.... But it's on how they show their love entirely..... That maybe becoz they are great actors, that's really convincing.... And I will wish very hard for these two to work again... (since my cursing and wishes mostly come true, hahahahha.... joke)....
  9. Just so Happy that WSK is receiving lots of love, I do really enjoy it (except the kiss scenes thou)..... I am so glad that PMY have this Sweet Revenge from last year, since her Queen For Seven Days DOESN'T deserve a poor ratings, really... But she has so happy and glad enough that her co-stars are very supportive of her, esp YWJ.......And I even wished (or cursed, perhaps lol) KBS to have their drama not a buzzworthy or suffer in poor ratings! (and it's happening, lol)....... Since they they did not even recognize or give awards to PMY or YWJ- even just a Best Couple ( thou LDG won best actor thou)... But I get it, PMY must've been matured enough not to engage with those shipping or couple thingy... I still clearly remembers that during this season of last year, when Fight for My Way (Mon-Tues, and most buzzworthy that time) & Queen For Seven Days (Wed-Thurs) both aired on KBS..... But PSJ & Kim Ji Won got the Best Couple Award in KBS drama awards... PSJ, yeah he is really so funny.... So nice to see that his Fight For My Way still supports him..... Just hate his eyes thou, sorry.. LOL... I find it too tough & scary... I wonder if Song Ji Na, have sent food trucks already..... or PD Lee Jung Sub...... But I'm pretty sure, they are cheering for her.... And Yes, PMY is indeed the Queen of Chemistry..... Plot wise for WSK, smooth enough....
  10. in Healer & Queen for Seven Days, total of 6 kiss scenes.... Im not sure here.... knowing PMY... but let's see since this is from TVN ( unless they already learned their lesson from K2, which was censored due to those steamy scenes from JCW)...
  11. yeah... knowing PMY, very "conservative" with that kind of scene (in Healer and Queen for Seven Days).... But who knows, since it's from TVN (unless they learned their lesson well, with K2-was censored)...... as per what she said, a Pink Romance....
  12. hahhaa... So bad for SY (Lee Tae Hwan)... but that's okay, his seniors are coaching him enough... He's really miscast here, but I can tell he's really doing his best... but not enough, unfortunately..
  13. we will see if this will be exactly shown in the drama.. Yeah it can be easily connected with the early episodes..... PMY is always like that on all of her bts on her previous dramas too.... Just an avid fan of PMY that's why... heehehe... They're just both professionals.... well, maybe bcoz of her position...... combined with real convincing acting.... then you could have that reaction too..
  14. I think Lee Jung Sub (both PDnim for Healer and 7dq) - PMY is the real OTP.... LOL..... he is like a match maker for PMY..... That's true, Im ChangMin for years, and now WooMin..... for now, not really with PSJ...(thou I like him, but not shipping for PMY, LOL)... July 5th is his bday... Where the pre-wedding kiss was also aired last yr....
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