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Yang Yang 杨洋 (Mainland Artist) Official Thread

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Yang Yang's measurements taken for Madam Tussauds

posted by Anne J on February 11, 2017 Leave a comment
Madam Tussauds Yang Yang
Yang Yang is the first person to get his own wax figure this year in Madam Tussauds Shanghai. It's a testament to his star power which has been shining brighter than ever since his starring role in Just One Smile Is Very Alluring
Despite its simple premise, it is one of the sweetest drama that I've seen, one that I highly recommend and yes, it's hard not to become a fan after that. He's been flocked with projects and endorsements since then and you can expect to see him in the upcoming xianxia drama Martial Universeand the fantasy romance movie Once Upon A Time. 
Madam Tussauds Yang Yang
Madam Tussauds Yang Yang
Madam Tussauds Yang Yang
Madam Tussauds Yang Yang
Madam Tussauds Yang Yang
Source: Weibo, idol001

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Martial Universe (2017)

posted by Anne J on October 11, 2016 8 comments

Martial Universe 武动乾坤 is a Chinese TV series adapted from a novel of the same name by Tian Can Tu Dou 天蚕土豆, which was published in 2011 and viewed over 32 million times months after its release. 
It tell an epic fantasy adventure that resonates with the male demographics born in the 70's, 80's and 90's which is perhaps due to its captivating premise about a young man under appreciated by his own tribe. He chances upon a stone talisman that changes his life and it ignites a series of events that shape him into a martial arts hero. 
The series stars Yang Yang (Just One Smile is Very Alluring), Crystal Zhang (Go Princess Go), Wu ChunWang Li Kun (The Gods), Ashton Chen and Liu Yan
Novels with a huge fandom such as this usually invite overwhelming expectations, yet netizens seem to have given a big thumbs up to both Yang Yang and Crystal Zhang who are both coming out of their respective hit dramas Just One Smile is Very Alluring and Go Princess Go. Unfortunately, the initially positive response for the heroine seem to have turned sour due to controversies surrounding the cast.

Rate your favorite Chinese period dramas in 2017.
Yang Yang Martial Universe
Crystal Zhang Martial Universe
Wu Chun Martial Universe
Wang Li Kun Martial Universe
Ashton Chen Martial Universe
Suo Xiao Kun Martial Universe
Liu Yan Martial Universe
Yang Yang in Martial Universe
Crystal Zhang Martial Universe
Wang Li Kun Martial Universe

Martial Universe Wu Chun
Martial Universe Ashton Chen
Suo Xiao Kun in Martial Universe
Liu Yan in Martial Universe
Martial Universe
Martial Universe
Martial Universe
Martial Universe
Martial Universe
Source: Ifeng

Once Upon A Time (Movie)

posted by Anne J on June 11, 2016 2 comments
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang in 2017 c-movie Once Upon A TIme

Not to be confused with the dramaOnce Upon A Time 三生三世十里桃花 has released movie posters starring Crystal Liu and Yang Yang where they look simply ethereal as the star-crossed lovers clad in matching white robes. 

Crystal Liu takes the cake as the resident actress in ancient dramas due to her traditional yet exquisite. While Yang Yang (Love O2O) has not yet amassed an equally expansive resume, he along with co-star Crystal Liu certainly possess an otherworldly aura that befits their respective roles as immortal beings. 

The onscreen couple's stills together are eye-catching to say the least and the very literal symbolism using the peach blossom, dragon and fox offers a nice touch. Filming for the movie wrapped last March and the premiere is expected to be some time next year.
The source novel titled Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms aptly belongs under sadistic romance aka depressing beyond words and because I was that curious, I scoured the net for enough information to know that horrific things transpire.

On another note, I was recently made aware by an anonymous commenter that the writer Tangqi Gongzi is actually riddled with plagiarism claims (see comparisons made here). 

It's ridiculous how blatant the similarities are that it feels proper to shed light on the controversy that might otherwise be overlooked.

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time
Crystal Liu in Chinese fantasy movie Once Upon A Time
Yang Yang in Chinese fantasy movie Once Upon A Time
Chinese fantasy movie Once Upon A Time
Crystal Liu in 2017 Chinese fantasy movie Once Upon A Time
2017 Chinese fantasy film Once Upon A Time
Source: Ent163CNWNews

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Crystal Liu and Yang Yang couple up for Cosmo Bride China

posted by Anne J on December 26, 2016 Leave a comment
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Here is a sneak peek of the Once Upon A Time 三生三世十里桃花 couple in the flesh as they appear on the cover of the Autumn 2016 Issue for Cosmopolitan Bride. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Crystal Liu and Yang Yang are always a visual spectacle. 
I've really only seen Yang Yang in Just One Smile is Very Alluring where he plays a metaphorical god in an uber cute rom-com and I'm completely sold that he has what it takes to play an actual immortal in his upcoming movie. Of course, the same can be said for Crystal Liu who is a period drama goddess in her own right. 
The pair manages to put a whimsical spin to an otherwise oddly disturbing shoot. I mean the freakishly large infant and the insects are weird, right? 
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Crystal Liu and Yang Yang
Source: Weibo

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Action director of Martial Universeposted on his weibo a pair of scratched up hands. It belongs to Yang Yang. Aww, the poor thing does his best. The caption says, “A good actor who constantly gets hurt but always replies with a smile.”

photo batch50-33.jpg

photo batch50-34.jpg


Yang Yang and Li Ying finally collaborated! For a tea advertisement. Lol. Close enough! Let’s wait for their commercial video!

photo batch50 70_1.jpg

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Magazine Trans: 时尚新娘 COSMO Bride iBOOK 2015 Oct Q&A



杨洋 Yang Yang
时尚新娘 COSMO Bride iBOOK 2015 Oct Q&A

Q: Describe yourself using three words.
YY: Serious, Strong, Perfectionist. 

Q: What qualities are you most proud of yourself?
YY: I’m quite proud of the qualities I’ve said previously about myself. Being a perfectionist tires the staffs around me (staffs interrupt: we’re not tired!), but I still think it’s a good thing. 

Q: As a perfectionist, do you have trouble choosing or making decisions? 
YY: I have a little trouble when choosing clothes, accessories and such. But I am decisive when making major decisions.

Q: What made you choose to dance when you were young?
YY: Since young I’ve always thought that dancing is fun, and I really like dancing. Furthermore at that point of time I yearn to wear military uniform as it looks cool and it makes me appear to have leadership. In short, when I was young I adore people who are strong and I hope to be like them. 

Q: Let’s talk about things you regret.
YY: I often have things that I regret. When looking back after one production ends, I often regret and thought why didn’t I film it in another way. 

Q: Do you have time to rest now? What do you do during your rest times? 
YY: I’ve been busy for half a year but I’ll be having a holiday soon. During rest days all I want to do is to stay at home and have a good sleep and meal. Hmm, I guess I’ll sleep for a few days first! Then I’ll play games, watch films, exercise and etc. 

Q: What type of films?
YY: Something with more impact, I like <The Walking Dead>.

Q: What type of lifestyle would you choose if you’re not an actor?
YY: I think it would be the same as before… I will continue to dance and be the Yang Yang in the dance industry. 

Q: What do you look forward to when regards to relationships? 
YY: Haha, this is a must-ask question for magazine interviews! My expectation for relationship is simple - understand, respect and be tolerable with each other. 

Q: If you could be an animal, what would you be? Why?
YY: Cheetah. Their qualities can be related to dreams. They will dash for their goals and catch on to what they want. 

Magazine Trans: 伊周 Femina 20150825 Interview



杨洋 Yang Yang
伊周 Femina Magazine 20150825 Interview

What? Yang Yang has debuted for seven years? That’s unbelievable. The years before doesn’t count, as Yang Yang’s good life in the entertainment industry has just started. “In the past I was still considered as out of the industry. I am now gradually moving on to a brand new world but I am not afraid, because I want to fight for my dream.” Surrounded by positive vibes, Yang Yang gave us survival tips for the entertainment industry: Talk less, work more!

It was unexpected that Yang Yang’s popularity will soar this year. Not just hyped dramas like <The Lost Tomb> and <The Whirlwind Girl>, there is also <The Chronicles of Town called Jian> in the future, and no one can stop him from appearing on screens all the time.

Not everyone can be so at ease and justified at making use of their looks. Favored by the time passed, Yang Yang grew to be even more stylish and good looking. As someone who wakes up to his own handsome face everyday: “It will be so infuriating if someone says he is troubled by his good looks!” Having perfect face features and toned figure while having a good student look, he is chased after by many young girls. When asked if he enjoys being “everyone’s lover”, Yang Yang agreed with a pure innocent smile. It’s not exaggerating, but during the three hours of <Femina>’s shooting, the cafe beside the studio was filled with fans who wanted to take a glimpse of Yang Yang, even in the hot weather of 38 degrees celsius!

It’s right to be narcissistic
Well known blogger Yan Gongzi regards Yang Yang as an art piece from the museum, the nature’s miracle; and this beautiful boy’s biggest contribution is for us to appreciate his looks: “Yang Yang is an epitome of all beautiful things, he is so good looking that he does not need any acting skills, just him appearing on the screens is perfect. If there’s a drama which Yang Yang just stands there and munch on snacks; pose; countless female leads love him but to no avail; countless male leads try to harm him but fail; Let me tell you, I can watch this for 80 episodes.”

This willful comment is exactly the fans’ concealed thoughts. When we read to Yang Yang this comment, the cool boy immediately changed to a silly sweet boy and said happily: “Munching on snacks for 80 episodes, this performance difficulty is quite high, my teeth probably can’t take it too.

Hey, that’s not the main point! But no staffs on site wanted to correct him.

Yang Yang once again proved the cruel reality: Looking good is really useful.

Everybody likes things that looks good. For many novel-based productions, the readers will have their own imagination of how the character looks. For actors who act in these productions, your looks will be what the public sees at the first glance - whether you look good or not, pretty or not, handsome or not, this is the first standard.” Many good looking actors will complain about how they are restricted by their looks and are stuck with the same type of characters, but Yang Yang won’t. He enjoys the adores and compliments from his good looks: “I’ll act the good looking characters first, until I’m tired of it. I’ve just started only anyways.

Facing fans who wants to see Yang Yang’s face for 80 episodes, Yang Yang said: “All of you must, always, look at me.

<Femina> could not resist and asked: How long do you take to prepare to leave house? “When I meet my friends, I’ll wear a hat and only take 10-15mins before I’m ready to go.” Well, it’s right for good-looking people to be narcissistic!

<Femina>’s interview is taken at the makeup room, with a row of mirrors at the side. Yang Yang side-faced the mirror, took a quick glance, adjusted his hairstyle, all actions done in one smooth motion. If any director wants to film China’s version of Narcissus, remember to look for Yang Yang.

Idol burden thrown away
When first meeting Yang Yang, you will think that with such delicate and pretty look, he will be a weak guy. But instead, his experience in the People’s Liberation Army grew him to be tough. The delicate yet tough Wu Qing from <The Four>, the strong and dashing Zhang Qi Lin from <The Lost Tomb>, the agile Ruo Bai from <The Whirlwind Girl>, action scenes are not considered a challenge for Yang Yang.

Yang Yang graduated from the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art, Department of Dance. The lifestyle in Army Academy is solemn and disciplined, and there are restrictions to his words, so he did not dare to be too lively. “I have a childhood too, I will joke too, but definitely it is not as interesting as the normal high schoolers. It’s always the others joking and I’m the one laughing, I laugh really easily. After throwing my idol burden, I found myself to be lively too.

