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edit post, liking post, and notification soompi server



1. lately i cant liking post? from my laptop.

2. i cant edit my post?

3. there is notification about soompi server (example www.forumsoompi.com) not safe to visit??

it happened arround 2 week??

4. if we are allowed to upload 2 photo why mods edit my photo ?? and put it 2 my photo on spoiler???

then why other can upload 3 big size photo without spoiler??? it was same big size with me. 

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I'll try to answer your questions but I'm afraid I can't help you with all of them. Here goes :)

1) Try refreshing your browser with CTRL+F5 to clear your cache. See if that works.

2) See the solution provided at 1)

3) We've recently set Soompi to the HTTPS protocol which is safer for your computer. Try going to  https://forums.soompi.com to see if that solves the problem.

4) I can't answer this for you. Please PM a mod for the forum where you posted those pictures and ask why they were removed. I doubt it has anything to do with size, but most likely because they were already posted before. For the exact reason, contact the moderator for that forum though.

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