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Yang Yang 杨洋 (Mainland Artist) Official Thread

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Yang Yang sings for Just One Smile is Very Alluring OST

Posted by Kappy


I hope you guys aren’t tired of One Smile posts yet. It’s not my fault! They keep releasing stuff every two to three days. T_T Maybe I should just create a master post for this one. Lol. Anyway, on the heels of their first song sang by the male cast, they release the second song last night on QQ sang by our very own male lead, Yang Yang. I’ve uploaded it to soundcloud below (and the 4th trailer). Hope it plays okay for everyone. The song is freakin cute! He doesn’t have the best voice but I love the beats of this song, reminding me of M2M’s Pretty Boy and another song.



Promoting the Olympics!

photo Smile 97.jpg

photo Smile 98.jpg

photo Smile 99.jpg

photo Smile 100.jpg

photo Smile 102.jpg

photo Smile 103.jpg

So cute. >.<

photo Smile 101.jpg

photo Smile 104.jpg


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Yang Yang, Liu Yi Fei: Drenched and Intense for Once Upon A Time

Posted by Kappy


I totally forgot about this film. The movie version ofThree Lives Three Worlds – Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花) starring the epic combination of Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei as Ye Hua and Bai Qian Qian, also has a drama version with Yang Mi and Mark Zhao. Do not confuse the pretty. Lol. The movie now has an official English name: Once Upon A Time. Three breath-taking posters are released to lure you in… because the crazy story might not…. XD As if one lifetime of misery isn’t enough, our heroine goes through three to finally find her OTL.



Check out previous posts for more pictures and info.

photo Peach 45.jpg

photo Peach 47.jpg

photo Peach 46.jpg

Booting Ceremony:

For more on story and fans’ opinions, visit the previouspost.

photo Peach 14.jpg

Look at this Visual Power Family.

photo Peach 13.jpg

Uhhh…Yang Yang, you’re starting to scare me a bit keke. Please don’t try to get skinnier legs than your wife! Eat, you both!

photo Peach 12.jpg

photo Peach 11.jpg

photo Peach 10.jpg

photo Peach 9.jpg

photo Peach 8.jpg

photo Peach 7.jpg

photo Peach 6.jpg

photo Peach 5.jpg

photo Peach 4.jpg

Another one of Yi Fei looking like a common person just sitting around… Lol…

photo Peach 20.jpg

Peng Zi Su has his own poster. Awww. He’s gonna kill me with his cheeks. More pictures of the cutie pie.

photo Peach 15.jpg

photo Peach 16.jpg

photo Peach 17.jpg

photo Peach 18.jpg

photo Peach 19.jpg

Produced by Alibaba Pictures and Ruyi Films, Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is directed by Zhao Xiao Ding (House of Flying Daggers,The Flowers of War) and Anthony LaMolinara (Spider Man 2), the film adaptation begins 12.20.15.

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Alec Su’s directorial debut, The Left Ear, releases trailer and posters

Posted by Kappy


Three posts in one day? Who’s the bomb now?! ME. Well, I have work the next two days so I’m just gonna update consecutively knowing that I’ll be too tired after work to do anything. You ladies have fun with all the pretty. Following the footsteps of actors-to-directors (Deng Chao, Ruby Lin, Zhao Wei, etc), Alec Su‘s movie adaptation of popular novel, The Left Ear, written by Rao Xue Man, will hit theaters in early 2015. A press conference is held today in which the four main actors, posters, and a trailer are introduced to the audience. However, the face of our female lead is hidden/excluded in ALL promotional materials. This is a first.


The writer, Rao Xue Man, is known for writing heart-tugging love stories surrounding teenagers and The Left Ear is described as a painful love story. Our heroine (played by Chen Dou Ling) is a 17-year old high-school student with a weak left ear who has a crush on a quiet boy, whose girlfriend doesn’t really love him that way. Errrr….


photo Left21.jpg

photo Left1.jpgphoto Left4.jpg

photo Left2.jpgphoto Left15.jpg

Our proud director worked very hard. Writer Xue Man reveals how serious and dedicated Alec was throughout the filming. Two weeks before filming began, he got so upset when one line in the script wasn’t revised and printed timely. Alec responds that slow progress puts immense pressure on him, but when pressure becomes too big, he had to change worry into joy.

photo Left5.jpg

photo Left6.jpg

Main character played by Oho Ou Hao. You might remember in Temporary Family with Nick Cheung, Angelababy, and Sammi Cheng. He also starred in a drama called Song of Vengeance. Unfortunately, I do not know this 22-year old kid. He just looks like a gangster to me. LOL.

photo Left8.jpg

photo Left7.jpg

Yang Yang. Our female lead has a crush on him.