My memory from the Army Academy is slowly fading, leaving just an outline of it, but it will always be a fine and happy memory for me.” Yang Yang’s current goal is to act in more good productions and be an all-around artist. People who are good looking tends to have some idol burden on them, and will be afraid to get laughed. Yang Yang’s image is ruined after participating in reality shows and variety programs, so will he start to do weird and funny performances?

I used to have idol burden, until I participated in <Divas Hit the Road 2>. Through the show’s editing, I am shaped to be someone who does not have any idol burden.” Yang Yang turned out to be a funny person, and the screenshots and gifs of him are really funny: “There are many faces to a person. I’m those who gets familiar with people slowly, and I will show my true self only when I’m very familiar with the person.

Acting cute on weibo has become Yang Yang’s daily routine, miss out a day and fans will leave over ten thousand comments to urge him. Phrases like “Shy shy”, “You’ve scared me” (T/N: “羞羞的” “吓死宝宝了” are internet lingo so it sounds weird after translating.. These words are meant to be cute.) are said often, and also posing with peace sign, selfie shots with cute expressions, nicknamed “Yang Mie Mie” (T/N: 羊咩咩 is a cute way of saying sheep and Yang’s 杨 has the same pronunciation as 羊.). Fans couldn’t resist but to crack on him: Your selfie skills are really bad, this is not selfie, it’s self-deprecation! Why is his selfie incomparable to photos taken by others? Yang Yang does not care about this, and he is going further on the route of being himself.

“Do you like yourself with no idol burden?”
Fans like it
“But you can’t live just for your fans right?”
That’s me, that’s the real me, and that’s why I like it!

A fatherly boyfriend
Some time ago everyone wanted a “overbearing CEO” to kabe-don them, now they want to find a “Ruo Bai daddy” who loves them like a father. In the drama “The Whirlwind Girl”, Yang Yang is full of boyfriend charisma.

Yang Yang plays the role of Ruo Bai who is usually cold but caring in crucial moments. He knows the female lead’s time-of-the-month, enjoins her to take good care of her body, takes initiative to help her to wash dishes - doesn’t he knows too much? Millions of fans indicated that they even wanted to be the dishcloth that their idol was holding. A video of young Yang Yang in the Army Academy was digged out and the teen was teaching how to wash socks in a serious face, where he looks just like a expert in housekeeping. He definitely should be crowned as the top for the boyfriend ranking.

I’m quite similar to Ruo Bai, we will be dedicated and work hard for the things we like. The great part of Ruo Bai is that he is willing to sacrifice his dreams for others’ dreams.” His attitude towards relationship is the same as Ruo Bai: “I’m quite cold at first. There has to be a process. I’m someone who gets familiar with people slowly and I find it awkward to say sweet and warm words. I can only open up my heart slowly.

There was a “marshmallow kiss” shown which got many young girls flooded with love. The filming was at an open restaurant and there were many fans on set: “Every time the female lead and I start to eat the marshmallow, they will scream: no! don’t!” Facing such enthusiastic fans, Yang Yang should choose his productions carefully and inform his fans in advance if there is any intimate scene.

The stubborn side of the virgo broke out: “No, I’ll still look at the plot and character. I will still act if it’s a good character since I’m an actor.

What is “actor” Yang Yang’s limit? Let’s try it with Ang Lee’s <Lust, Caution>.

You are digging a hole for me! To be honest, I have not watched <Lust, Caution> but I have heard about it before. If it’s a famed director, I will try my best to coordinate with him… but while coordinating I will discuss with the director again.

Translation by: sunshineYang2

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Magazine Trans: 优家画报 Modern Lady 20150815 Q&A



杨洋 Yang Yang
优家画报 Modern Lady Magazine 20150815 Q&A

Q: What are your thoughts on the Milan Fashion Week shows that you’ve went earlier?
YY: I like all of the brands’ style. The features and design for Hogan and Moncler are blended perfectly. It was very really interesting how Moncler uses sports theme for their shows, and for this show the theme was canoeing. Fendi and Gucci are brands that I will wear frequently during work, and they each have their own unique style even though they are formal wear.

Q: Is it your first time participating in such large scale Fashion Week? Have you made a lot of preparations?
YY: Yes, I considered in advance of what style I’ll wear. Then I set off with a frame of mind to experience and enjoy.

Q: You’ve gone to many cities during the filming of <Divas Hit the Road 2>. Which cities left the most impression on you? 
YY: London and Abu Dhabi. London was our first stop for <Divas 2> and we first met each other there. The canoeing competition that we completed together left a great impression on me. Abu Dhabi was the first time I travelled by myself for the whole trip. Although many things happened, I still managed to get to the Ferrari World. That place is totally heaven for people who love cars. I played so crazily that day and it felt like I completed a dream of being a racer.

Q: What role do you think you have played for the whole trip?
YY: Someone who helps everyone, and at the same time getting taken care of by everyone like a young brother.

Q: Is it your first time living with so many people of different character for such a long time? Any tips on how to interact and communicate with people?
YY: This is very different from drama set. Everybody lived together and while facing with different difficulties, people of different character got along better gradually. I learned a lot from these 20 days. I feel that what’s most important is to think from others’ point of view and to communicate when any problem arises.

Q: Which moment was the most tiring? When did you feel most helpless?
YY: When we challenged the Scafell Pike, we carried heavy backpacks and climbed for the whole day in the cold weather. I felt a little helpless and regretful when we did not managed to reach the peak in the end. But what’s most important was everyone’s health and no matter what, at that point of time, I could feel that we were very united.

Q: Which moments during the trip made you feel that everything was worth it?
YY: During meal time haha. Sceneries we see and meals we eat after overcoming the challenges brightens me instantly.

Q: There were a lot of discussions when <The Lost Tomb> was broadcasted. What do you feel when facing with the comments? 
YY: Some of the comments are quite interesting. I also saw what everybody left for me, there are even netizens who dug and commented on the weibo I posted when I wrapped up my filming. I’m really happy to get all the positive comments on my performance for the character.

Q: How would you assess yourself on your performance in the drama? 
YY: I did my best to act out what I feel Zhang Qi Lin is like. I hope to be able to constantly find room for improvement as I grow to have more experience and better acting skills.

Q: There are people who say that you can be both cute and charismatic. What do you think?
YY: I think this is justified. Mainly cute though. (laugh)

Q: Many viewers feel that you are just like a big child. What do you think your points of childishness and maturity are? 
YY: Point of maturity is that I know what exactly I want. Point of childishness… well it isn’t considered childish, it’s just that I will insist on my views on certain things and it may seem like I am stubborn sometimes. I hope to be able to retain this childishness of mine.

Q: What kind of person are you behind the cameras? Is it very different from what you appear to be like on screens? 
YY: My image is quite cool in the dramas broadcasted recently, but I am a lot livelier in <Divas 2>. I think I am in between these two images behind the camera. Or you can say the difference between my images behind the camera is quite large, as I can be very quiet and gets familiar with people slowly.

Q: Up at this point, are there any people or things that you are really grateful for?
YY: There are too many. First of all, I really thank my parents for supporting my ideas. Next, all the people who have helped me; regardless was it the dancer me, the soldier me, or the actor me. I need to thank everyone for every step of my change.

Magazine Trans: 南都娱乐 SE Weekly 20150815


杨洋 Yang Yang 
南都娱乐 SE Weekly 20150815 Quick-witted interview  

1. Zhang Qi Lin (from the book/drama ‘The Lost Tomb’) is mentioned to have a body that is as flexible as a woman. So is your body flexible? 
YY: Flexible body, firm attitude. 

2. Do you edit your selfies?
YY: No. (Staff: He will never use those that I’d edited, he say he is “no-edit Yang”). Aye, you see the staffs around me…

3. As an idol, what do  you think your largest advantage is? And what about your disadvantage? 
YY: As an idol… my advantage is my looks and affinity, hahaha. For disadvantage? I’m still not as all-around I guess. Because idols should be perfect in their fans’ eyes.

4. Definition of perfect? 
YY: Definition? All-around idol. (To be able to sing and dance?) Actually.. I know how to sing and dance. 

5. If you could act in a intimate scene with your goddess, who would you choose? 
YY: To act as a goddess? (No, is to act with…) I know, with a goddess right. I’ll act as someone who fights with the goddess I guess. (As an opponent? No, it’s if you could act in a intimate scene with a goddess. Who do you hope the person is!) Oh, no one. Never thought of it before. Really. (You don’t have anyone who you deem as your goddess?) I do have! Gong Li.(You could just say you choose to act with Gong Li..) Hahaha *gasp* For an intimate scene…

6. If you have a chance to change your face with another artist, who would you choose?
YY: I am quite satisfied with my face, so I’ll give this chance to the others.

7. Aside from dancing, what are your hobbies? Do you have any other specialty? 
YY: Leg-don (T/N). Hahahaha! Just joking! I have a lot of hobbies, online games, gym…just exercising. 

8. Which type of girlfriend will you look for? 
YY: All-around, with certain aura of elegance, I think this is quite important. Character, whether she is filial or not. Filial piety determines how kind a person is you see.  

9. You sew clothes in ‘The Whirlwind Girl’ and brought a washboard along during 'Divas Hit The Road 2’. So you are usually a motherly type? 
YY: I’m really not a motherly type of person! How did I become a motherly type! I am a… I am not a mother type. 

10. Okay okay, so you mean you are a dominant person?
YY: Not dominant, just firm and strong.

11. You don’t like to be known as a motherly or a warm guy?
YY: Ah, I actually have different sides of me. Like being warm, being cute, being strong.

12: What’s the toughest taekwondo move that you are able to do now? 
YY:  I did tornado/jump kicks, like those which you kick and turn 360 degrees in the air. (Sounds cool!) Yeah it sounds cool, and it’s really cool too when you film it. 

13: Imagine, 30 years down the road if you’re still in the entertainment industry, what do you think it would be like? 
YY: 30 years later? The future me should be a charismatic uncle. 

14: Will you do changes to your face/looks for work? 
YY: No, I think men grows to be more charismatic as they age. 

15: Do your friends around you often praise your looks?
YY: No, they will judge/criticize  me. Like oh you have a pimple again? Sigh, I grew up in all sorts of criticism. (T/N: Yang meant it in a joking way)

16: Which would you choose? To film without styling your hair in the morning or to film without any makeup? 
YY: I’d choose to appear without any makeup if I don’t have pimples on my face.

17: Your relationship with Jing Boran is the best in 'Divas Hit The Road 2’? 
YY: We slept on the same bed (laugh)

T/N: Leg-don 腿咚, something similar to kabe-don. Shown below.


Magazine Trans: 男人风尚 LEON 2015 Nov (½)



杨洋 Yang Yang
男人风尚 LEON 2015 Nov

Q: How do you measure the criteria to be known as a good man?
YY: Family-oriented, responsible, and takes care of people around him. My heart is always with my family. You will be filled with happiness being a part of my family.

Q: How far are you from the ideal you? How is the ideal you like?
YY: I think I am at the completion stage of this process, and I like the current condition of myself. When I’m in good condition, I hope everyone can feel the positive vibes from my performance. 

Q: The current you is always named as a young lad or beautiful boy; Have you ever thought as you age, what type of man do you expect yourself to be?
YY: To be a charismatic man. For example, like Chow Yun-Fat.

