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Ji Jin Hee 지진희 - Upcoming Drama 2021: Undercover

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Name: Ji Jin-Hee
Hangul: 지진희
Birthdate: June 24, 1973
Birthplace: South Korea






Summer Snow(2015) - Myung-Hwan
Helios (2015)
Love Fiction (2012) - Joo-Ro (Joo-Wol's brother)
Looking For My Wife (2010) - Seong-He
Parallel Life (2010) - Kim Seok-Hyeon
Paradise (2009) - Il-ho
Soo | Art of Revenge (2007) - Tae-Soo / Soo
Meet Mr. Daddy Nunbushin Nal-ae (2007) - Ha Sun-Young's husband
The Old Garden (2007) - Oh Hyun-Woo
Bewitching Attraction  (2006) - Park Suk-Gyu
Perhaps Love  (2005) - Monty
If You Were Me (2003) - Face Value
H (2002) - Detective Kang Tae Hyun



Drama Series


Undercover (JTBC / 2021) - Han Jung-Hyun
Designated Survivor: 60 Days (tvN / 2019) - Park Moo-Jin
Misty (JTBC / 2018) - Kang Tae-Wook
Second To Last Love  (SBS / 2016) - Ko Sang-Sik
Identical Affairs  (SBS / 2015-2016) - Choi Jin-Eon
Late Night Restaurant (SBS / 2015) - Young-Sik (ep.4-5)
Blood (KBS2 / 2015) - Lee Jae-Wook
A Word From Warm Heart  (SBS / 2013-2014) - Yoo Jae-Hak
Dating Agency: Cyrano (tvN / 2013) - timid man (ep.1)
The Great Seer (SBS / 2012-2013) - Lee Sung-Kye
My Husband Got a Family (KBS2 / 2012) - priest (cameo)
Take Care of Us, Captain (SBS / 2012) - Kim Yoon-Sung
Dong Yi (MBC / 2010) - King Suk-Jong
He Who Can't Marry (KBS2 / 2009) - Jo Jae-Hee
Star's Lover  (SBS / 2008-2009) - Popular star (cameo)
Spotlight (MBC / 2008)
Spring Days  (SBS / 2005) - Ko Eun-Ho
Ms. Kim's Million Dollar Quest (SBS / 2004)
A Jewel in the Palace  (MBC / 2003) - Min Jeong-ho
Love Letter (MBC / 2003)
Four Sisters (MBC / 2001) - Han Tae-Seok
Juliet's Man (SBS / 2000)



Sources: Asianwiki


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Guest ys_jen

jen!! i was waiting for the mistress of the house to start a thread on him...good to see you back!! :)

hi jcs!! :lol:

Yeah it's so good to see you too... :D

I've finally finished my updating for today :D

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Guest ys_jen

cool guys....i like him on spring days

I love him so much in Spring Day too.. :lol:


so cute hehe :P

ooh..i love that pic of min jung ho you put in the first post :wub:

yeah.. me too! so handsome :wub: and reminds me of the days when I was watching DJG..

FINALLY, (for sure this time :P ) I finished updating my first post (for today)..hehe

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Guest aki_wagi

hi!!! thanks 4 opening this thread again!!! well i guess i just put this stuff to where it should belong...love this pic soooooooo much!!!! love him when he smile!!! so cute!!! :P:P


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Guest ys_jen

Oh well...I guess we better start all over again...At least we're starting off by posting his old photos :D

By the way, is everyone using the same name? If anyone's changed, say who you were so we can all recognise you... :P

Cant' believe the whole 90+ pages of JJH is gone! Thanks Jen for creating another one.

I can't believe it either.... :(

All the hard work from everyone gone...and I was looking forward to this thread reaching 100 pages!

he was the manly & sauve knight-in-shining-armour in dae jeung gum

So with melreyes's contribution, we now have a description of JJH: "the manly & sauve knight-in-shining-armour in dae jeung gum with the sweetest smile" hehe :lol::P

hi!!! thanks 4 opening this thread again!!! well i guess i just put this stuff to where it should belong...love this pic soooooooo much!!!! love him when he smile!!! so cute!!! :P:P

Thanks for the pics! His smile is undeniably one of his greatest charms..hehe :D

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Guest ys_jen

I know some of these are repeats...but I thought it might be good to have a few old pictures and summaries instead of just continuing on from where we left ^_^

this is a summary of his new movie, "The secret charm of the female professor", yet to be released: (parts of the summary are new) (planning to be released in November, but it may be delayed to January)

It's a comedy movie, with Ji Jin Hee as the main actor and Moon So Ri as the main actress.

