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♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

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Suits child actor with Hyungsik


Teaser eps 6

eng sub


Viewership rating for ep5. going down..

DczEhr4VQAEW0yZ.jpg  DczEienUQAEauYd.jpg


The making

eng sub


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Hyungsik updated his IG!! aww that puppy eyes :wub:

we are hoping for more endorsement for Hyungsik!

new still for eps6





screen cap ep6




































































































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Fancam from BangBangKr head office in Gangnam







better quality photos :wub:


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Article about Hyungsik http://kpenews.com/Board.aspx?BoardNo=13195

(rough translation)


Park Hyung-sik, who is playing the drama "Suits," is very popular.
The drama "Shorts" is about a legendary lawyer from a top law firm in Korea and a new fake lawyer's bromance with a monstrous memory. Park Hyung-sik plays Ko Yeon-woo in the drama. 
Go Yeon-woo, played by Park Hyung-sik in the drama, is a genius who never forgets to watch and understand.
He is a fake new lawyer who enters Korea's top law firm, where he meets with legendary lawyers and practices chewy legal play and bromance. To this end, Park Hyung-sik is constantly pouring out the professional legal terms to create the color of the play.
Park Hyung-sik has intensified the concentration of the drama by capturing the emotions and situations that change from time to time through intense performance and exquisite control.
Park Hyung-sik's concentration and ability to control each performance was brilliant in the mock court scene in the sixth episode of "Suit" aired on Sunday.
In particular, Park Hyung-sik showed his potential to lead a mock court god. Go Yeon-woo, who had been struggling to win the victory, struggled to see Kim Ji-na, who was consumed with misunderstanding and jealousy, and lowered the opportunity for her held for him.
On the other hand, the drama 'Shutz' is aired every week at 10 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
The copyright of the book, the Korea Business Newspaper, and the prohibition of unauthorized reproduction and redistribution.

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William met Hyungsik samchon :wub:  original vid here (cannot embed) https://youtu.be/yotkHMvT-TE


Official photos


Good news! To Singapore fans, Suits will be coming soon at Toggle Sg Channel U and to Malaysia fans, Suits is now on air at 8TV Monday and Tuesday 10.25pm



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Park Hyungsik for BangBangkr Summer Catalogue is out in BangBangkr website
































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recap Suits ep5 from http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/05/suits-episode-5/









Grrr, Lawyer Seo, that evil little weasel. He only agreed to settle so that Yeon-woo wouldn’t prepare for the mock trial. That’s so cowardly, and it just proves that Lawyer Seo is scared that Yeon-woo would win in a fair fight. But I expected that sort of thing from him — it’s Ji-na who I’m really angry with. I get that she’s jealous, and that she had no obligation to tell Yeon-woo what her side was planning. But she lied that she’d already agreed to help Lawyer Seo just because she was feeling bitter after seeing Yeon-woo and Se-hee together, when she has no reason to expect anything at all from him. That was petty and small of her.

It’s interesting that Se-hee is suddenly interested in Yeon-woo, after years of not acknowledging his feelings for her. Maybe it’s because the gap between him and Chul-soon is so much wider now that she knows Chul-soon is a drug dealer without a future, while Yeon-woo is suddenly dressing snazzy and working at a law firm. I think that Se-hee is a sweet girl, and she’s probably not being an opportunist on purpose, but I find it off-putting that her interest in Yeon-woo only developed after he became someone respectable in the eyes of society. Nothing about him as a person has changed… he’s still the same honorable, kind man he was before.

I’m concerned that Se-hee’s attention will sway Yeon-woo, because while I do think his interest in Ji-na is both genuine and romantic in nature, and aside from her betrayal here I like the idea of them together, he barely knows Ji-na while he’s had feelings for Se-hee for years. I’m worried that their “take your time” conversation was about whether Se-hee wants to be with him, and that Yeon-woo will miss the chance to be with the woman who saw his worth from the beginning. In the short time she’s known him, Ji-na has been more of a friend to Yeon-woo than Se-hee ever has, so I hope he’s not too blinded by old feelings for Se-hee to realize it.