Q: Why is it Chow Yun-Fat?
YY: My male idol is Chow Yun-Fat, he is an actor who can represent an era. I like all the characters he played as, <The Bund> and <God of Gamblers> have left a deep impression on me, I’ve also watched <From Vegas to Macau> which he filmed last year. 

Q: Summarize your youth in one sentence.
YY: Growing up independently under strict education.

Q: Do you miss your childhood?
YY: I miss the carefree days. I am not a leader person in class, but I am someone who everyone will find hard to forget. (So you are someone who has a pleasing personality?) Something like that. 

Q: Is there any big change to your personality as compared to when you were young?
YY: Not much changes. I am always quite stubborn and like to compare with myself. I will pursue for perfection, and adhere to my beliefs. Just like when I was choosing school, I was really stubborn and chose to go to military school regardless of my family’s opinion, because I wanted to be a soldier. 

Q: How has your personality affected you at work?
YY: I might give the staffs around me headaches. Sometimes when one job is already done quite well, I will still ‘torture’ the staffs around and ask for all their opinions and hope to complete it more perfectly.

Q: Do you pursue perfection when you’re going out too?
YY: Yes, I hope everyone sees the best me everyday when I am out, dressing up well is also giving respect to others. 

Q: What detail do you take more note of on your dressing?
YY: I care more about shoes. I really like shoes and I can’t resist but to buy whenever I see shoes I like. I am still at a stage where I am willing to try out different brands of shoes, I don’t have a specific brand to buy from. 

Q: What type of apparel do you have most in your wardrobe?
YY: Hats and shirts, with black and white as the main color theme. I do have some cute and bright items too. I like hats as it matches well with different coordination. Sometimes when you’re feeling lazy, just match with any hat and it gives a different feel. 

Q: You have gained really good results this year, what do you feel the difference in your mentality as compared to the past is? 
YY: I will be more persistent this year, and I firmly believe this is the road for me. I had times when I was confused, but this is normal. Everyone will not smoothly achieve what they want, but instead strive with great efforts to achieve it. 

Q: How do you resolve your emotions when feeling low-spirited?
YY: Basically I will not let others feel it, not even my parents. I will stay alone for a while, usually playing games. When I feel better, I might talk to my friends about it, but by then the matter is usually over. 

Q: You don’t like to trouble others, do you?
YY: Yeah, I really don’t like to trouble others, but I like people to trouble me.

Q: You listen more rather than talk when you are with your friends?
YY: Yes, but they always say: I’ve talked so much but why do you not have any reaction? I always have that cold face (hahaha). Actually I am carefully thinking what suggestions to give them, you know, I have to be responsible and cannot casually give comments. So I might wait till the next day to give them my proper suggestion. 

Q: Won’t you always get treated like a bin? (t/n: in a way where everyone will talk about their feelings with him)
YY: Yeah, I am their “emotions bin”

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Magazine Trans: 男人风尚 LEON 2015 Nov (2/2)



杨洋 Yang Yang
男人风尚 LEON 2015 Nov


Part I here

Q: Will you let loose of yourself and do crazy stuffs?
YY: I have thought of it, but I don’t dare to. I have to be responsible to the people around me so I will not disappear suddenly. I also have to be responsible for myself so I will not max out my credit card limit.

Q: At this stage, where do your satisfaction comes from?
YY: Definitely from work, where more people see and acknowledge my works. 

Q: What indicates a man’s maturity?
YY: Knowing the difference between rebellion and persistence. 

Q: Have you ever experienced going through a new phase of life due to others’ remarks and comments?
YY: I think no, it seems that I prefer to communicate with myself. As for a new phase of life, it seems that I am always staying in the same phase and have never changed before (hahaha).

Q: What type of character do you look forward to playing as?
YY: Someone who is wise and full of stratagems, best if it is a spy film genre. It is probably because I like soldiers.

Q: You have been filming <Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile> recently, do you feel stress from this drama?
YY: Nope, I get to experience school life and play games in this drama, it is quite enjoyable. 

Q: Do you have any new sports hobby recently?
YY: I am quite persistent in swimming and gym, especially abs training. (you care most about your abs?) Yes, that is right!

Q: Among your buys from the recent three months, what item are you most satisfied?
YY: A black jeans which really fits me.

Q: Are there any movies which you will watch for numerous times?
YY: Some old American films, like <Once Upon a Time in America>, and also some Sci-Fi films. I love films from Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise.

Q: Are you a romantic person?
YY: I am not a romantic person. I frequently see news online about those who spent great thoughts to design a really romantic plot, I have always feel: wow, I am so far from all these romance. I am probably more of a rational person. But I will always remember to buy gifts for family and good friends. Whenever I am out and I see items which suits them, I will buy it and give it during festivals or birthdays. The surprise they get when receiving the gift makes me very happy.

Q: Which horoscope do you think matches best with you? 
YY: I think Virgo matches well with all horoscopes, but it seems that everyone does not match with us (laugh). 

Q: When were you touched to tears most recently?
YY: During my birthday fan meeting. It was my first time celebrating with so many people, 909 fans from all over the country. Because my birthday is on 9 September, the venue has 910 seats and one of it is mine.

Q: What is a man’s confidence based on?
YY: Strength. For example, your inner self. Hmm, and also external strength like your looks. Also, whether you are bald or not when you are at your forties or fifties (laughs). 

Q: Are you afraid of being bald by then?
YY: Yeah, I am already taking note from now, I refrain from wearing wigs when filming ancient dramas. I am worried, but I don’t think I will, I am confident of it!

Q: Which city do you like most? 
YY: I like Shanghai, it is the place where I was born and grew up in. I miss a road there, the road which my mum will pass by when she drives me to school. Also during mornings when I was at preschool, my dad will bring me to eat a bowl of dumplings and I felt really contented. But now I cannot get the same feeling and taste. When I go to Shanghai now, I stay in hotel, and I will order dumplings in the morning too, but it just feels different. 

Q: Are there things which you want to try but have not done so? 
YY: Travelling alone. I do not have the chance now, and it seems that I do not have the objective to travel alone too. I think this will be a challenge.

Magazine Trans: 伊周 Femina 20160202 Q&A



杨洋 Yang Yang
伊周 Femina 20160202 Q&A 

Q: How would you want to spend the Valentine’s Day?
YY: If there is a chance I would like to spend Valentine’s Day, but I don’t have any partner so I can only spend it in my dreams, or light a candle back in my room. When I return (t/n: from Paris Men’s Fashion Week) I have to get back to the filming for <Three Lifetimes>, I won’t have time to rest. There is not much meaning to me for Valentine’s day or White day. But with the company of the film crew and casts, it does not feel as lonely.

Q: Do you know about White Day?
YY: Nope, when is it?

Q: March 14, females will present gifts to the guys and they will confess. 
YY: Seems like I will not get to experience it, I will still be filming.

Q: So did you ever receive gifts from girls during White Day?
YY: Nope, I guess no one dares to give me, I think I’m too intimidating.

Q: What would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day gift?
YY: It is already very good to receive gifts.

Q: What do you look forward to receiving?
YY: For me, what I want to see is sincerity. I get familiar with people slowly so I may appear to be cold, but once I am close to you I will be more open. But no matter which side of me, it is still me. 

Q: So you want to tell us you are actually a warm guy?
YY: Yes! I really am. I am more of a traditional and low profile type of person. In daily life I will silently take care of girls. When two people get together the concern from both parties are mutual, like you know, love requires mutual liking, and also mutual care and concern.(Having the expression of a veteran again…)

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Magazine Trans: 悦己 SELF 2016 Feb Q&A



杨洋 Yang Yang
悦己 SELF 2016 Feb Q&A

Q: What is a weird habit that you want to change?
YY: No weird habit, perfect.

Q: What qualities do you think a “perfect boyfriend” should have?
YY: Having his own career and responsibilities.

Q: What can make you cheer up immediately when you’re having a bad mood?
YY: Taking selfies, eating and playing around……Do I have times when I’m having a bad mood? (Staff: Touch your conscience and answer.) (Yang Yang then laughed out and said)Then there is!

Q: When you are choosing your selfies, what do you look out for most?
YY: I don’t look at details, it’s about feel.(Paused for a while and added) Some people don’t like my selfies, but I think it’s quite nice.(Looks at the staffs around, and under his gaze, everyone agrees with him)

Q: If you can have a superpower, what would it be?
YY: Invisibility.

Q: Ancient costume, modern costume, school uniform, and even military uniform, among these characters that you have acted as, which do you think is most suave?
YY: All are as suave, because I am an actor with different sides. 

Q: Who do you think is more good looking than you?
YY: The me from tomorrow. (t/n: oh gosh I love this confident answer!!)

Q: Recently there is a popular saying “3 points on fate, 7 points on hard work, and 90 points on looks”, do you agree?
YY: (Laughs) This is a little exaggerating. I feel that with good looks, the more you should work hard.

Q: What do you think your biggest advantage is, aside from your good looks.
YY: My biggest advantage is, being more and more good looking as time passes. This is very important, right? Well and also being tender, warm, attentive, responsible (Staff: Stop self-praising!)…

Q: Do you cook when you are alone at home?
YY: I don’t really have time to cook, but I feel that men with good culinary skills are really charismatic, and I hope I can cook for the person I like in the future.

Q: So do you think having good culinary skills is a must for a warm guy?
YY: It depends, like for me I don’t really know how to cook.

Q: How do you think a warm guy should be like?
YY: You would smile whenever you see him.

Q: If you need to leave early from house, how long do you need to wake up in advance? What preparation works do you need to do?
YY: Half an hour. Turning off the alarm, waking up, washing up, tidying myself semi-consciously, then one minute before I leave the house, I will rush and put everything I need in the bag. 

Q: Is there any skill you would want to learn in 2016?
YY: Boxing, I want to be cooler.

Q: What was the factor that made you, a male artiste, to be chosen as Guerlain’s endorser?
YY: Good skin condition! Guerlain gives me the impression of elegance, and in the future we will also have collaboration on charity projects, and this is what touched me the most. 

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Magazine Trans: 悦己 SELF 2016 Feb Interview



杨洋 Yang Yang
悦己 SELF 2016 Feb Interview

Virgo acting as a perfect man, nothing better than this!
What <Weiwei’s beautiful smile> left the most impression on me is, it’s not easy to be a perfect man! The character (Xiao Nai) is really so perfect; hard to find in a hundred years, suave, talented, have lots of skills, interesting and a little sly, focuses only on the female lead. I’ve always remembered a sentence from the drama: “If I knew this day, I would have fell for you at first sight.” So touching! 

As a Virgo, it feels so good to be able to act as such a perfect character. To act as him, I upgraded my skills like gaming, billiard, basketball…… When I first finished the novel, I already hope to be like him; treats his lover well and have his own career.

Maybe I was too into this character, I feel that I even have this Xiao Nai style when I speak, always surprising the production team when we chat. Haha, I guess this is the price to pay for acting as such a perfect guy — Xiao Nai sequela.

Upon liking a person, you tend to be a little silly

No matter how shrewd a person, they will tend to do silly things when they like someone. Just like Xiao Nai, being so perfect, he becomes tender and cute for Wei Wei and does things that surprises the people around him.

Although I don’t have such a chance now, I think I definitely will become like this too… Virgo looks into details; I can think of many subtle things that will make her feel my warmth.

