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I cannot change resolution of my image



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thank you for your answer @MadraRua but I know about this option, I'm just curious cuz as I know sometimes there was option to change it immediately when you put image into the post, I'm not sure If it's clear ... it was without double-clicking on image option, when I clicked on the image small dots appeared in the corners, but anyway I'm thankful for your post :rolleyes:

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By resolution, do you mean size? 

Just copy and paste your image to your post. Click on the image itself until it's highlighted in blue. A small option should pop up showing you the size of the image and giving you the chance to change it. You can also hotlink the image to a link of your choosing. Follow what I do in the second gif.... 


Cr: golgelerimparatorlugu


If you want to change the file size itself, Soompi doesn't give you that option. You have to do it manually but there are sites out there that you can do it at such as LunaPic




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Yes your right. For whatever reason, that option is not showing in Chrome. I just tried it out in Mozilla and got the same result as you.



But I've no idea why it's working in one and not the other. Maybe the forum is more compatible with the Mozilla platform. Let's see if @CamelKnight has any ideas? :wink: 

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