Professionally, it’s really fun to watch Yeon-woo learn Kang-seok’s tricks, then twist them to conform to his own set of ideals. He was even enthusiastic over seeing how Kang-seok acts while defending someone, and trying to figure out how to make it work while representing the plaintiff. His biggest hurdle will be getting over the idea that winning is the goal, because Kang-seok is right — in court, it’s not about winning, but about who is most convincing within the boundaries of the law. Nobody “wins” in court, it’s usually a series of compromises and neither side gets exactly what they want. Better to come to an agreement amongst yourselves than to let a third party decide for you.

Plus, it’s hilarious when Kang-seok oh-so-reluctantly hands out wisdom, only for Yeon-woo to mull it over for three seconds and come to a conclusion that makes Kang-seok head-tilt like a confused dog. It’s kind of cute that they are so alike, and yet they don’t understand one another at all, and they can take the same information and wind up with wildly different opinions. I don’t think Kang-seok is going to be successful at squashing Yeon-woo’s idealistic, compassionate nature… my bet’s on Yeon-woo to teach Kang-seok a few things about relating to his clients on a more personal level.



I loved the moment when Yeonwoo condescendingly said "good" to Choi byun, haha. He's getting cheeky.

But all in all, what I love the most from Suits is the Golden Retriever Kangsuk and Chihuahua Yeonwoo, omg they are just adorable HAHA. Also couldn't wait for more Yeonwoo and Mom Daham

As for Yeon-woo and the mock trial situation, as I've mentioned before, his lack of ability to anticipate is bound to get him into a tight spot and we clearly saw that at the end of the episode when Lawyer Seo pulled a fast one on him. I'm sure Yeon-woo is going to tap that memory of his to bring up legal codes/laws to get him through the unexpected moment, hopefully with flying colors, .... but he'll be basically "winging it" the entire time. Certainly not advisable.

This is the show with the maximum number of my favorite characters. While I'm not convinced about Yeon Woo and Se Hee together, I always love the little adorable puppy with Kang Seok, Da Ham, and even Ha Yeon. He looks so adorably flustered when he was trying to slink away and Ha Yeon stopped him. He's definitely on her radar after the BeWhy case.
No comments on the obnoxious David Kim.
I feel the show is more about the lawyers than the clients, at least as of yet. I'm not sure whether that is a good thing or not because I really enjoyed the one part where Yeon Woo connects with the Red Chilli Paste Halmoni and then again when he becomes besties with BeWhy. Come to think of it, Yeon Woo really has the power to capture people's hearts and make them see what he wants them to see. On the other hand, we haven't seen much on the human front in the new cases. So it is clear that Yeon Woo still has a ton to learn when things get technical and dirty (like David Kim) and that is why the mock trial will be an eye-opening for our cute lawyer.
P.S. did anyone else think that PHS's eyebrows look different from his previous shows?


oh yeah his eyebrows are definitely different. that's probably the biggest factor that changed his look, even more than his hairstyle.

I'm enjoying the show. What I did not enjoy in this episode was Ji-na's pettiness, and Lawyer Seo's backstabbing of Yeon-woo. I completely agree that the fake lawyer matriculated to the school of hard mocks, ha ha -- and is skating on very thin ice. It also bothers me that his boss has buried him alive in two cases in addition to this important annual ritual. Methinks a wake-up call is headed its way not only to Yeon-woo, but to Kang-seok, who will end up owing Lord Goldfish a wish. In which case, it will serve him right. Pfft!

Kang-Seok does seem to be piling a bit too much on Yeon-woo's plate, all at once. I know he wants to challenge the young associate, for the growth and learning experience, but these two cases were somewhat complex. I'm wondering if Kang-seok is relying too heavily on the fact that Yeon-woo has that photographic memory.

That is the impression I'm getting. Yeon-woo might have eidetic memory, but he's not Superman. And that's only one kind of memory. We've already seen him get caught short, at which times he flailed around scanning his memory banks for an out. I'm concerned that he seems to be lacking in the ability to anticipate pitfalls. I don't know whether it's because he is trying to juggle too many things at once and thus has no bandwidth to spare, or whether he really might not have as much aptitude for the law as he first appeared to.