After finishing filming, I just want to stay home

For the previous year, I have been working nonstop. Sometimes when I’m in a drama production, it will take a few months. When I return home after the production ends, I will suddenly feel a little unfamiliar with home. After a few days, I will feel that the character I’ve been acting fades away and everything at home starts to be familiar again. But just another few days and I have to leave for a new work.

As <Three Lifetimes> has just started filming recently, I am at work for the whole day, waking up before dawn and going back at late night. Because I sleep for less than five hours everyday, I doze off often when doing make up in the morning. 

When facing a filming completion now, I am much calmer as compared to in the past. A short getaway or gaming at home can get me back fully energized for the next work.

I told myself to remember this feeling

Just recently, I did plaster mold casting for the first time for <Three Lifetimes>. Initially it was quite interesting, but when I was asked to sit and not move on the chair, I started to worry. The staff even reminded me: ‘There’s no need to be scared, everything will be alright, we will have someone to clear your nasal for you to breathe.’ Oh please, did he really said that to comfort people…

They added the white plaster powder into the pail, added water, and started to stir and stir. At that time I already started to feel that time is passing slower and my body started to get stiff. They hugged the pail and asked ‘Are you ready?’ I said yes and he replied ‘For your safety, please don’t open your eyes.’ I closed my eyes and sat there, and seemed to be able to see their actions: They all had the plaster mold on their hands and it was poured down from my head. I suddenly thought of a horror movie that I have watched previously, using boiling chocolate to melt someone!

The plaster mold started to drip from my forehead, it was icy cold and it felt like someone poured a pail of ice water on me. The thick substance then flowed and passed my eyes, nose, lips and dripped down from my chin, then to my neck, and all the way until my shoulders are covered. I unconsciously held my breath and could hear my heart beat. The feeling is like diving, although there is a trainer beside, your surroundings is all dark without any sound, so there is no sense of security. 

I could feel my heart beating faster. At the start, my whole body was cold, I couldn’t talk, open my eyes, nor move. I told myself to remember this feeling. Then in my mind I repeated the process again and again, until I remember every details. I sat there for two hours, as the plaster mold got harder, my body got hotter too and my skin was burning. 

When I was out, I felt like I was a chick which cracked the shell. To prevent any damages to the plaster casting, they cut a small hole at the back and I had to squeeze out, and the casting slid off my cheeks bit by bit. 

The hero in my heart is Ultraman and Black Cat Detective 
(t/n: Black Cat Detective is from a Chinese animation)

My teenage years is totally different from most people, and it wasn’t what I expected. As I went to a military school, under arts college, all I did was training, dancing, and attending lessons. It was very simple, but at the same time pure. After graduation I then realized there are many interesting things. 

There are times when I think, although I did not experience the normal high school life and did not have any simple school romance, my teenage years still have lots of memories for me to cherish. I did what others may not be able to do — I am a soldier. It was that atmosphere that taught me about this world, a simple view of the world; as long as you work hard, you can do anything well.

I remember I used to love <Slam Dunk> when I was young. At that time everyone tends to argue about whether Sakuragi or Rukawa is more good looking, and now whenever I pick up basketball, I will remember that animation. I kind of like Rukawa, Sakuragi is a bit more funny. But the most heroic character in my heart is still Ultraman and Black Cat Detective, they have a sense of justice and eliminate crime while promoting kindness. 

Magazine Trans: So Figaro 20160225 Q&A



杨洋 Yang Yang
So Figaro 精品购物指南 20160225 Q&A

Q: What do you think you have gained and lost since debut?
YY: I have gained help from many people, and I lost my identity as a dancer.

Q: Will you open an Instagram account?
YY: I actually have an account, without display picture. If one day I took a really great selfie, I would post it on Instagram and link it to my weibo. 

Q: Describe your character in one word.
YY: Will I get bashed if I say perfect?

Q:Where would you stay when you grow old?
YY: I would want to stay by the sea.

Q: What are the three things you must bring when travelling?
YY: Suitcase, Backpack, and myself.

Q: If you could only do one thing for the whole life, what would it be?
YY: Pilot, captain. I wanted to operate a plane when I was young, I like the feeling of flying in the sky. It is pretty cool to wear an uniform and transporting so many people to another place, there is a sense of duty being able to protect everyone. I also wanted to operate a fighter jet, and I thought of being in the air force. 

Q: What new things do you want to try out this year?
YY: I would join a reality-show if it is fun and interests me. 

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Magazine Trans: 时尚健康 TrendsHealth 2016 Mar Interview (1 /2)



杨洋 Yang Yang
时尚健康 TrendsHealth 2016 Mar Interview 
Part I

Q: You have been flying in and out recently, does jet lag affects your sleep?
YY: I have no problem coping with jet lag. I came back on 24 Jan, flew again on the 28th, and at the filming for <Three Lifetimes> I also had to work through day and night, waking up before dawn, sleeping only 4,5 hours everyday, and sometimes with my makeup still on. I don’t suffer from insomnia, and I can sleep anywhere anytime. 

Q: What do you feel from the Paris Men’s Fashion week that you’ve attended a few days back?
YY: It was my second time at Men’s Fashion Week and I felt a lot more relaxed. I also felt a different city atmosphere at Paris, and I like this romantic and elegant place.

Q: The Lunar New Year is coming, did you buy any souvenirs back?
YY: I definitely have to do shopping but my schedule was really packed this time. Hence the first thing I did when I arrived was to pick gifts for everyone. I bought a bag for my mum, quite fashionable, and I think she will be very happy.

Q: Aside from your performance for CCTV New Year’s Gala, you do like music in private too right?
YY: I listened to classical music while training when I was young, and I like pop music now. I listen to Big Bang and iKON. For my 24th birthday, I released a single <Tender Love>, and my company has plans to release an EP in the future, trying more music styles, although I am still not quite sure what is my style.

Q: Then we can look forward to it.
YY: Yes, haha.

Q: If you can have a superpower, what would it be?
YY: Invisibility. Having my own space in the current living environment, or the ability to stop time.

Q: How much idol burden do you have?
YY: Probably left with 2oz. (Asks himself) Why not 3oz?

Q: You are destined with 3?
YY: 2 is not suitable for me hahahahaha.

Q: Ladies smile at the sight of you at drama sets, in life, what makes you smile at sight?
YY: I laugh really easily, sometimes just a lame joke can make me laugh out.

Q: An example?
YY: Something happened a while back, I told myself to remember it for the next interview, but still I forgot about it haha.

Q: Are you someone who cheers people around?
YY: When I am more familiar with people around I will get more hyper.

Q: It has been long since you debuted. Do you have the “seven-year itch”?
YY: No. Instead I wasn’t sure of what I wanted when I just debuted, as it could be considered as my low period.

Q: How do you feel when overcoming the low period?
YY: Subconsciously carrying the attitude to learn, doing my best, and accumulating experiences. You only have the capital if you are ready, and from there just go with the flow.

Q: How would you conclude your performance for the past year? 
YY: Worthwhile, Passion.

Q: What do you think the current era is like?
YY: Full of possibilities, as long as you work hard, you will achieve in the future.

Q: Teenage years have passed, and what do you think age 23,4,5 would be?
YY: It is still an age filled with colors and liveliness, it is a great start. There are lots of opportunities for talents to be shown.

Q: How do you see the characters you have acted in the past and yourself?
YY: Until now there hasn’t been a character that is similar to me.

Q: If you had a time traveler, where would you want to go?
YY: 10 years later, I want to see how the 34 year old me would be.

Q: How do you hope it would be?
YY: Having my place in the entertainment industry. If I work hard, I think I have a chance for the Golden Horse Award, haha. 

Q: How do you see your growth, and what would you do if you weren’t in this industry?
YY: I think it is quite good. If I am not an artiste, I would probably be a normal dance instructor, or a dance instructor with the dream of being a pilot.

Q: When feeling down or not in condition, what is the most effective way to regulate your mood?
YY: Bring my focus back to work, or have a nap. (Ring! There was a call, answers: Uhnn……I am having an interview now, let’s talk later.)

Q: When schedule is very tight, will your mobile phone affect your mood?
YY: I usually won’t look at my phone when I am filming.

Q: Fans are complaining that you rarely update your weibo.
YY: Then it can be considered that I don’t even update in my friends list, hahaha.

Q: What is your habit while surfing the net?
YY: Getting information from the outside, or viewing gossips? Haha, I believe it is the same for everyone else.

Q: Did anyone say that you are mysterious?
YY: Being a little mysterious brings out the beauty from distance.

Q: Does saying you are a “pretty boy” “achieving because of your looks” angers you?
YY: Why? There have been many advantages for looking good from young. For example: the canteen staff would give me more food, that’s really a five-star treatment.

Q: Which is scarier? Being narcissistic or over-dominant.
YY: Dominant is still alright, I am also a little tendency to that. Haha. Being narcissistic is also not wrong, it at most can be considered as recognizing yourself.

Q: Haven’t you felt lost before?
YY: When I lost my way in <Divas Hit the Road 2>, because I am good at directions.

Q: What is the drama you are most satisfied with!
YY: It is so difficult to choose one! I hope each drama work have their own amazing point.

Q: After how long of holiday would you start to worry about work?
YY: Two, three months.

Magazine Trans: 时尚健康 TrendsHealth 2016 Mar Interview (2/2)


杨洋 Yang Yang
时尚健康 TrendsHealth 2016 Mar Interview
Part II

Part I here


Q: Private outfits and airport fashion are hot topics for fans, what do you think about your fashion coordination?
YY: What I wear in private usually depends on whether the style suits me, I won’t follow blindly with the trend.

Q: It appears in the variety shows that you like to look into mirrors, do you care a lot about how you look?
YY: Of course! After all as an artiste you live on your looks for most of the time! Many times I have to display to the public a positive image, and I also care a lot about my skin condition.

Q: Do you have any tips regarding skincare?
YY: For skincare, I emphasize more on daily facial cleansing and moisturizing. Since I am always out for work, this two points are more important for skin to remain in a young condition.

Q: What type of style for girls do you think looks pleasing?
YY: I prefer girls in simple and elegant style, and any makeup style that is suitable for time, mainly good skin condition and complexion.

Q: Do you have an “ideal type”?
YY: Actually… my ideal type changes everyday, haha.

Q: Are you someone who cares a lot about outer beauty? Which is more important, inner or outer beauty?
YY: Yes for outer beauty! It is undeniable that outer beauty is quite important, but to get along in a long term, inner beauty is definitely more important. It is better to have both inner and outer beauty. Like girls who are filial and has a good character leaves a good impression on me.

Q: There are a few idol styles that are trending now, for example “warm guy style”, “intellectual style”, “dominant elite style”. What style do you think you are in private?
YY: I am more towards the “warm guy style”. But of course, I can change to “dominant elite” anywhere anytime.

Q: With so much work pressure, how do you keep a young condition and mentality? Do you have any tips to share?
YY: Don’t persist on the unhappy things, think more about the happy things and maintain a positive mentality. Put in all your focus at work, then go find some good food and relax after work. 

Q: In real variety show, did it show the real you?
YY: In <Divas 2>, that is how I am in real life.

Q: What moments make you feel filled with happiness, aside from the soup your mum cooks.
YY: The pillow fight at the streets of London. When I was watching the show, I felt really fortunate and happy.

Q: When you return home during the Lunar New Year, do your relatives ask about how much you earn each month?
YY: I will tell the truth for elders. I don’t earn by month, haha.

Q: You should have a good luck with opposite gender in private right? Can you teach us a way to reject people?
YY: My character is more mild, tell them as gently as possible. But actually I do not have much experience facing this things.