His character dates a girl (Sandra Ma) who *spoiler: later dies in the story…..* And the person she truly loves is Oho Ou Hao’s character.

photo Left3.jpg

photo YY13.jpg

Why so kute YY?

photo YY18.jpg

Actor Hu Xia. Female lead’s cousin, who also carries a torch for her…

photo Left14.jpg

Bowen Duan. This picture ages him like 20 years. He’s only 27, guys.

photo Left16.jpg


photo YY24.jpg

photo YY14.jpg

photo Left9.jpg

photo Left12.jpg

photo YY10.jpg

photo Left18.jpg

photo Left17.jpg


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Yang Yang captivates in The Lost Tomb’s first trailer

Posted by Kappy


Li Yi Feng is the main character but Yang Yang is turning heads for his broody appearance and mysterious vibes! So what do we get? A lot of bromance centering around the two boys and the three older men, because they have to act like father figures sometimes. Aww.


Official Stills:

I hope that’s not a Zombie behind him…

photo LT14.jpg

photo LT19.jpg

photo LT18.jpg

Li Yi Feng describes his character: Naive and kind but not dumb. Best of all he’s a person who treasures life. A normal person that has to undergo many abnormal events in his life that enable him to grow as an individual throughout the novels.

photo LT22.jpg

photo LT23.jpg

photo LT31.jpg

photo LT26.jpg

Ken Chang.

photo LT16.jpg

Wei Wei (KK).

photo LT20.jpg

photo LT27.jpg

photo LT17.jpg

photo LT21.jpg

photo LT29.jpg

Liu Tian Zuo.

photo LT30.jpg

Grave-looking Yang Yang as the mysterious Zhang Ling. A man of few words. He looks hawt! I’m not sure if they’re keeping some character attributes such as Zhang Ling having a dragon tattoo that is normally transparent, but under spiking temperatures, becomes black. No naughty thoughts please. He’s also the last surviving leader of the Zhang Clan.

photo LT28.jpg

He makes ducking from the enemies look sexy. Lol.

photo LT24.jpg

photo LT25.jpg

photo LT32.jpg

YY: “Stay here! Let me see if the coast is cleared of rabid fan girls.”

LYF: “Of mine?”

LTZ: “Definitely not mine.”

photo LT15.jpg


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Liu Yifei makes surprise appearance at Yang Yang’s birthday celebration

Posted onSeptember 14, 2016Authorcpoplove1 Comment

QQ: Liu Yifei celebrates Yang Yan’s birthday, “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” leads all summer releases


“Just One Smile” broadcasted its final episode a few days ago, and Yang Yang also celebrated his 25th birthday in Beijing on Sep. 10.
– His management company gave him the present of a star named after his name, accompanied with an official certificate
– Since “Just One Smile is Very alluring” broadcasted on Yuku from Aug. 22, it has taken the number one spot for all summer dramas
– Its total broadcast volume has broken 8.8 billion times, propelling Yang Yang to the position of a popular male lead

Yang Yang changed into three outfits during the two hour long birthday celebration.
– He wore a black suit, a denim outfit, and a black jacket combination to spread his charm throughout the area
– When he was chatting about his movie “Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Flowers”, female lead Liu Yifei, the director, and producer made a surprise entrance
– All of them sang the birthday song together, making it a highlight of the evening

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Which is your favorite drama out of the 2016 top 10?

Posted onJanuary 25, 2017Authorcpoplove4 Comments

Weibo: WMG Poll


#FunInChengdu [The Top 10 of the 2016 TV Dramas. Which is your favorite?  The #2016HallofFame announced today that based on a mixture of ratings, Baidu ratings, Douban reviews, “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” became the drama fo the year. “Ode to Joy” was close behind. Which 2016 drama is your favorite?

All comments are vote ping backs.