I don't think Kang Seok is relying on Yeon Woo. It's more like he is gonna take on two difficult cases anyways, so he might as well make use of his associate and teach him a lawyer lesson or two. :)

Yeon Woo's cheek to Kang-Seok is about to get him fired one of these days LMAO okay maybe not fired but slapped maybe. It's hilarious.

Lawyer Seo that coward, but when they were making their verbal deal I was thinking "GET THE PROMISE ON PAPER YEON-WOO" But sighh of course that didn't happen!! why?? cuz it's a drama. But do I have to watch our puppy get humiliated in the next episode? or should I just skip it?

Ha-Yeon is being swayed by her ex. This is gonna be an interesting play to see how she reacts to her ace going against her in regards to smth that affects her personally (meaning how her ex-hubby sees her).


i wish to comment regarding his eyebrows, yes it doesn't look neat like his previous drama, simply because he is not chaebol or rich guy in this drama. Yeonwoo just a normal guy and the eyebrows reflect his normal life. i'm sure he would not spend his money to groom himself while he has to pay for helmoni hosp bill LOL

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recap Suits ep6 from http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/05/suits-episode-6/









After this week, I don’t like Ji-na as a person as much as I did before. She jumps to a lot of wrong conclusions, particularly in regards to Yeon-woo, then lashes out without even bothering to find out the truth. It would have been obvious to anyone that he didn’t splash mud on her that first day on purpose, yet she held that against him pretty strongly until he told her the truth. Then she started acting cranky when she decided he’s dating Se-hee with no evidence other than seeing him and Se-hee being friendly together, and joins his opposition just to stick it to him rather than just ask if he’s dating someone.

Then she hears Se-hee repeat her “rabbit in the moon” analogy and jumps to the conclusion that Yeon-woo also told Se-hee her deepest fear, and instead of waiting and, you know, asking, she calls him out right in the middle of the mock trial. Granted, Yeon-woo was pretty awful when he used her weakness against her, but to be fair, Ji-na’s the one who made it personal. I’d like to alter what I said in the last recap — Ji-na is much too volatile and negative, and she doesn’t deserve Yeon-woo’s friendship (much less anything more) until she figures out how to talk to people instead of assuming the worst about them.

To be honest, a lot of the legal happenings that go on in this show confuse me. For example, I have no clue why Ha-yeon and Kang-seok felt it necessary to pay a settlement to their own clients in the Noxi Chemicals case (unless it was to make them refuse David’s offer, which feels unethical). It seems to defeat the purpose of even having a lawsuit if the other side gets off scott-free and your own lawyers give you the settlement money. But I do find the cases that Kang-seok and Yeon-woo work on interesting and engaging because they usually involve human rights, and I particularly loved the creative resolution to the Yumi Pharmaceuticals case. I do wish that David’s vague mentions of a chicken company lawsuit and Kang-seok not knowing what his case was really about had been explained, though — I was expecting something really twisty and surprising, but it just fizzled out.

Seeing the way that Kang-seok and Yeon-woo approach the cases from such different angles is fascinating. Kang-seok is all about the win no matter what, which is his job, but he also seems to have convinced himself that kindness and compassion are never necessary. While Yeon-woo still wants things to be fair and for the “good guys” to win, which is wonderfully idealistic but not very helpful in a courtroom. I’m enjoying the fact that in Kang-seok’s real-life cases and Yeon-woo’s mock trial, they both butted heads with a rival who was willing to fight dirty just to win. They were forced out of their comfort zones, and seeing them squirm was entertaining, even as we know they’re learning some valuable lessons.