Q: What do you do if you were asked to drink a lot during gatherings?
YY: My alcohol tolerance is okay, I will just laugh if I am drunk.

Q: What type of alcohol has the most impact on you?
YY: Beer, I can only drink one~two bottles at once, at most three. (T/N Hahahaha and he says his alcohol tolerance is okay XDDDD I wanna go for drinking with him XDD) 

Q: From boy to man, what is point that indicates maturity?
YY: Thinking more for others, not adding more trouble.

Q: In real life, can you enjoy loneliness like Zhang QiLin from <The Lost Tomb>?
YY: To be honest, no. Will my fans reduce?

Q: Haha, if someone were to introduce girls to you, what are your conditions?
YY: Filial, good character.

Q: You won’t get rushed to marry yet right? Do you know when did your parents get married?
YY: Oh my! I think it was in the 90s, or is it 80s, anyways, my parents gave birth to me when they were around 28.

Q: Who do you idolize most?
YY: My parents.

Q: Is there any couple that you are envious of?
YY: I long for a relationship that is like Huang XiaoMing and Angelababy, with the guy being warm and caring.

Q: 24 hours per day is already not enough to use, what happens if you have a girlfriend?
YY: If I have a girlfriend in the future, I will set aside time to accompany her.

Q: Would you pursue, or even confess, if you have someone you like?
YY: I am more sensitive, I would want to know the person more before deciding.

Q: In your opinion, when deciding how a relationship should go, what is the most important point?
YY: Complementing the characters of both side, or having the same hobbies.

Q: Girls who are active add more points?
YY: Of course, that would be great, we can play tennis together and more.

Q: You gym frequently at the hotel, when you are alone, is it quite lonely even when you listen to music?
YY: That situation almost does not happens, I usually have a trainer guiding beside me.

Q: What conditions should “true love” consist of?
YY: When you are busy with work regularly, lack of communication, or lost of contact in a while should not affect the relationship. True friendship and love should be like in the past when you meet once again. 

Q: Do anyone bring their kids when you are out for class gatherings?
YY: Can I say I am waiting for that day? Haha.

Q: Lastly, is there anything else you want to say?
YY: Wishing everyone a happy White Valentine’s day, I love you all!

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Magazine Trans: 伊周 Femina 20160315 Interview



杨洋 Yang Yang
伊周 Femina 20160315 Interview

Q: You managed to shop at Paris this time?
YY: Very satisfied. I didn’t expect to shop so much on the first day. I thought it would be the same as the previous trip, where I was so busy I didn’t have the chance to shop. I usually do not have time to shop as I am very busy at work. I really hoped to buy some things for friends and family.

Q: Are you generous when buying things?
YY: As long as I like it, I will buy it immediately, no hesitation! 

Q: This isn’t like a Virgo’s character!
YY: Yeah (laugh). Actually sometimes I will be in a dilemma too, but when I see something I really like, I will be decisive and buy it.

Q: Will you elaborately dress up before heading out? Since fans might see you.
YY: I won’t. Because my usual condition is good too, there is not much difference from the me on-screen. I was recognized yesterday while shopping, actually maintaining your natural self is the best.

Q: Who do you think is a fashion guru?
YY: Tom Ford, a great fashion designer like him.

Q: Would you mind clashing outfit with someone else?
YY: It is a kind of fate to clash outfit. If anyone happen to clash outfit when meeting, let’s just take a picture together.

Q: You have romance scenes with Crystal Liu in <Three Lifetimes>, but everyone knows that in real life Song Seung-Heon and her is dating, will you get restrained when acting?
YY: Of course not, you have to get into the scenes when you are acting. I think this is an actor’s basic attainment, there will not be such concerns. It is just acting, even if you have any discomfort you have to let it go.

Q: What do you feel about your performance of <Father & Son> at CCTV New Year’s Gala?
YY: I happen to be filming father scenes when learning this song, I experienced the happiness of seeing a child grow. I feels intriguing when I then see the lyrics and all at once get into a change of identity.

Q: Do you think you look better in period costume or modern costume?
YY: To be honest, both are good. Modern costume is just like the me in life. Period costume is another side where people don’t usually see, with more of a heroic spirit. 

Q: Let’s say you are living in the ancient period, what kind of person would you be?
YY: I could be a brave and fierce general, full of righteousness and dominance.

Q: You are an elite in <Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile>, do you find this character enjoyable?
YY: I think my looks is sometimes dominant and sometimes gentle, like what my fans say I have a face that changes, maybe I look cute today but when I style my hair up I will have a dominant look. This character fulfilled my wish of acting as someone who is dominant and strong. The character Xiao Nai is a little sly and a little funny.

Q: Do you usually read or watch the romance genre?
YY: I did when I was young. Like Korean dramas, <Love Story in Harvard> and <Full House>.

Q: So you had these fantasy dreams before too?
YY: Yes when I was young, but as I grew up and step into this industry, I stopped watching these instead. 

Q: At this era where looks are important, how do you look upon this issue?
YY: I think being suave cannot just depend on looks. There should be your character, your qualities, which makes people go ‘this is yang yang’ when they see you. When you only have the looks, it is easily forgettable. 

Q: Are there any special treatments because of your looks?
YY: There are more people who like me, fans follow closely to my news, this is the special treatment. But I also do not think that I will lose a part of my fans if I don’t look as good, because I do have inner beauty.

Q: White Valentine’s is near, how are you spending this day?
YY: This White Valentine’s Day will be a little special, I will be in Shanghai, spending it with Guerlain and my fans.

Q: Girls will be the ones giving gifts during White Valentine’s, did you receive any during your school days?
YY: Nope, I really did not receive gifts from girls, maybe people thought I am hard to talk to.

Q: You spent your new year at work again this year?
YY: Yes. I think it is nice to spend it on filming site, there are many people accompanying me,

Q: Do you look forward to receiving gifts?
YY: Of course, no one would say no for gifts.

Q: What gift do you want the most?
YY: For me, I don’t need any necessities. Instead of the gift itself, I care more about the sincerity. 

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Magazine Translation: 风度 Men’s Uno 2016 Mar Q&A



杨洋 Yang Yang
风度 Men’s Uno 2016 Mar Q&A

Q: Can you briefly introduce your recent works?
YY: I am still continuing my work from last year, filming <Three Lifetimes> in Beijing. This is a romance film in fantasy genre. I am filming some important scenes from the finale recently and it is more packed with action scenes.

Q: Your duet with Tong Tie-Xin on the CCTV New Year’s Gala has been a hot issue on the net. When did you confirm your attendance for the show?
YY: I received the invitation after I returned from Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and I went through six rehearsals. I was very delighted to be able to stand on the Gala stage with this performance. The rehearsal schedule was arranged tightly, I had to wake up at 5,6AM for filming, then change my outfit and head to CCTV in the afternoon, and return back to hotel at 10PM. I also had to practice singing during my rest times, but everything was worth it.

Q: As someone who has a dancer background but has acting as main profession, you not only sang at the CCTV Gala but also filmed a music video specially for this song. Have you considered developing into more professions?
YY: I am now! My main profession is definitely acting, and the prefix to my name will only be ‘actor’, but I do have contact and challenges in other works like singing and other fashion works, it is always good to try out more things. 

Q: <Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile> will be airing during summer this year, what surprise would you bring in this drama?
YY: The most special thing about this drama is having both modern college scenes and in-game scenes at the same time, so I will have modern outfit and period costume in this drama.

Q: How do you look upon being an idol?
YY: I feel that only having good acting skills and showing your strength, then can you not be replaced easily and be a real idol of the era. 

Q: Are you an enthusiast of 2D-Characters? (T/N: example: anime, manga, games etc)
YY: I like gaming more, other impressions of anime and manga are stopped at when I was young. 

Q: Do you have any hobbies aside from work?
YY: Gym, listening to songs, and gaming.

Q: What do you think the Yang Yang in fans’ eyes is like? What kind of Yang Yang do they look forward to see?
YY: That definitely is a perfect one, haha! They should want to see the other side of me which is not shown before. 

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Magazine Translation: SIZE 潮流生活 2016 Mar Interview



杨洋 Yang Yang
SIZE 潮流生活 2016 Mar Interview

Q: What is your overall feel about the Paris trip.
YY: This is my first trip to Paris, my second time attending Men’s Fashion Week, I feel a lot more relaxed as compared to last year, I adapt better to the Fashion Week atmosphere, and I have more time to walk around in Paris, taking magazine photo shoots, shopping, and tasting food. 

Q: The brand and designer that left the deepest impression on you during the Paris Men’s Fashion Week.
YY: Definitely Dior Homme and designer Mr. Kris Van Assche. The design and show arrangement had a great impact on me, I was attracted to the red-black theme and cool electronic music right when I stepped into the show venue. The suits from this season is just as exquisite and neat, the fitting and accessories also fuses a casual style, and the knitted hat is one of the product that I had the deepest impression.

Q: Which brand and style suits you.
YY: I like Dior Homme suits; The exquisite tailoring, elegant design, and special details make it suitable for different kinds of events. In less formal occasions, I like all kinds of clothing with casual style. During this season, I wear more coordination of sweater, long pants, sports shoes and coat.

Q: Your views on trendy fashion outfits.
YY: Street fashion gives me a lively feel, I hope to try out if there is any chance since I am still young (laugh). Although I wear more of plain colors, bright trendy coordination seems to suit me too. 

Q: The type of sports shoes which you like the most.
YY: I usually wear low-cut white sports shoes when I head out as it suits many styles. When I gym I like sports shoes which has great color combinations and which both design and features are good. 

Q: The fashion accessory which you like the most.
YY: I have a lot of shoes and hats, and I like to collect shoes the most. 

Q: Which is the style you like the most from the characters you have portrayed.
YY: I prefer my own, haha! Period costume is another thing, In the movie I am filming recently <Three Lifetimes> and the drama that is airing soon <Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile>, I like the different types of period costumes, and I hope it will give everyone a surprise. 

Q: How do you like girls to dress the most.
YY: Simple and elegant, but it is also not necessarily, it is still most important that it suits you.

Q: Tell us a secret about you.
YY: I will mumble non stop about my lines when reading the drama script, accompanied by different tones and expressions, I act with myself.

Q: What other important plans do you have for this year?
YY: Uhn, this is a secret I can’t say yet.

Q: Lastly, what do you want to tell the readers.
YY: Hello the readers of <SIZE潮流生活>, I am very happy to be able to try out different styles of street fashion during this magazine photo shoot, and I would also like to thank all of you for your interest, hope everyone would continue to support my works, and continue to support <SIZE潮流生活>!

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Magazine Translation: 芭莎男士 Harper’s Bazaar Men Style 2016 Apr Q&A



杨洋 Yang Yang
芭莎男士 Harper’s Bazaar Men Style 2016 Apr Q&A

Q: The characters you have portrayed, for example Bao Yu from the start, then there was Xu Yi and Zhang Qi-Lin who was loved by all, are important time frames in your life that cannot be ignored. So which works have the most significance to you?
YY: I think each of my works are successful in meaning. Because I am working on my acting skills for each character, so each works could make me change, they are all significant to me. 

Q: Do you think acting is a easy thing now?
YY: Of course not. Especially when I just started acting, I did not have any professional knowledge nor experience, neither do I have a concrete concept towards acting; In addition the people around me were all staffs, there were many times where you would feel sorry towards others when you could not act well - they accompany you over and over again which makes you more stressed instead. After that I slowly got more experience, got more confident, and it would gradually turn out better as you grow further. 

