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Can't login on Soompi app with facebook



Hi! I downloaded the soompi app on my phone and I can't seem to login by using facebook login. I enter my email and password but then I get a white page and nothing happens. And when I go back or close the app and try again I'm still not logged in and I still get the white page. I don't want to create a new account since I've been using mine since 2012. On my PC I'm logged in with facebook so the problem is really with the app. Is there anyone else that has this problem? Let me know if you have a solution!

Thank you!

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23 hours ago, leeana21 said:

Has there been other people who have the same problem? 


Nope. This is the first message from someone having these problems. However, it could be an account problem. Some background setting that's not functioning well, which is why an admin (like @Hanyeoun ) needs to take a look :) 

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