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[Movie 2017] V.I.P. 브이아이피

Go Seung Ji

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Lee Jong-suk and Jang Dong-Gun Starring in Thriller 'V.I.P.'

July 13, 2017

V.I.P. Kim Kwang-Il (Lee Jong-Suk) arrives in South Korea through planning by the NIS in South Korea and CIA in America. He becomes a suspect in a series of murders. Detective Chae Yi-Do (Kim Myung-Min) knows by intuition that Kim Kwang-Il is the culprit, but NIS Agent Park Jae-Hyuk (Jang Dong-Gun) protects him.

Directed by Park Hoon-jung (“New World”), the thriller V.I.P. stars Lee Jong-suk (“The Face Reader”,) Jang Dong-gun (“My Way”,) Kim Myung-min (“Deranged”,) and Park Hee-soon (“The Suspect”)

Cast:Jang Dong-gun as Park Jae-hyeok, Kim Myung-min as Chae I-do,  Park Hee-soon as Ri Dae-beom, Lee Jong-suk as Kwang-il




《V.I.P》teaser [eng sub]


Credit: https://www.hallyuworldofficial.com/single-post/2017/07/13/Lee-Jong-suk-and-Jang-Dong-Gun-Starring-in-Thriller-VIP

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I am just excited.... After it came out of the rating, it wasn't rated too strongly... which means that it won't be too gory.... I am hoping.  Totally going to see it in August... My first 'theatrical' experience with Lee Jong Suk.  So excited!!!!


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With the best-anticipated movie "V.I.P." (director Park Hoon-jung) coming out this summer of the release, the best Korean filmmakers gathered for their work and expectations of the preliminary audience.

The collaboration between Park Hoon-jung and Shinsegae and the new veteran crew collaborated to enhance the perfection of V.I.P.

The most emphasized part of the director is 'the reality of the story'. All the staffs have made efforts to put on the screen a story that is likely to be real.

First of all, Kim Young-ho, the filmmaker, excluded all of the stylish and colorful scenes of color that were originally aimed at Korean crime drama. After discussions with the lighting team, he chose a color that was almost as dry and achromatic as possible, unattainable to Korean films. This filming style was enough to increase the reality of the story that the film is aiming at....

Google translate (one part)

Original article: http://m.anewsa.com/article_sub3.php?number=1195475&type=

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