Q: What preparations have you done before for performance?
YY: I would ask the people around me to record each scenes that I have acted, and I would replay after acting to find my own problem. I also found teacher to teach me when I worked really hard for performance, and also to ensure I could match the different skills each character needs, for example swimming and driving etc, I would raise the level of my skills. I think I am suitable for acting, I knew how to drive when I was young and I can drive in manual mode, I was very good at swimming when I was young, then after my dancing is pretty good too. Subsequently I became an actor and although I would make mistakes sometimes, I could accept it quickly when people tell me, and I could make a change. I am someone like this. 

Q: There are many times where you have to wait on drama set, what do you like to do to pass the waiting time?
YY: Just rest quietly, or sit beside the director, basically watching the monitor.

Q: The work schedule is so tight recently, and you accepted so many interviews, are there any conversations that inspires you? 
YY: Conversations? I will not have heart-to-heart talks usually, not with them (the staffs from his team) (laugh). Actually I am not someone who can chat well, I always prove myself using actions. I think I don’t work well with words, it has been like this since young. There is a child acting as my son now, he knows how to talk well, and you would really like him and not feel awkward. I joked on set that my conversing was worse when I was young and I did not dare to speak, I say if I could speak like him I would be invincible! 

Q: Do you think your current condition is nearer to being a man or boy?
YY: I think I have the calmness a man has and the pureness a boy has, a position in between. In the stage of transforming from a boy to men, I definitely hope I could stay longer in this period, because everyone would want to remain at their best condition, but often this period always passes the fastest. 

Q: Tell us your opinion regarding what divides a boy and man.
YY: In my heart the image of the best man is definitely my dad, I think my dad is a special man. A man should have responsibilities, must know how to protect the people around him; For boy… actually is around the same, it is a progressing process, a process to knowing being rebellious or not. 

Q: It seems that there isn’t any traces of rebellious stage in your growing process, and even hard to see any negativity. Are they hidden or is it because your emotions break out internally? 
YY: My rebellious stage is only rebelling with myself, sometimes I will get vexed. Now I am a public figure, I feel quite tired when I have negative thoughts sometimes, after all I am a human and it is impossible to have no emotions, but I can only let myself digest it. Actually I do not have much times where I am unhappy, my unhappiness is also just not speaking to anyone or forgetting after a few minutes. 

Q: What could trigger your negativity? 
YY: Maybe when I feel that things were not planned properly. This is related to when I was studying at the military school, I think that you should always plan in advance when doing things. No matter what there should be a rule, I might feel uncomfortable if things were not arranged properly, because many things could be prevented.

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Magazine Translation: 红秀 Grazia 2016 Apr Q&A



杨洋 Yang Yang
红秀 Grazia 2016 Apr Q&A

Q: Will you deliberately maintain your figure?
YY: When I was filming <Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile>, I thought it would look better on screen if I was leaner, so I deliberately made myself thinner and did not eat. But I don’t know what happened recently, my appetite in <Three Lifetimes> increased, I was lazy and ate a lot, the food on the filming set was good too, and I grew fatter. I don’t really want to be too thin now, it is better to be a little chubbier, haha, because it does not show on screen actually. 

Q: Do you gym everyday?
YY: Basically yes, but recently I do not have much chances to, getting lazy as the weather gets colder. (Do you practice dance basic training everyday?) I can work less on this now as I have an innate talent for dancing, thank you god.

Q: Any tips on your skincare?
YY: I am born with it, and it is not bad, but I will definitely apply mask, and I will also purchase skincare products that are better. I have never thought of taking care of my skin in the past, until when I heard from the people around me that I should take good care of my face, after all I have to depend on my face for work, and they say what if your face sags if you don’t take good care of it? In the past I thought my looks would not have any problems even when I reach my thirties, but after hearing these I got a little nervous and decided I should take note, just in case.

Q: For this trip to Paris, did you reserve some time for yourself?
YY: I kept telling them everyday that I want to shop, so the first thing I did when I reached Paris this morning was to head straight for the shops to shop around, and buy some things for my family. But actually I rarely leave time for myself to shop when I am at work. 

Q: Did you choose the outfit you wore for the fashion show? 
YY: Yes, the brand would give you different choices, I would ask them to let me try out the one I chose, then ask for everyone’s opinion and choose the set which is most suitable.  

Q: How do you wear normally off-screen?
YY: In private there is more individuality, I would wear something more simple, more comfortable, and maybe more of a sporty look for summer, and coat for winter, and also boots. At work there will be a stylist, and I will communicate with the stylist on how to coordinate. 

Q: What is the effective way to promote your acting skills?
YY: Watching more of different kinds of movies.

Q: What considerations have you had when participating in <Divas 2>?
YY: I did not think too much, I just felt that it would be fun. I also thought before that participating in this program would allow more people to see me, know me,  and see the side of me in life. I have never thought that after I went… so many things would happen on me, for example losing my luggage in London and wearing only a thin clothing, it was very cold in London at that time and it was a rainy day. 

Q: What plans do you have for the future?
YY: I would go with the flow, I have never thought what exactly I should do next, because you would never know what would happen the next moment. In short, cherish the moment, grab hold of what you currently have, and put in your heart to do everything.

Q: What do you usually do with your friends in private?
YY: Actually I am not as fortunate in this area, because my friends, my comrades, are not with me as they are still in the army while I got into another profession, so we don’t play around much. But everyone would still gather when there is a chance.

Q: What happy things do you do when not at work?
YY: Gaming. When gaming, I would specially study about it and buy different kinds of guides, playing to be the best. Only playing to the best shows how good you are, just like the character I acted as, Xiao Nai. 

Q: Is there any special meaning to your weibo username?
YY: I felt that I should have a special name when I was young, so I added an ‘icon’ behind my name, I thought it is quite stylish, and it seems that everyone likes it too. 

Q: How is your selfie skills?
YY: I don’t really know how to selfie, but I usually look good when I do. (Does this count as showing off?)

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Yang Yang Profile

Name: Yang Yang (杨洋) 
Nickname(s): Miemie (bc Yang = sheep, mie = sheep bleating)
DOB: 1991. 09. 09
POB: Shanghai, China


He was accepted into Shanghai Theatre Academy to major in dance but he chose to go to People’s Liberation Army Arts College(shortened to Jun Yi, located in Haidian district, Beijing, China) instead bc he likes the look of the uniform aye, majoring in classical dance, traditional dance and ballet. Jun Yi is a very difficult school to get in to, some even claim that it’s harder to enter Jun Yi than Beijing Film Academy (which already has one of the lowest enrollment rates in the world.) It’s basically a military school for the arts, so the conditions are also pretty harsh. Most spaces allocated to new students are mostly given to military families. He graduated in 2003 as an ‘arts and literature soldier’.


During his time as a student in Jun Yi, he was known as a 高材生 (extremely good student), and he represented the school in national and international dance competitions. He was also extremely popular among the people (girls) in Beijing art schools.

He was casted as Jiao Baoyu, the male lead of the new drama version of “Dream of the Red Chambers” in 2008.

The most recent dramas he’s in are The Lost Tomb (2015, starring Li Yifeng, Tang Yan, etc) and The Four (2015, starring William Chan, Zhang Han etc). The filming for The Four ended in mid-2013, and Yang Yang’s role is Wu Qing/Emotionless (in the movie version, the role was played by Liu Yifei). He was also in the drama version of Tiny Times in 2014 as Neil.


For movies, the most recent (and probably most hyped up) is The Left Ear where he playsXu Yi (LEAD ROLE YAY). The movie will be released on April 30th 2015 (it’s said that it will be released in North America as well). It is a movie adaptation of Sharon Rao Xueman’s best-selling teen fiction series “The Left Ear” (2005). And by best-selling I literally mean best-selling. There has been about 15 reprints of the book series. Sharon Rao is one of the most popular authors for teen fiction for girls in China. Alec Su directed the movie and Sharon Rao worked on the script.

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[TRANS] Yang Yang - SM Weekly Interview (part 1)

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 湖南卫视芒果捞

“<The Left Ear> made up for the disappointments during my high school days”

About his role
“To tell the truth, a lot of things were imagined.”


SMW: No matter if it’s your appearance or aura, they all suit the aura of the role, this role to you is not much of a challenge?
YY: Actually it’s quite a challenge, I’ve never acted as this type of role before. (Wasn’t your role in <Flower Blooms in Mid-Summer> like that?) I was young during <Flower Blooms>. (You’re also very young now……) hahaha, that time you can say that I didn’t know how to act, not that I can say that I act well now, but when I watch that drama now I was very young, very raw. I feel that certain conditions of Xu Yi are things that I can actually comprehend.

SMW: Because it’s a youth film, it talks about stories of friendship and love on a high school campus, when you acted will you bring in your own experiences?
YY: To tell the truth, everything was imagined.(Nothing was real?) Nothing, because I didn’t have a normal experience in high school. At that time the military school’s everything were strict, that time I also thought about having a rebellious stage like normal students, very free, unrestrained, but I didn’t have that opportunity. Maybe others don’t have my experience.

SMW: When did you start becoming the character Xu Yi?
YY: There’s a scene of me walking out of the school, because in school I’m supposed to be the best looking guy, so when I walked out, Ba La was standing on top of the security hut, basically on top of a balcony waiting for me, she was like XU Yi I love you blah blah, and then the guys and girls were calling out: “Woah, Xu Yi!” At times like this I felt that I was Xu Yi, and that feeling was pretty great.

SMW: Because among these few actors you’re considered one to have debuted the earliest, it’s been about seven years. So will you help them get into character when filming?
YY: Because Little Ear (Chen Duling) sometimes she can’t grasp the condition, and since I’ve acted in some dramas, in front of her I’m considered a senior, she I said a bit more. But once I harmed her instead, I was telling her that this was how you were supposed to act, but after that the director went ahead and scolded her, saying how can you act like this etc etc, after that I never dared to give advise again. Hahaha……

SMW: At the filming location did the director teach the actors very fiercely?
YY: Yes, the director is strict, very strict, very dedicated, often in a dilemma, his temper was really big. He let it out of all of us before, I actually think that he wasn’t that bad towards me.

SMW: You’ve acted in so many dramas, most of your roles are pretty much the sorrowful kind, it’s like most of them didn’t have a happy ending……
YY: Yeah, after Baoyu everything were basically sad roles, and those girls I act with are usually against me (character). My roles in dramas are all tragic, never met the perfect love. Emotionless didn’t either, Emotionless was actually worse. Everyone else were coupled together, but in the end I was there alone blowing my bamboo flute.

SMW: So will you anticipate a complete love story to act in?
YY: Of course I do, because my roles have always been so tragic so tortured, really want to act as a kind that’s very happy-go-lucky, (a drama) where you see the two and feel that they’re so beautiful and joyful.

SMW: What sort of roles do you want to take on right now?
YY: Actually in my bones I still want to act in the more harsh dramas, a masculine man, stuff like that, because my own personality, in my bones, I’m still quite rigid and manly.

SMW: Everyone’s impression of little fresh meat is that, they just have to be handsome and cute.
YY: I don’t think there’s a clash there, my appearance can be harsh too. My masculine man role may need to wait quite a few years, right now I’ll still go with the flow.