Cho Eun Sook (Moon So Ri) and Park Seok Gyu (Ji Jin Hee) knew each other when they were in "middle school" (junior high school), but they were students who did inappropriate things and don't study etc... and then many years later, they meet again at a university. Moon So Ri is a professor at a countryside university famous for her beauty and is very popular among other male professors, and Ji Jin Hee is a popular and famous cartoonist who comes to this university to teach a newly created subject, "cartoon creation". They meet each other, and when they find out who each other's identity is they don't want other people to know about their "dirty" past. So they try to avoid each other, etc..

But, four other men who are in love with Moon So Ri try to reveal this "dirty" and "secret" past of the woman professor..

To describe the 4 other men:

Kim Young Ho: a producer who works at a broadcasting station. He is married, but is unhappy about his current life. He meets Eun Sook, and develops a passionate love towards her.

Professor Ahn and Professor Moon: Professors who work at Simcheon university. Both have a liking for Eun Sook.. one of the reasons in that she is like the only young female around.. and of course she has her "secret charm" :D

Teacher Yoo: A primary school teacher, who also passionately has a one way love torwards Eun Sook.. he is really shy, and never tells her about his love, even though he shows it alot..He has an annoying personality, and even becomes a stalker in the end. He is related to Seok Gyu and Eun Sook's past in that he was also a student in the city that the two lived in when they were students..(so he knows who they are)

Other characters:

Seok Gyu's big brother: Not one of the 5 men, but..

Eun Sook's ex boyfriend, when they were students. He was the one that taught Eun Sook all those inappropriate things.. but he still had a pure and sincere heart towards her.

Myung Hee: A female university student. Is a student of Eun Sook. She is a person who also knows how to control men, and slowly the male professors change their interests from Eun Sook to her. She knows exactly what to do at various situations. Soon develops love towards Seok Gyu.

The movie is a sx comedy, so it seems like there will be an age limit to those who can see the movie...

Ji Jin Hee said it's a totally new genre of comedy, and that it's a movie which reveals those secrets that no one dares to reveal in everyday life.. It's a comedy where you don't go "hahahaha", it's a comedy where you go "kkkkkk" (if you can imagine this.. :P)

And Seok Gyu (JJH) is a character who swears at the most unexpected moments, and pulls the dog leash suddenly and unexpectedly while he is walking the dog (his poodle) at a really slow pace.. He is the kind of person who runs away after knocking at a door where two students at the university are secretly kissing in a classroom, and doesn't worry about what other people think of him..he just does whatever he feels like doing..Indeed, his nickname in the movie is "Park Feel" ('Park is his surname, and 'feel' means that he does everything that he feels like doing) As you can see, it's going to be another major transformation by Ji Jin Hee.. :lol:

And a collection of photos from this movie:









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Guest ys_jen

i really like him in Dae Jang Geum... after the beard is gone, I had to get used to it without his beard for a while... *sigh*

I guess it depends on which JJH you saw first.. :P

For example, when news first came that JJH was going to act in Dae Jang Geum, some fans even worried that the traditional costume and the beard etc might not suit him.. But it turned out that he was perfect for the role :lol:

JJH is one of the only young actors that I can think of that actually suit Korean traditional clothes and the beard (the 'real' traditional ones, and not the fusion costumes) but I think he looks just as good without the beard.. :lol:

He even suits a bit of both, there were some pictures of him talking on the phone and taking photos with his face looking like Min Jung Ho but wearing an Adidas jacket - a mix of the olden and modern times. He suited that too :P

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Guest melgooner

i kinda like him better with the beard. it's so hot and sexy. he looks really different without it. i miss his beard!!!

Guess a lot of people like him with a beard too!

I read yesterday that Da Jang Guem is very popular in China and it is estimated that there are more than 1,006,300 audience right now chasing the drama every night.

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thanks for the summary of his new movie. it's definitely news to me cuz i just "discovered" jjh recently. he is so cute when he smiles but i like him looking serious too. :D

are there any other good recommendations of his movies? also in SPRING DAY, who did the female lead end up with? anyone who has watched can pm me on that if you do not want to spoil the show for others. thanks alot.

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Guest Thursday

Hi! I've seen JJH only once and that was in Love Letter. I loved him there--though he was cunning and had caused a bit of trouble...

My first time to post in a JJH thread.

I'll watch Spring Day soon... just for him!

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