Weibo voting results as follows:


5,062 participants:

“Just One Smile is Very Alluring”: 57.2% of votes

“Ode to Joy”: 23.1%, 

“Rookie Agent Rouge”: 5.5%

“Sparrow”: 4%

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7 times we loved Yang Yang, the gorgeous leading man of Love O2O

por Nancy Z em Segunda, Ago 29, 2016

 0  0

Yang Yang is one of China's hottest rising stars and the leading man of new hit drama Love O2O. Many fans openly admit that they can't take their eyes off of the incredibly handsome actor. If you enjoy the 6 reasons to watch the adorable romance comedy, here is your chance to experience 7 more times to fall in love with the gorgeous heartthrob.

1. When he's been cute ever since childhood - Many students used to flock to to the school he attended to get a glimpse of him.


Born on September 9, 1991, Yang Yang has been passionate about dancing since childhood and started dance lessons at the age of five. He graduated from the Department of Dance in People's Liberation Army Arts College. 

Yang Yang's name is pronounced like Young Young. His Chinese name is 楊洋, with his first name 洋 meaning "Ocean" and his family surname 楊 referring to the Poplar trees.

2. When he stars in his first leading role, at the age of 17, in The Dream of Red Mansions:


Yang Yang rose to fame for his performance and won Best New Actor award. The search for the leads was very high profile for the drama based on the famous literary classic Dream of the Red Chamber. The director felt Yang Yang possessed an innate quality that made him a natural for the central role of Jia Baoyu. 

3. When his stamps are issued - China's official postal service issued a set of Yang Yang stamps in January 2016. 


Fans applauded the stamps as a new year's gift from the China Post, and the initial release was sold out on the first day. Do you think fans would actually mail a letter using the Yang Yang stamp?

4. When he represents China to carry the torch at Athens for Rio Olympics:


5. When he greets fans on Chinese Valentine's Day, (aka Qi Xi,) on the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar:

Doesn't he have an attractive voice? 

6. When he sings and dances:


Yang Yang has said that he only dreamed of being a dancer and never expected to become an actor. This is the first MV in which he gets to sing and dance.

7. When he smiles - The camera loves him! We love him! 



What's more, Yang Yang is not just admired for his handsome face. His fans also point to his excellent manners and temperament as his strengths, and view him as a positive role model.

Wait, here's a bonus!

8. When we see him as a martial arts hero in Love O2O's fantasy game world:


Yang Yang plays Xiao Nai, campus hottie, basketball star, computer science wiz who is also the top RPG (role playing game) gamer. 

Did I mention he is breathtakingly gorgeous?

Love O2O has the perfect combination of cute romance, attractive leads, college student vibes, fantasy gaming, all wrapped in one enjoyable package. Let's join Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) and Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) on their journey from online gaming to real romance.

The new drama is being simulcast on DramaFever and updated every day from Monday to Saturday. C

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Yang Yang, Amber Kuo bear the Olympic flame

Posted by idarklight

What better way to show the Olympic spirit with Yang Yang’s infectious smile?

In case you need a reminder it’s an Olympics year again, we have the ever so adorable Yang Yang and Amber Kuo as celeb torch-bearers in Athens to start the Olympic flame’s  journey around the world.

Who are you rooting at Rio 2016?   For those of you who were with us at the forum, I still remember us (mostly me) balling on the chatbox over Qiu Bo getting silver.  I think that’s definitely one gold I’m rooting for, although Chen Aisen is turning out to be a serious competitor for the gold this year. Also can someone update me on what’s going on with the gymnastics team? They seem to have done horrible at last year’s world championships.  










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▲杨洋在秀后与Valentino设计师之一Pierpaolo Piccioli合影




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old news

The New Dream of the Red Chamber Trailer and Photoshoot

Posted by cfensi

Li Qin (Young Xue Baochai), Jiang Mengjie (Lin Daiyu), and Yang Yang (Older Jia Baoyu) in InStyle


Even though there have been many trailers already forThe New Dream of the Red Chamber, the previous ones tried to only convey an moody ambiance. This new trailer actually had dialogue, and shows off the beautiful camerawork and sets. The total costs of production for the 50-episode  series reached 118 million yuan (for comparison, even the elaborate sets of  The Messagecost around 50 million yuan), but the producer, sounding much more confident than in previous reports, said that the costs should be definitely recoverable.