[TRANS] Yang Yang - SM Weekly Interview (part 2)

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 湖南卫视芒果捞 |Part 1

About youth
“I don’t actually know what sort of person I am”


SMW: To many people, learning dance is tough and tiring, and there are very few guys who would choose to learn dance. What sort of coincidence caused you to become interested in learning dance?
YY: It’s actually a coincidence, when I was young I liked dancing. My parents wanted to enroll me into a few more interest classes, so after that I just went to learn it. Once my teacher choreographed a dance outside, and there was a kid who was sick, so I took his place, after that my teacher said that the feeling when I was dancing was pretty good. There’s a school I could go to, basically after I graduated I could try it out.

SMW: So it’s not like how everyone imaged, as a pretty boy, your high school campus life should be rich and colourful?
YY: Not like that, although when I was schooling my studies were okay, and there were girls who liked me, and I thought my major was good, I looked quite okay as well. But it was still different from a normal school. Actually I actually want that, if I could do it one more time, i really want to experience a normal school life.

SMW: So did this movie fulfill your dream?
YY: It did, it made up for the things I couldn’t do during my high school days. I feel that acting as Xu Yi, actually these few roles like Zhang Yang and Xu Yi, I felt that Xu Yi was the one I really wanted to place, because his contrast in the beginning and later on are quite drastic, there are changes. In the beginning he was obedient, but later on he really changed, sometimes I can act cool.

SMW: Is the Xu Yi in the beginning more like you are the Xu Yi later on?
YY: Actually both are quite similar, actually I myself don’t know how I am like, I don’t understand myself well either.

SMW: In military school it’s very strict, is it just like how we imaged it, doing things according to the prescribed order day after day?
YY: Yes. The things other people experienced, I didn’t, but what I experienced others haven’t. I think it really trains the person, it’s not like other little kids where they grew up being sheltered by their parents, I came out very early to train myself, living together with my comrades.

SMW: So actually your real youth was quite rule-abiding, have you ever rebelled?
YY: I have, but my method was different from others. My rebellion was going against myself, sometimes I feel stifled, but I won’t talk to others, really was me digesting it all by myself.

SMW: What did you go against yourself about?
YY: This isn’t easy to say, I don’t know either, back then everyday studying like that was monotonous, because at that time I had the thought of playing, but I couldn’t, and the work and rest schedules were very strict, so these all piled up in my emotions, so sometimes I’d go to the training room to release the pent up frustrations.

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[TRANS] Yang Yang - SM Weekly Interview (part 3)

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 湖南卫视芒果捞 |Part 1 Part 2

About relationships
“In my bones I’m actually a very chauvinistic person.”


SMW: Were scenes about relationships imagined, or can you only be invested (in the role) if you had a real relationship experience?
YY: It’s imagined as well, so I felt that I was pretty tragic. When I was acting in the role I really brought myself in, because in the film I like Bala, so the first time I met Bala, I really had that kind of feelings, it’s also a small attraction towards me, after that I went with that feeling, plus some of the informationI found myself, and some help from the director, I could (complete) it.

SMW: Are you one of those actors who really didn’t have a relationship in real life?
YY: I did, of course I had. (Was it the pure love on a high school campus, the kind that makes your heart run?) I didn’t have one when I was in high school. (So after that?) Yeah, after that.

SMW: Are girls like Bala the type to attract you?
YY: Yes, actually I was quite attracted. Because back then my school was closed-off, had no interaction with society, later on when you meet a girl who can allure you and sometimes tease you, you’d think, woah, it’s different.

SMW: Is your personality more masculine, or more cute like how everyone refers to you as Yang Miemie?
YY: In my bones, I’m pretty chauvinistic. I hope that when I plans something, everyone else will listen to me. I can’t say that I’m active, but, I’m still active.

SMW: Are you the type in reality where he is kabe doned, or the one who kabe dons others?
YY: Of course I kabe don others.

SMW: You’re going to join in <Divas on the Road> soon, before that your senior Zhang Han warned you to not be “too real”, did you absorb his lessons based on his experience?
YY: I’m very familiar with Han-ge, when I was watching the first season I felt that it was totally himself, but when he told me to not be too real, actually my heart paused slightly. Because if I’m too familiar with everyone, sometimes I can’t play too wildly, if not there will be unexpected things that may happen.

SMW: What did you prepare?
YY: As a guy, i think that it’s quite easy packing a luggage, there’s nothing much to it. But the process of preparing is quite tedious, about strategies, I prepare them myself, I’d think a bit more about that. I want this, but I don’t want to not bring that, I’m quite greedy. (Then just bring along a few more luggages.) If I bring more I still have to hold them myself, basically I’m just going there as labour, I’ve prepared myself to serve (the older sisters).

SMW: This year is the year where your fame suddenly shoots through the roof, such an extent of attention from the outside world, will you feel pressurized?
YY: Of course there will be pressure, especially when your work hasn’t been released yet, when everyone else is already anticipating, I feel that the pressure is even heavier. But I feel that every film I really put my heart into acting, so I don’t think there’s anything to regret. I hope for everyone to see my growth.

[TRANS] Yang Yang - SM Weekly Interview (part 4)

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 湖南卫视芒果捞 |Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You thought it was over?
Actually there are still the following high quality replies……


Q: As a 90s kid, when you see director Alec Su, will you immediately think of “Ah, Wu Ah Ge”?
A: Of course, (watched his drama growing up) of course I watched, back then it was so popular, my allowance were all spent on buying cards and stickers of Wu Ah Ge and Little Swallow, stuck them on my pencil case. It was filled, even filled my books.

Q: Why do your fans call you “old cadre”? Do you like this name?
A: I don’t like it. Because no matter how much I resemble one, my condition now should be far away from “old cadre” at the moment.

Q: Why do they call you “old cadre”?
A: Because once upon a time, I had really long hair, didn’t trim it or make it look nice, plus I wore a green suit, at that time I even felt like I became a lot older, so that day I posted on weibo, many people started calling me “old cadre”, at the moment I almost vomited blood.

Q: So you didn’t actually enjoy this nickname?
Q: I feel that it’s quite cute, it’s like my own personal label. Because sometimes I’d do some old-fashioned things.

Q: So you’re not the type to cry while watched sad movies at home?
Q: I’m not, very rarely, maybe just once or twice, when I was watching a movie I felt very horrible, it’s the Korean <Miracle in Cell No. 7>.

Q: If I gave you two minutes to leave the house, which part of you will you clean up before stepping out?
A: Hairstyle. (So you’re the type where your head can fall but your hairstyle can’t be messy)Basically.

Q: Then what are your hobbies when you’re at home? Are you the quiet pretty boy who has to do splits and practice every day?
A: I’ll stay at home peacefully, go on the internet, sometimes if I really have nothing to do, I’d play some games, or else I’d exercise, stuff like that.

Q: Aside from being the black hole in games, what are you not good at doing?
A: Stuff like cooking.

Q: Aside from dancing, what else are you good at?
A: I’m good at driving. I like stuff like racing.

Q: What are some of your mortal enemies or things that you’re afraid of?
A: I’m scared of insects, those that have a lot of legs. For example, cockroaches.

Q: What if your girlfriend is also scared of these?
A: What else can I do? If the two of us are both scared, I’d of course be the one handling it.

Q: To your fans, their male god is you, what were your male gods and goddess like once upon a time?

A: I started liking Gong Li and Chow Yun-fat when I was very young. (They’re all the style of old, experience artists.) So this about me is quite “old cadre” style.

Q: Are you at the stage where you want to be in a proper relationship? Or are you at the stage where you want to be settled down in work?
A: Settled down in work.

Q: Will you share your first love story? Like when it happened?
A: I’ll say it when I want to. (A lot of people will say that it happened in kindergarten.) Yes, I had them in kindergarten. Hahaha……

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[TRANS] Yang Yang ND Daily Interview (part 1)

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 南方都市报 20150426 | Requested post 


As Xu Yi who has both light and dark sides, Yang Yang is just like all of you, feeling regretful for his ending, wanting to write a fulfilling end for him himself. For all of you who launch into explosive screaming whenever Xu Yi appeared on screen in cinemas, he stated that he received it, but when his family went to watch the movie, they weren’t dazzled by his handsomeness on screen, “they’re already used to how handsome I am!”

On the first day when he met the older sisters, Yang Yang told them, “you guys can just treat and use me like a slave”!

The “Xu Yi” who dazzled the audience with his handsomeness
Q: Were your family dazzled by how handsome you are?
A: My parents watched me grow up, they’re already used to my handsomeness!

ND Daily (shortened to ND): Do you think there are any similar traits of Xu Yi and you?
YY: I think he’s a stubborn person, I also have very stubborn parts. Especially when I want to do something, when I want to do it well. Sometimes when I’m not in a good mood, I could have used a simpler way to solve it, but I’d stubbornly use my own method to do so……
ND: Even when others advise you, it doesn’t work?
YY: Eh, very difficult……

ND: Give an example of your stubbornness?
YY: When I was younger back in school, I was even more stubborn. Back then the school separated students into two groups, one with school fees paid by the government, one where you have to pay your own fees, I thought that my condition wasn’t inferior to students with school fees paid by the government, so I had to be the top student in class!
ND: So did you become the top student in class?
YY: Yes I did, it happened in the second year.

ND: Fans watched <The Left Ear>, they think that your enunciation became a lot better, how did you practice usually? Practice with tongue twisters? 
YY: Last time I’d take time out to practice things like tongue twisters, but that became less frequent, haha. Now I think I watch more films, and I’d learn from teachers in advance, ask them to fix my script.

ND: What sort of films do you like to watch?
YY: American sci-fi, action, war films.

ND: Did your family go and watch <The Left Ear>?
YY: My parents, older brother and sister already watched it yesterday.

ND: What did they think of it?
YY: After my parents watched it yesterday, I called them immediately. But they chatted about other things first, and I felt a bit urgent, haha. I said, after you guys watched the movie, aren’t you going to talk about how you guys feel? And then they were like “Oh yeah yeah yeah”, saying “it was quite good”, “feels different from other roles you used to watch”, it felt really good.

ND: Were they dazzled by your handsomeness?
YY: My parents watched me grow up, they’re already used to my handsomeness!

ND: Did they tell you that, every time Xu Yi appeared, there will be screams all over the cinema hall?
YY: Eh……I think they mentioned it…….(shy)

Killing all high schoolers in flash, “uniform sheep(Yang)”

Q: Wearing a school uniform so handsomely, do you have any secrets?
A: Because I was exercising back then, my chest was quite perky. When I put on the uniform, it didn’t look like what a high schooler should look like……the shoulders and chest part of the top were very tight.

As “school uniform male god”, Yang Yang doesn’t think that high school uniforms are ugly at all, instead he thinks that since he’s exercising, his chest and shoulder muscles were more developed, it spoiled the beauty of the uniform, “when I put on the uniform, it didn’t look like what a high schooler should look like……the shoulders and chest part of the top were very tight.” Although when he looks at himself in the mirror when he doesn’t have any pimples, he’d be dazzled by his own handsomeness, but he never thought about getting insurance for his face before, because whenever he gets an injury on his face, his inner thoughts are that he hoped he was a capable actor not relying on his looks……

Q: Wearing a school uniform so handsomely, do you have any secrets?
A: There aren’t actually much secrets, haha. I’ve never actually worn a high school uniform, when I was in military school I always wore the military uniform. So a normal campus life like high school and university are things I like, really want to experience once, so you can say that <The Left Ear> made up for the regrets of last time.

