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[Thailand Drama 2016] U Prince The Series

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Title: U Prince The Series  (ซีรี่ส์ U-Prince ) Genre : Romance, Drama, Teen, School Official Website: http://www.gmm-tv.com/main.php Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Uprin

well done, kissme, very good presentation (long time no see, my dear ♥). I'm looking forward to it, since there are our dear WWCT and Gust ♥ and also coz it's full of hotties lol. But it's gonna

Well hello everyone! Don't mind me I'm just getting myself sucked into yet another teenage-drama vortex ... No but in all seriousness its nice to see some of my past fellow lovesickos <3 Anyone rem

Handsome Cowboy episode 3 is out with English subs!


And here's the trailer for part 2, Gentle Vet starring Kang Vorakorn & Punpun Sutatta, with special appearance by Kacha Nontanun (the male lead in Lovely Geologist):


Gentle Vet will start on 17 July.

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@airyn The interesting part about Gentle Vet is that Kang's character is a clean freak so he'll constantly be with a cleaning spray :lol:

Yay White & Captain have started filming together! Looks like the production team will film both of their segments together due to time constrain since they're already behind schedule. Fon also has some scenes today. No sign of Jannine yet since she has just wrapped up her segment in Love Songs Love Series today.



More under the cut (warning for possible spoilers):




White, Captain, Fon & Korawit:


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On 7/10/2016 at 8:33 AM, angelangie said:

are most of you up to episode 7? lols i wont talk about it till somehow most of you have watch it to avoid spoiler ^_*


Nope. I watched the trailers but I'm only watching the subbed episodes. Though I kinda can figure out the general storyline from the trailers. It's pretty predictable lol.

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Push, Esther, Mek, White, Victor, Kang and March were at Oishi Series Battle event yesterday. The first five represented Team U-Prince while Kang and March represented Roonpee Secret Love and Lovey-Dovey Series respectively.


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^ Punpun looks like Song Hye Gyo for a little there. :)

Captain (Kiryu), White (Kiran), Fon (Sung) and 2 others I don't recognize on the set of Playful Comm-Arts yesterday:


cr. Captain's instagram (@ccaptainch)

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On 7/19/2016 at 8:43 AM, dpcirizarry123 said:

Does anyone know the name of the book the series is based on?   Are they subbed into English?   Where can they be found?   I would love to read them! 


Jamsai Love Series by Jamsai Publshing if I'm not mistaken. There are 12 volumes in the book series. But I don't think anyone has translated each or any of the volumes.

Handsome Cowboy episode 5 is out with English subs:


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