Kang-seok always assumes that he’s unique and that nobody is capable of figuring him out, so he can use the same tactics on everyone and still be triumphant. But despite his confidence that he’s the only one of his kind, David Kim kept anticipating his moves because Yeon-woo is correct — he was thinking just like Kang-seok. So Kang-seok was forced to do the opposite of what he’d normally do in order to defeat David, including letting his emotions get involved and admitting defeat. He needed to learn that you can’t just treat every case the same way, but I’m worried that we haven’t seen the last of David. He’s much too devious and invested in winning to stay away for long.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo believes that everyone is interested in fairness and justice like he is, so he was blindsided when Lawyer Seo didn’t hold his same values and used that fact to gain the upper hand. But Yeon-woo tried to play by Kang-seok’s rules and win no matter what, only for it to backfire on him when he accidentally got carried away and hurt Ji-na. I’m proud of him for not getting caught up in the game and realizing that winning isn’t worth hurting people, but I do hope that this doesn’t backfire again and get him in deep water with Kang-seok.



i love how the story going here in episode 6. and yeon woo's decision in the mock trial is heartwarming, like what you said "winning isn't worth hurting people". and i think yeon woo is the winner in this mock trial. i like how yeon woo's work, he did all of kang seok's tasks first, and he did finish it with offering solution too. even he doesn't have time to prepare his mock trial.

i like how kang seok give his support and come silently in yeon woo's mock trial, by asking how yeon woos feeling in front of lawyer seo, even though he did said he doesn't want yeon woo speak about that mock trial in front of him.

there are so many good scene in this ep, and thanks for recapping this great drama

Uh-oh, run away puppy Yeon-woo. The look on your master's face isn't looking too happy at the moment. Though I understand why he did it and am actually happy he stopped questioning Ji-na there. Sometimes there's just more value to things/situations/people than to hurting friendships over these type of matters.

I totally agree with everything @lollypip said about Ji-na. It's sad because she was shaping up to be a great friend and ally for Yeon-woo, but she needs to learn not to jump to conclusions and get emotional. And I totally forgot to mention Se-hee in my comment in the last recap, but yeah I agree with everyone's views on how she's kind of sticking to Yeon-woo now that he's in a better place. >_>

I missed Yeon Woo's grandma, Da Ham and Kang Seok interactions with Yeon Woo and Yeon Woo's bicycle this week. I mean they were there (except for grandma) but it didn't feel that comical, fun and happy with the cases overload

What I am afraid of is the fall out after this. Yeon woo is going to face two people but I am sure Kang Suk's scolding will have more effect because he didn't meet his expectations.

I like the boss-employee relationship between Ha-yeon and Kang-seok, and we all know that it is never easy for a leader to admit his or her mistakes. Yet, Ha-yeon admits her clouded judgement to Kang-seok and the two move on. I like how cool they both are.

I'm getting a bit worried for Yeon-woo, because he's found himself in the limelight of two girls, all of a sudden. Personally I think it's due to the pace of this remake (they have only 16 episodes to capture all that jazz from 7 seasons!) that the romance here isn't as easy to digest. In the original material, because they had time to set the setting, it was easy to read Mike's feelings towards Jenny (Se-hee) in the early episodes. It was also easy to read Mike's flirty cues towards Rachel (Ji-na). And then we see the boy confused, but the viewers certainly wasn't.

I kind of like that Yeonwoo lost the mock trial. I was expecting him to win it last-minute because he's the hero of the show, so it was somewhat of a surprise.

It was very telling of PHS character that he stopped the interrogation because he knew that it was emotionally disturbing to Ji Na. I dont think Kang would have cared at all if he was in his place. We'll see how this is going to go, since i dont think they're going to leave this mock trial as it is, or at the very least there will be another showdown with PHS and Lawyer Seo.


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I try to find " Suits" fans in drama section, turn out you all in here :)

Park Hyung Sik is the jewel of this drama. His acting is really good and confincing.

I love everything about this drama, the story, the bromance Jang Dong Gun - Park Hyung Sik, all the side characters and their stories.

I love the original american version of Suits, but the Korean version also doing a great job.

the vibe of the story remind me a lot of "Misaeng" (another of my favorite where Im Si Wan is the main character)

at the moment his is the only drama I can't wait to see another episode 


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On 5/17/2018 at 2:03 PM, watermelon2512 said:

I try to find " Suits" fans in drama section, turn out you all in here :)

Park Hyung Sik is the jewel of this drama. His acting is really good and confincing.

I love everything about this drama, the story, the bromance Jang Dong Gun - Park Hyung Sik, all the side characters and their stories.