Vid thanks to fountainpark723.


Part of the reason for the confidence is the buzz around the series, despite the early criticism over the hairstyle. The cast has already been in three photoshoots already, in L’Officiel and iLook magazine, and most recently for the Christmas season, in Instyle. More pictures of the young three leads in Instyle China here.

The project is the culmination of the efforts of one of China’s most famous directors, the only(?) female director of China’s fifth generation, Li Shaohong. Known for her focus on the relationship between women and society,  she works back and forth between television and film. For this series, she said she wanted to make a “Hong Long Meng” to last for the ages and once this begins airing on Chinese New Years, we’ll know if she succeeded.

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Victoria and Jiang Jin Fu’s Cdrama has an official name and trailer

Posted by Kappy

photo 5a9a9d3e-bb9a-41a2-9116-71359fdc4d08.jpg

I last talked about this drama earlier this year. Remember how some of us wanted to correctly translate its name? Thanks heavens the production company took care of that problem during the press conference held today. The official title is now The Chronicles of Town Called Jian. Did someone fall asleep and forget one missing letter in the title? Ahum.

Check the 5-minute trailer to see if it caters to your taste!


Some stills… Yang Yang-centric… 

photo Tarot3331.jpg

photo Tarot3332.jpg

photo Tarot3333.jpg

photo Tarot3334.jpg

photo Tarot3335.jpg

photo Tarot3337.jpg

Someone’s really touchy with our Yang Yang darling. Lol. =P

photo Tarot3338.jpg

This looks so ridiculous I had to post it. Who the hell is her stylist? She’s a beautiful girl but her stylist…..

photo Tarot3339.jpg

To refresh your memory of the plot, here’s my poor translation again: The story revolves around mysterious murder cases and the heroine is described as a bright, astute, and curious young lady. She uses her keen observation and analysis to solve cases. But the interesting factor lies in her special ability to extract clues from a set of tarot cards. After years of studying abroad, Du Chun Xiao (Victoria Song) returns to Jiangnan with her dear friend, Huang Meng Ching (Zhang Zhi Xi). Coincidentally, Meng Ching’s father, Mr. Huang (Jiang Tong), celebrates his 60th birthday. Blessed with a luxurious life, he welcomes Chun Xiao into their family without second thoughts. He likes her enough to engage her to his first son, Huang Mo Ru (Yang Yang). However, Chun Xiao’s stay with the Huangs causes strange events to happen, threatening her life. During those precarious moments, Chun Xiao finds herself befriending Huang Mu Yun (Jiang Jin Fu), Meng Ching’s younger brother. Slowly, feelings are developed and awakened. It’s also around this time that Chun Xiao discovers the truth about her identity, along with the layers and layers of unsettling sins caused by Mr. Huang in the past 20 years. [All mistakes are unintentional. Please do not take out w/o permission.]




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Hu Bing Qing becomes Taekwondo expert with Yang Yang and Chen Xiang in new modern drama

Posted by Kappy


Yang Yang as Ruo Bai: Age ~ 18-20; when the story begins, he’s an English department student. He’s got a cold demeanor, but his heart is full of emotions, regardless of whether it’s to martial arts or to Bai Cao, he’s got the strongest of feelings. He’s been interested in marital arts since he was a child; he once saw a fight between Ting Hao and Chu Yuan, which forever places Chu Yuan on a pedestal as his idol. When Chu Yuan retired, he was practically more upset than Chu Yuan himself. He doesn’t understand how Chu Yuan could give up on his martial arts so easily. While Ruo Bai devotes himself to training, he can never reach the level of Chu Yuan. He knows that based on his own ability, he is unlikely to become a world champion, so when he realizes that Bai Cao has the natural talent, he devotes himself entirely to training her, hoping that she could make a name for herself and for Song Bai. Initially, he refuses to believe he has developed feelings for Bai Cao, but when Chu Yuan and Ting Hao come into the mix, he realizes his feelings for Bai Cao. The two go through numerous obstacles/trials, and their feelings eventually become more deep and profound.

photo Tae 14.jpg

Yang Yang brooding in the shower with little Yang Guo (Leo Wu Lei).

photo Tae 8.jpg

photo Tae 5.jpg

photo Tae 3.jpg

photo Tae 7.jpg

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