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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / WayV 'Awaken The World' First Full Album OUT NOW!

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200219  SuperM_JP Twitter Update



From #Mark
To be able to meet everyone again so soon, I'm really happy and blessed! 
Everyone! Let's meet at Tokyo Dome~! 
I will be counting on your support!

#MARK #SuperM 


Translated by winkodomo - SM_NCT 

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200219 NCTsmtown Twitter Update


Happy birthdaaaaaaaay

Hyung, happy birthday, (ENG) happy birthday (KOR)


Translated by itslucasman & tenslucas - SM_NCT

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"After we practiced, when we arrived at the dorm, all of them came to me. I kinda expected it! But I just kept sitting still until they came and wished me a happy birthday. They're so sincere, I'm so grateful for the members"



Jungwoo’s TMI today:
“As soon as I woke up today, I ate, then I put on the clothes that Mark gave and put on the shoes Johnny hyung gave me.”



Jungwoo : I honestly didn't have thoughts to bring this bag today with me because there's nothing inside, but since Mark gave it as a birthday present, I brought it along 



JW: Mark gave me this bag as a birthday gift yesterday! This beanie is a gift from Mark for my birthday last year~ This jacket is also given by Mark, so are these pants! 



Jungwoo: I'm using the same room as Jaehyun hyung & we are having fun staying together. We always eat supper when we are hungry and we watch movies together. Then we sleep when we are tired. For supper, when we are v hungry, we eat ramyeon & samgyupsal (grilled pork belly) at 2AM



Jungwoo: Doyoung hyung told me, "I have already thought of what to give you!" but I'm still waiting for it~ I'll have to see the (birthday present) to know what it is, but I'm still waiting to receive it



Jungwoo asked Yuta to roar when he said “lion” hahahahaha & keep asking him to do it.
At the end Yuta just patted his head & said “Happy birthday to you” 



jungwoo saw yuta squatting so he made a space & asked hyung come to sit with him



Jungwoo said Yuta’s shots came out so well in the videos 



jungwoo: pls show your aegyo
yuta: i already did it earlier 
jungwoo: no faster do it
yuta: ok then i will do “lion” thing
jw: haha ok enough 
yuta: i’ll leave now 



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