I love the original american version of Suits, but the Korean version also doing a great job.

the vibe of the story remind me a lot of "Misaeng" (another of my favorite where Im Si Wan is the main character)

at the moment his is the only drama I can't wait to see another episode 


 Hello!! welcome to Hyungsik's thread!

you are absolutely right. He is a jewel in every dramas he was in! LOL 

if you wanna join the rest of Suits fans, you can go to the thread below.. See u there! :D



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A survey was conducted on idol performance in acting and Park Hyungsik took the top spot with 418 votes.

Congrats Hyungsik! source http://enter.etoday.co.kr/view/news_view.php?varAtcId=141845



Still from official Suits






teaser episode 7


More still :heart:



A video about Hyungsik. source https://tv.naver.com/v/3227807

it was about his acting skill. Important part of the video (rough google trans)

"He is strengthening his status as an actor by creating his own life characters. 

Park Hyungsik, who is showing off his character's breathtaking acting skills, has completed all the pieces that he played.

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Rating for episode 7




new still 



teaser for episode 8


the making #4


LOL :lol:







Song Hye Kyo sent him a food truck and coffee truck

Pretty Noona who sent me food LOL


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recap Suits ep7 from http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/05/suits-episode-7/








Ji-na won a bit of my good will back when she admitted that she doesn’t understand why Yeon-woo makes her angry, because I was starting to think that she was just a miserable person. But at least if she’s aware of it, then she can work on figuring out why (though, I mean, look at him, it should be obvious why!) and do something about it. It’s refreshing to see a character in a drama admit that their bad attitude is because the other person provokes some sort of emotion in them, so even if she’s not sure why, I give Ji-na credit for at least recognizing her behavior in response to Yeon-woo and not blaming it all on him.

I figured that Yeon-woo would run across a case similar to his situation eventually, but I wasn’t expecting it this soon. Director Bang is very similar to Yeon-woo in that he has a genius ability that makes him very good at his job, but he doesn’t have the education to back it up, so he lied. I’m very curious about what it meant when he said that he couldn’t find anything under Yeon-woo’s name at all, and why Yeon-woo looks so nervous. Surely it ties back to Yeon-woo’s vow to right a mistake he made, and possibly even his parents’ deaths. I think that we know very little about Yeon-woo, so anything is possible.

Unfortunately, Director Bang didn’t have what Yeon-woo has — a supporter high up in the company that’s willing to help keep his secret and get the education he needs, even if it’s after the fact. It’s smart of Kang-seok not to pay Yeon-woo for the work he’s doing, since if they’re found out, they can always say that Yeon-woo isn’t technically an employee. And I’ve noticed that Yeon-woo never actually makes legal decisions, he just review cases and helps Kang-seok come to conclusions. But I don’t think that will help either of them if (or when) their little deception is discovered. At best they’ll be ostracized in the legal world, and nobody will ever trust them. Yeon-woo will probably be forbidden to take the bar exam, and Kang-seok may never get another case again. It could still ruin their professional lives, something neither of them can afford.

But despite my worry, I’m still loving the dynamic that’s developing between them. No matter how angry Kang-seok gets with Yeon-woo, he always listens to Yeon-woo’s side of things and often gives in to his wishes regarding how to deal with a case. He still tries to be in control, but he seems to be affording Yeon-woo a grudging respect, and not just because he helps solve cases. And Yeon-woo manages to stand up for himself while remaining respectful and always being willing to learn (I particularly love that when he’s wrong, he freely admits that he’s wrong). I like the professional friendship that’s growing between them, though you can feel Kang-seok fighting against developing any genuine feelings, and after whatever went on between him and Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh, I don’t blame him. I just hope he eventually learns that it’s okay to care, and gives Yeon-woo that fist-bump someday.



