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  1. @xoxo_yanna98 no worry Key is joking the translation is "under the dark light". This dancer lady also work with Key and TVXQ as backup dancer, so she is SM family
  2. RM Jungkook knows well many idols and celebrities, he own gym where many idols work out there (some SM idols Exo members), he also gave workout tips for his idol friends that's how Naeun and Eunji got close to RM Jungkook.
  3. The different between actor vs idol during WGM is for actors WGM it's just another acting project so they don't hesitate to act lovey dovey in the spot (even they just met each other) because it's what they usually do in drama acting as married couple or someone in love. WGM is like a stepping stone to be well known and get recognition from viewers and director or producer. For idols is like a chance for them to experience being lovers in public, being openly affectionate, to try many kind of dating experience like other normal couple do (that idols can only have in their dreams). Unlike actors, most idol will seems hesitance and holding back too much to show affection that's why many viewers call them boring couple.
  4. Guys let's help Apink win the music shows next week. Start streaming their MV and watch their live performance in respective channel. These week music show there's no group with gigantic monster fandom promoting, mostly new group promoting at the same time with Apink so I think Apink got a bigger chance in winning (if only we deligently help them with points) Btw our Apink so beautiful in show champion yesterday and mnet today. The shoulder movement when they say "eung, eung" is cute when girls doing it, I wonder how it looks like when boygroup doing it, it will be hilarious.. Mnet make Naeun fancam
  5. Looking at netizens and fans good response to JenKai dating news I think more and more idols will be open about their dating status. Be ready for dynamic 2019 everyone!
  6. This year Shinee will be busy with individual project. Taemin will come out with new album (that's for sure) and touring (he's been planning for US concert for a long time) not to mention reguler Korea and Japan concert. I hope Apink will make a comeback again (summer/autumn) at the same time with Taemin so we can have Taeun moment during music shows. Can they just act friendly toward each other when they see each other in any show or stage? Avoiding each other is so old news. I hope Taemin will take the first act to be openly friendly with Naeun. There's rumor spreading around in sns that someone saw Kibum taking a test for military enlistment, I'm not sure about this rumor, but considering their age and the new gov rules it might be true. Kibum and Minho 91 line, some 91 line already sign up for enlistment such as Minhyuk CNBlue (already in military), and Changsub and Minhyuk Btob the enlisment date already set, B1A4 member forgot his name. So it's just a matter of time Shinee member one by one will be going on hiatus for military enlistment
  7. Naeun costar from Woman's Wail movie Lee Taeri insta story. He came to the Apink concert. His previous name is Lee Minho, he change his name to Lee Taeri. https://pin.it/hqrpyofl6eify3 Apink invite their celebrity friends to the concert, actor Lee Tae Hwan also came to the concert.
  8. So Taemin did come to GDA but not for performing, he came to receive an award on behalf of Jonghyun. Thank you so much for GDA to remember Jonghyun last work and give appreciation. I think this is the only award show who pay attention to Jonghyun last album. Did you see Taemin? He looks healthy and so young, his hair style make him looks like a Japanesse idol. I guess living in Japan and surrounded by Jappanesse staff for a few months affecting his style
  9. Taemin the best dancer in K-pop. I miss Taemin so bad I thought he will come to GDA but he's not. I believe he is busy working and preparing for his comeback. I heard he will appear as a mentor in show "Under Nineteen" just like Kai.
  10. About Taemin not appeared in any Gayo Daejon I feel bitter sweet about this. In Key vlive during Christmas eve, Taemin taking a break and said he spent time with his family. I know that this is what he always wanted to do to spent precious time with his loves one. In previous years he always working during Christmas and New Year. We all know that Taemin is a workoholic, perfectionist, productive and always immerse in his work. He is changing now, he put happiness as his first priority. But I feel sad during mbc Gayo when they counting down to new year that I can't see dorky Shinee anymore. Minho was there as MC (alone) and I saw Taemin's squad Kai, Jimin, Sungwoon hugging each other.
  11. Guys.. about that kpop prediction thing that said Taemin is engaged and about to get married, she/he talking about what she/he sees in the future (not in this near time) this account also mention that time (in the future) Btob Sungjae becoming famous actor and get caught dating in secret by dispatch, 2 member of 2NE1 married, 2 member of SuJu married, 1 member SNSD married. For New Year episode The Return of Supermen make Little Naeun and baby Gunho meet Apink Naeun. For Christmas episode Little Naeun and baby Gunho met EXO Chanyeol and Kai (Kai really good with kids, little Naeun loves him). Shinee Minho and Key already appeared in this show baby sitting Sian. Will Minho or Kai recommend Taemin to appear in this show? I want to see Taemin playing with kids
  12. You mean the finger test? when Naeun and Eunji choose index finger which means "a lover who enjoys a love with freedom" the other members approve it. I'm still curious about the "Image test" where they have to finish the drawing, since Naeun part was edited out a lot unlike Namjoo part where she explained all her drawings. What Naeun drew: 1. circle --> a happy face 2. triangle --> a face wearing a funny cone hat 3.upside down triangle ---> add a short vertical line above the triangle (it looks like a pendant?) 4.square ---> (looks like a gift or letter? tied with a thread/ribbon?) 5. dots ---> a flower 6.rectangle under a line ---> a hawkers push a cart 7. rectangle above the line ---->sitting on table having dinnner (2 or 4 people?) 8. a horizontal line --> a growing sprout The drawing above reflecting of: 1.What I think of myself 2.How I wish others will think of me 3.An unrealistic image of me 4. A realistic image of me 5.Words I usually hear 6.My past 7.My present 8.My future Naeun add some hand writing in her drawings too to explain her drawings but it only show no.6 drawing that she wrote "Help need" and "It's really hard". I hope anyone who is good in Hangul can translate Naeun hand writting so we can make conclusion of her "Image test" Amigo tv engsub
  13. remember last januari Apink Space concert tickets sold out but later on Pandas found out that people selling out the tickets on internet. it's happening again for Apink Red and White concert
  14. this can't be for under 30 SM artist this must be for 30++ SM artist What's is this about? I haven't watch it and it's already taken down from youtube
  15. I'm so happy Apink got invited to SBS Gayo Daejun. SBS Gayo Daejun is on Dec 25, Key have schedule in Japan, Onew won't be available. Only Taemin and Minho left, they can't be performed if only the two of them left. Taemin mention on one of his japan interview that he will meet the fan on new years eve. Usually MBC Gayo Daejun is on new years eve, so hopefully MBC invite Taemin to Gayo Daejun.
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