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[Variety] Cookadaepyo 쿡가대표

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Cookadaepyo 쿡가대표


New jtbc cooking variety show where four famous chefs, leeyeonbeok chef-nim, choihyunsuk chef-nim, samkimchef-nim and leewonil chef-nim represent korea to have 15minutes cooking battle with famous chefs from other country.

(*i haven't found english information of this show, so i wrote the description above based on my assumption after watching ep1 without substitle, please do share with me if you have other description about this show)

official website

Starting on February 17 at 10:50pm KST, this show will be airing every wednesday.












chefs instagrams

choihyunseok l samkimleewonil l junghoyoung l leeyeonbok



1 hongkong (sky dining 101) l 2 hongkong (sky dining 101 and Bo Innovation) l 3 hongkong (Bo Innovation) l 4 japan (toyonaka sakurae) l 5 japan (tonoyaka sakurae and genji) l 6 japan (genji) l



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ep2 preview

i was so shocked to see when leewonil chef-nim almost burn his face in the preview.. omg..that fiyah was so big..scary.. TT,TT can't wait to see next episode.. i love this new show so much. ep1 was fun.. (except the part at the airport when henry fans accidentally pushed leeyeonbok and leewonil chef-nim because they are too busy taking henry and kanghodong pictures.. that scene kinda pissed me off.. sorry)

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it's upsetting that team korea lost their first battle with sky dining 101, and chef leewonil didn't get a chance to cook. And still haven't cook in episode 2, it's really hard to wait for another week just to see him cook..TT.TT wonil oppa.. i cheer for you!!!

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leeyeonbok chef-nim upload this picture, they are going to japan, as i saw korean flag on junghoyoung chef-nim cloth i think its might be for cookadaepyo. i hope they win.. i think junghoyoung chef-nim going with them as a special MC and translator ^^ thank you chef..



leeyeonbok chef-nimupload this picture yesterday after ep2 was aired. he said sorry because they lost with the vote 4:1.. awwww... you shouldn't have chef-nim, nothing to apologized for.. as a team captain he must feel burden bout it..  i cheer for you captain!!!

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1 hour ago, kjmcth said:


imgoin to paste the news here :


‘Chef Expedition’ Holds Its Production Conference

[by Woorim Ahn, photo by Kim Chi Yoon] JTBC’s new variety program ‘Chef Expedition’ held its production conference at JTBC Building in Mapo-gu, Seoul on February 16.

‘Chef Expedition’ is a cooking competition show that four representative chefs in Korea have cooking matches with skillful chefs around the world. Kang Ho Dong, Choi Hyun Suk, Sam Kim, Lee Won Il, Kim Sung Joo, Ahn Jung Hwan and others feature in it.

Meanwhile, ‘Chef Expedition’ will air on February 17 at 10:50pm KST. (photo by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk


hehe... so my description of the show was not wrong then :D

i wonder if they will ever come to my home country, Malaysia.. is there any restaurant in Kuala Lumpur worth/good enough to battle with Cookadaepyo? huhu...

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tbh i almost puke when i see that pig brain and blood in ep3.

but.. im happy that chef lee wonil finally get to cook and they won the 1st battle in ep3. wonil oppa had very good communication with the chef, be it choi hyunsuk chef-nim or samkim chef-nim. from telling the time, what is he doin, asking this and that, taste the food etc..it's great!!

i got very scared  when i see big fire on the pan, its almost burn wonil oppa's face. gosh...

im worried that chef leeyeonbok barely say anything,hope he was not too upset over previous battle that they lost. the ending was touching, seems like friendship was born there... wonil oppa looks very very happy there.. im glad. can't wait to see the next episode.

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‘Chef Expedition’ Discloses Its New Poster in Japan


[by Woorim Ahn] JTBC ‘Chef Expedition’ disclosed a new poster for its new episodes in Japan. 

On March 8, the program disclosed ‘Chef Expedition: Japan’ poster and cheered up for the chefs having cooking battles against Japanese chefs. 

In the poster, chefs Lee Yeon Bok, Choi Hyun Suk, Oh Se Deuk and Jung Ho Young’s appearance are contained with a copy saying, ‘This is time to defeat Japan’. 

Regarding this, the show’s producer Lee Chang Woo said, “Please keep your eyes on the four chefs who left to Japan. Oh Se Deuk, who has fast hands, and Jung Ho Young, who learned original Japanese, joined the program. Please look forward to the chefs’ cooking battles.”

He continued, “It is another thing to watch that Choi Hyun Suk and Oh Se Deuk will show since they are known as cute enemies in ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’.”

Meanwhile, ‘Chef Expedition’ airs on Wednesdays at 10:50pm KST. (photo by JTBC)

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On 30/04/2016 at 1:04 AM, fluffyxmonsta said:

What do you guys think about the second cook off in China (episode 9)?  Do you think the chefs in China had the right to give them a hard time, or do you think it was playing dirty?


i don't know if they are purposely playing dirty or its just happen..but my guess is they were giving korean team bad treatment. comepare to the 1st restaurant, the 1st restaurant is much better than the hotel one. the 1st restaurant was not only friendly, but also let the korean team use the good ingredient. the hotel one was too proud and arrogant.


i just watched ep10, i love to see leewonil oppa back to the show. cant wait for the dubai episode.

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