The one thing everyone's waiting for: a fist bump in all it's marvellous glory.
I agree with how Ji Na at least recognises her flaws because it makes her more likeable. The fact that she knows she has a long way to go in terms of handling situations better. Da Ham is reeally growing on me. Her sass and confidence at getting things her way. She knows her worth and always negotiates her own terms. It's that assertiveness and boldness that's slowly making her a spotlight stealer. Geun Shik has yet to impress me because he just seems to be there for the humour or to try to take our fabulous duo down a notch. We haven't really seen him do anything important- like shine in a particular case.
That look YW gave Jina when she said he probably gets paid more 

Hahahaha! Though I'm really wondering how YW is paying for his bills and his grandma's...., food? What is he doing if isn't getting paid??

There was that card that Kang Seok passed him in the beginning, to get a new suit with ... maybe he is using that to pay his bills while not getting an official salary? I was guessing that he used it also for his grandma who was almost thrown out of hospital. Come to think of it, I wonder how grandma is now. Haven't heard from her in a few episodes!

Considering his working hours, Yeon-woo probably hasn't gotten to see grandma in months. They're overdue for a visit, but I doubt we'll see one.

Pity, if so. I really liked him with granny. That was yet another side of him that even with Ji Na and the other girl, (I forget her name), does not show up... well, maybe until he falls in love or something.

I'm pretty sure a granny visit will occur in the next few eps. She's like his rock and central focus so the drama won't really push her out to the curb. I'm also wondering when he'll upgrade his suit collection (even tho he looks stellar in anything-like

I've been noticing that he has not used the credit card Kang-seok gave him to buy lawyerly clothes. Strangely, it hadn't occurred to me that he might be using it to pay his rent and living expenses and grandma's hospital bills.

Then again, we only just found out that his name does not show up in the firm's employee records, so I had no reason to think about the subject. Aside from periodically wondering when he was going to do the wardrobe upgrade his boss ordered.

Now I'm good and confused. If the firm is not paying Yeon-woo a salary, who is? Someone has to be doing so in order for him to keep a roof over his head. Does he photosynthesize? Is Kang-seok paying his associate out of his own pocket?

I'm glad that Ji-na has mended fences with the boy genius. Her being bothered by him in a way that she cannot put her finger on is a nice touch. Given the logic-driven work they do, it makes sense that one of life's irrational aspects has put a burr under her saddle. Sometimes someone you meet just rubs you the wrong way. I don't think that's exactly the case with this pair. But it's close. It could even be that they are too alike in certain ways, instead of their being too different.

Sadly, I actually expect the side characters to get side-lined. I don't think the show can really do both the main characters and the side characters justice (pun not intended).

However, if they can squeeze in any bit of info on the side characters while giving us new and interesting cases, lots of main  bromance  interactions, some Ji Na and GW interactions, and more background on the leads, that will be a real plus

Absolutely! As long as they serve bromance and solid cases I don't mind if the side characters don't relish in the spotlight- as long as they aren't left to burn solo. Some tidbits here and there about eg. the strengths of GS would be appreciated.

So many things to love about this episode. First up, on lingering after the mock trial. Yeon woo and Ji na learned their mistake and continued to be the cute duo they are

As for the question of how Yeon-woo is covering living expenses. While we haven't seen this point covered, I do recall a few episodes back, Kang-seok gave Yeon-woo his credit card to get a new suit and whatever else he needed. While the credit card is not going to cover every single expense Yeon-woo has, perhaps Kang-seok is helping him out.

I completely agree on this assessment of Yeon-woo. Yes, he's gifted with a photographic memory but you almost have to wonder if the sheer amount of archived information that his brain holds is just too much when the job requires that he simultaneously "read" people/situations.

Several times we've seen Yeon-woo having to literally stop while he "sifts" through the info in his head to come up with the info. Granted, I understand he has to do that because of the sheer volume of info, but the recall certainly isn't instantaneous. ..... Couple this with the points you mentioned and well, I don't know that he'd be a top-notch attorney even if he had all the right credentials/licenses.

In the last episode I had felt angry at both Ji-na and Yeon-woo. If that had been a real court hearing, Yeon-woo couldn't just stop questioning. Somewhere both of them were at fault. And thank goodness they understood their faults.
Yeon-woo needs to learn to be a bit more professional and Kang-seok needs to learn to be a bit more emotional. And we can see they are rubbing off each other.
Seeing Director Bang was like a forewarning. I remembered the opening scene of this drama - Yeon-woo in a convict's uniform.
And how is Yeon-woo supporting himself and his grandmother if he doesn't get paid.