ND: When you got the uniform, did you like it……didn’t you think it was ugly?
YY: I didn’t think it was ugly, haha. Yes, because I was exercising back then, my chest was quite perky. When I put on the uniform, it didn’t look like what a high schooler should look like……the shoulders and chest part of the top were very tight, felt like it was hugging my body. After that the staff had to change the size and alter it for me.

ND: Yes, when an average high school student wears their uniform, they’d think of ways to alert it, to make it look less ugly……what about you, do you have any sneaky tips?
YY: Just don’t wear it too stiffly! The buttons at the collar, I won’t button them all up, I’ll at least let two be free, others I won’t think too much.

ND: How did you train your muscles?
YY: Push-ups! And at home I have a small equipment hanging on the door, you can do any sort of moves with it.

ND: Like the male god “hanging training belt” that Li Jian used in <I Am A Singer>?
YY: Yes yes yes, that’s the one, haha.

ND: How many push-ups do you do per day?
YY: After I wake up, I’d do about 30. At critical times, I’d do some in a rush!

ND: What are “critical times”?
YY: When filming passionate scenes, then I’ll surely do some (push-ups)……

ND: In <Divas> when you touched down in London, you were looking at mirrors the whole way, you were like that when you first got onto the plane! If you weren’t allowed to look into the mirror, how long can you last?
YY: (stubborn) Is it? Am I like that? I didn’t discover that I was like that……

ND: The cameras caught you!
YY: Oh, ai yah……
YY: (continues to be stubborn) I didn’t really look into mirrors, yes, I didn’t feel that, I won’t look into the mirror when I have thing to do?

ND: You fix your hair, you’re always fixing your hair
YY: No, I think that hairstyle is actually very important…….

ND: If you’re asked to fix your hair, how long can you last?
YY: Eh, I guess it’s according to your own psychological status, I feel that if I dozed off, and my hair feels off, or if my hair is blown into a mess, I’d look into a mirror for a moment, actually just to organise it…… (weakening voice)

ND: When you’re looking into the mirror, will you be dazzled by your own handsomeness?
YY: To tell the truth, I’ll be dazzled by my own handsomeness, it’s when I don’t have pimples.
ND: Then have you considered getting insurance for your face? 
YY: Ah, I haven’t thought about it yet, but about getting insurance for my face, I feel that it is time! Yes, you really reminded me! Back when I was filming <Tomb>, I think I injured my face, but I didn’t even think about it then! Because in my heart I hoped that I was a capable actor that doesn’t rely on his face……

A “stalkerish sheep” that love to “submerge”
Q: What areas do you stalk?
A: Wherever they’re talking bad about me, I monitor them all the time. For example calling me an old cadre, it’s them who are constantly saying it, hmph hmph.

As a “stalkerish sheep” who loves to “submerge” on weibo to survey his fans, Yang Yang admits that he himself constantly “stalks”.

ND: Why did you ask fans to post their selcas?
YY: Been out for so long, when I got back I missed them, wanted to see them. I missed them~!

ND: Are you choosing a wife?
YY: Oh~ choose one from the hundreds, haha.

ND: Why is it that when all your fans posted photos, you yourself flipped mango (HNTV)’s signboard?
YY: Just thought it was interesting, hahaha.

ND: After seeing the photos, what did you think? How do you feel about there being so many handsome male fans and pretty girls among your fans?
YY: Everyone was very active, very cute, all kinds. Some really posted their own photos. I feel that next time I can interact with everyone like this, quite interesting.

ND: Male fans showcasing their selcas are very handsome, do you feel pressurized?
YY: Male fans posting selcas? How come I’ve never seen it.

ND: What have you been doing despite being on weibo all the time? What is the daily life like for you stalking fans?
YY: Let them guess! I’ve already drowned after coming back on weibo, so after I come back it’s stalking.

The “second younger brother” that accompanied older sisters on a far away journey

As the “second younger brother” in a self-sufficient reality travel show with older sisters, he admitted that when he lost his luggage in London, in his heart he was almost breaking down, but the mini washboard in his luggage, it’s really not for kneeling on, it’s for the detailed Virgo man to wash his socks.

ND: When you’re traveling, what was the one thing you didn’t think of that will baffle you?
YY: The first day when I reached London, I lost my luggage…… my luggage gives me a sense of security, after that I had nothing. For example my clothes, originally planned on going out to say, I can dress nicely. When I lost my luggage, my feelings for the whole trip was ruined.

ND: On the night you lost your luggage, you were alone in your room thinking with your head in your palms……what were you thinking then?
YY: Back then in my heart I was almost breaking down! Because I didn’t expect it to happen, and I didn’t know what else to do. I’m not a person who warms up to others very easily, so when I had to borrow things from the older sisters, I really didn’t know what to do.

ND: This crazy trip, how did you fare with the sisters?
YY: We took care of each other, I do the things a man should do, the sisters did stuff a woman should do. The first day I met them, on the car I told them to treat and use me like a slave.

ND: When you went, why did you bring a mini washboard?
YY: It’s been my complex since young. When I washed clothes when I was younger, I’d use a washboard. Because I liked to be clean, for example socks, I just wanted to wash them so that they’re super clean, extremely white, don’t want a single bit of dirt on them.

ND: So you didn’t bring it along to kneel on it?
YY: Yeah, brought it to wash socks. Before this I said before, if I did something wrong I can kneel on it. But this time round I don’t think I did anything really wrong, hahaha!

ND: But in <The Left Ear> you have passionate scenes, this time you have to kneel on a washboard right?
YY: Ah! I feel that this……fans can understand. Before this scene, actually I rejected.

[TRANS] Yang Yang ND Daily Interview (part 2)

Trans: epikey@tumblr | Source: 南方都市报 20150426 | Requested post | Part 1


A shy “red-eared sheep”

As a “shy sheep” whose ears will burn during a kiss scene, and a person who rejected the passionate scene at first, Yang Yang felt incredulous that fans could pick out that his ears were red, about you guys preparing washboards and durians, can we discuss about that? “Durians for me to kneel on? Then can I eat them before I kneel?……”

ND: In <The Left Ear> you finally have a kiss scene, and a provocative passionate scene, what do you want to say to the script writer?
YY: Cough cough, actors should……like……actors should try all sorts of roles! I feel that this character Xu Yi, for me, is a challenge and a break through. Before I never had roles like this. I myself wanted to try, see if I can get into a condition.

ND: After you were kissed by Bala, your ears really turned red, is this a normal reaction?
YY: Back then……aiyah……the first time there’s a camera there……although I’ve acted in some dramas, but it’s the first time I’ve been in something like this, I didn’t know what to do then. Yes, of course…… of course…… natural reaction…… same as the plot. I’ve never acted in a scene like this, kissing and stuff…… so I didn’t know what to do…… sigh, can you still see the red ear?

ND: Yes. I heard that as long as girls go near you, your ears will go red?
YY: Girls near me……um……I think so? I don’t know either. I didn’t take notice of myself, my attention will be on the girl, how will I know if my ears burn or not?

ND: How many takes did it take for this scene to pass?
YY: Over quite soon, one or two NGs.

ND: Before you film a passionate scene, what do you think about?
YY: If my fans can accept it? Will everyone unfollow me? Stuff like this, hahaha.

ND: To tell the truth, why didn’t you take off your clothes during the passionate scene, instead you were so tidy?
YY: Actually in the script it’s a bed scene, I requested to the director saying that it’s really hard for me to accept this scene, so they changed the most provocative parts. The director held a meeting telling everyone that this scene is vital, but now they changed it to this……when I was acting, I couldn’t relax at all, it was very awkward.

ND: What were you thinking then?

YY: Didn’t think of anything, just wanted to be done with it quickly. The more you think about it the more nervous you’ll be, if you’re slightly more open then maybe you’ll pass with just one take, but for such scenes I couldn’t relax, so it took three or four takes, I kept sweating.

  • ND: Next time when you’re acting will you reject performances that are too provocative?


YY: I think this really depends on the script and plot, I won’t say that I cannot act, since I am an actor. I also really want to try different roles.

ND: Aren’t you afraid that your fans will stage a rebellion?
YY: Hahaha, before filming I’d post on weibo to inform everyone first, make sure they’re vaccinated.

ND: Since you’ve already filmed it, for the fans, durians or washboard, choose one?
YY: Durians or washboard? Is the durian for me to eat? (For you to kneel on.) Durian for me to kneel on? Then can I eat it first before I kneel?

Hey! The “wool” (fans) on the bank of Daming Lake!

Lastly, Yang Yang will be caressing the fans on the bank of Daming Lake (a famous saying from My Fair Princess), for his 3 million weibo followers benefit, it will be a big surprise, about his “over 90 selcas”, he said they’ll appear slowly, because you guys, are with him for life. “I can’t give them all at one go, if not they may leave, hahaha.” Such a witty sheep!

ND: You once said in interviews that you’ll be attracted to girls like Bala, but in shows you’ve also said that you like obedient girls…… so what is your type? The fans asked, how to marry you?

YY: This is……it’s a riddle, hahaha. I like to go by feelings, I can’t be specific, just go with the flow.

ND: The greatest age difference you can accept is?
YY: Hahaha, just about 4 years. At first I felt that maybe this isn’t good, maybe I can’t accept it, but now I’m just going with the flow. If it really comes, if I really like her, then it’s unavoidable.

ND: Have you been confessed to by a guy before?
YY: Me? Really haven’t yet. I’m quite baffled by this too, hahahahahahahaha.

ND: Do you really like to eat foie gras? Aside from foie gras, what else do you like to eat?
YY: I’ve liked to eat it since young. When I eat it, I feel satisfaction, I also like chocolate cake a lot.

ND: Aren’t you worried about gaining weight from eating all these?
YY: Work is hard, I have to feed myself well. But then, I feel like this time when I went out to play I gained weight. Because I went out to play, my meals were on schedule, a lot of things overseas aren’t healthy either.

ND: When you’re out to play, will you have an idol package?
YY: Aiya, this time when I went, my idol package shattered all over the floor! Actually in reality I don’t have much of an idol package, but I need to pick it up, hahaha.

ND: Your weibo fans went over 3 million, what sort of benefits are you gifting to your fans?
YY: I have, still thinking about it now. I’m thinking of a very big surprise, but I don’t have details yet.

ND: Heard that you have over 90 selcas, when will it be posted?
YY: I didn’t post it for them yet right? Slowly, they will be with me for life. I can’t give everything at one go, if not they might run away, hahaha.

ND: Fans say that your selca skills are not good, have you practiced it well as they demand?

YY: Aiya, things like taking a selca……fans always say that I tend to make myself look weird……hahaha, my selcas are like this! I guess this is me! I’ve never thought about learning how to take one, every time they see a photo, they’re always happy.

ND: Did you know that to rush you to update your weibo, they’re even copying books?
YY: They are betting on it themselves, that I will update my weibo today. If I didn’t, they’ll do stuff like copy out <The Left Ear> or something, hahaha. I think I saw that a fan really copied a lot.

ND: Will copying books touch you?
YY: It will. Actually before that I don’t really update weibo, but now, I hope that I can bring more happiness to them.

ND: How good are you at weibo now?
YY: I’m still at the stage where I’m not very good at using it……for example, if I want to post a photo I just select it, sometimes I want to post a bit more, when I selected over ten photos, it shows that I can only post nine……haha. At times like that I’d be disappointed, when I want to post some other photos, I discovered that I’ve already hit all 9 photos!

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