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recap Suits ep8 from http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/05/suits-episode-8/











Oh, now this is getting interesting. If we’re about to see Kang-seok and Yeon-woo on a mission to right the wrongs from Kang-seok’s days as a prosecutor, then consider me a hundred percent down for this. The cases they’ve handled so far have been interesting, but the stakes have always been financial. This is now about people’s lives, and I’m ready to see them tackle some real, life-and-death situations. Neither of them will be able to avoid getting emotionally involved.

Kang-seok and Yeon-woo are working together better with each episode, and their relationship is getting so much fun! They keep things very professional, but you can tell that they respect each other’s viewpoints and values a lot more now that they understand where the other is coming from. They still argue, because their philosophies are so opposed, but it feels more like colleagues respectfully disagreeing than boss and employee. Kang-seok is even using Yeon-woo to do the things he can’t, telling him to definitely NOT do things he shouldn’t while making it clear that he wants those things done. It’s pretty adorable (as much as the law can be described as “adorable”) and now they’re even starting to care and ask after each other personally. Even though originally I wanted them to soften each other’s sharp edges, now I hope they keep those edges and just learn to balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

It was good to see Kang-seok struggling with something for once, and something relating to his personal moral code, no less. He’s endlessly criticized Yeon-woo for getting emotionally involved, so I appreciated seeing that Kang-seok is just as likely to fall into that trap, if only to prove that he’s not lost his sense of justice. In addition, I think it was healthy for him to face the fact that he’s not perfect and doesn’t always make the right decisions, and can sometimes fail. And it may have been misplaced, but he has a line he’s not willing to cross, and that’s betraying a friend and mentor. Hopefully that works both ways (I believe it does) and means he won’t ever betray Yeon-woo.

I said previously that I’m glad Yeon-woo has someone in power to protect him, but it was nice to see in this episode that Kang-seok has that, too, in Ha-yeon. He thought of Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh as his mentor, but it’s Ha-yeon who’s willing to put her neck and even her firm on the line for Kang-seok. She’s been as much of a mentor to Kang-seok as DPC Oh was, more so considering how loyal she’s been and the fact that she’s made sure he gets the recognition he deserves as a great attorney. I’m happy that she’s beginning to see what Yeon-woo can offer the firm, because when Geun-shik eventually stumbles across the truth and crows it to everyone. Kang-seok and Yeon-woo will need all the allies they can get.



This was my favorite episode so far. I like how the relationship between Kang-seok and Yeon-woo is developing and I also like how the twin storylines dovetailed in such a complimentary way.

I am really looking forward to seeing what they tackle next and how this will help them to grow. The mystery man in jail at the end left me curious and unsettled.

I bet we don't get a fist bump before the last week, what do you think? ^^

Awesome episode: Promotion for Yeon Woo!! Hurray for consultant Bang! Love Da Ham so much! And Ha Yeon! So nice what she did.

It is hard to believe that we are through episode 8 and thus half way through the scheduled 16 episodes. It feels like we have just begun.
There is so much back story we don't know yet.
Unusual for me but I propose that SUITS be extended by at least 2 episodes. Here is we can get them and serve justice at the same time.
KBS2 is the original network for SUITS. KBS2 was also the original network for the excellent A BEAUTIFUL MIND (2016) and cut 2 episodes from the original run of ABM. That has stuck in my craw ever since. So KBS2 do the right thing and add those 2 episodes cut from ABM to the run of SUITS.

Chae-byun is so close to the truth!

So suspenseful and my heart almost popped out. I'm glad that Yeon Woo slips right out of his grasp - one by his intelligence and another by Chae-byun's emotional un-intelligence (that scene was so funny).

Chae-byun is so close to the truth!

So suspenseful and my heart almost popped out. I'm glad that Yeon Woo slips right out of his grasp - one by his intelligence and another by Chae-byun's emotional un-intelligence (that scene was so funny).

I am loving this and I'm waiting for some more action and emotion.
I cheered so hard when Yeon-woo brought out that chart paper and again when he was promoted. Kang-seok looks so proud of him. But the fear of him being found out is still there.

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recap Suits ep9 from http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/05/suits-episode-9/









I was very touched when Kang-seok made an allowance for Yeon-woo’s emotional reaction to the hit-and-run case. He’s always been firmly against any emotional response in regards to his cases, so it was a huge concession for him to practically apologize for putting Yeon-woo in a position where he couldn’t help but get emotional. It was kind of him (and yes, emotional!) to offer to let Yeon-woo step out, but you could tell he was impressed as well as worried when Yeon-woo declined.

Yeon-woo has a point, that this type of case will determine if he’s even cut out to be an attorney, but if I were Kang-seok I’d be concerned that it might be too soon for him to be dealing with a case that cuts so close to home. On the other hand, I like the lesson that Yeon-woo is taking from the hit-and-run case. Instead of not taking cases that remind him of his parents’ deaths, or only representing the victims, he wants to work for the other side because he knows how the families feel. More than anyone, he can make sure those families are treated fairly, because he understands them and because by being on the other side of things, he can ensure that they aren’t taken advantage of. That’s smart thinking, and very honorable of him.


I’m starting to think that Kang-seok may know more about Yeon-woo than he’s admitting. He’s never asked Yeon-woo for details about his past or the mistake he wants to put right, but he seems to understand a lot of the reasons why Yeon-woo behaves the way he does. Yes, he’s good at reading people, but you have to observe people to read them. I think it’s possible he’s been observing Yeon-woo for a lot longer than Yeon-woo knows.

As for Kang-seok’s personal wake-up call, I’m really enjoying seeing him not so confident for once. It was obvious that he never thought to wonder how all this evidence against his old mentor suddenly appeared after so many years, or who dug it up in the first place. And while I can understand why he doesn’t want to betray the man he thought was a good person, he’s known that Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh tampered with evidence for a decade now, so I’m not sure I agree with Kang-seok’s decision not to testify against him. Deputy Chief Prosecutor Oh endangered Kang-seok’s career for years, starting with his very first case, and that right there should be enough for Kang-seok to realize that he’s not a man worth protecting (not to mention all `the guilty people who went free, and the innocent people who suffered in prison).

But I’m guessing that there’s a lot more to it than simply evidence tampering, and that this is going to be the thing that finally makes Kang-seok emotional. And I honestly hope that he totally breaks and just loses his cool completely, because it can’t be healthy to be so self-contained all the time. Plus, I just want to see him go gloriously batcrap crazy, just once, even if just to let some of the bottled-up steam out. Keeping your emotions in check is good advice for a budding lawyer like Yeon-woo, but Yeon-woo also has a point that emotions can help you steer the right course.




At this point, Yeonwoo is probably too green and not strong enough to divorce himself emotionally from the hit-and-run case, even if he has the best of intentions. We'll see.

I like how the two cases this week echo Yeon-woo's own transgressions as a fake lawyer. He will have to pay the piper at some point.

This is such a wonderful example of standing the usual practice on its head. Instead of refusing to take uncomfortable cases, Yeon-woo is uniquely qualified to enter the lion's den as the result of his own family's experiences. He may be the opposing lawyer, but he can also serve as an advocate for the bereaved. The subtlety of such a role gives him an outlet for his compassion and inborn need to craft win-win outcomes. Thank you for pointing that out. ;-)

The parallel emotional upheavals caused by Yeon-woo and Kang-seok to their respective bosses and colleagues/subordinates is a timely development. I can't help but wonder how much of it is the result of Yeon-woo getting under Kang-seok's skin.

As a result of constant exposure to Yeon-woo's youthful idealism and emotional warmth, Kang-seok is rediscovering his own. He had quit cultivating both long before, but in spite of himself, Yeon-woo's outlook is altering his views, however slightly. Because they are so far apart philosophically, it's ludicrous to expect Kang-seok to change drastically, but I think he's already begun.


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screencap ep9












































































































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the making no 5


Looks like he is getting new cf! it is a philippines clothing brand


screencap suits ep10


































































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