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How to change signature?



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Yeah, that's kinda tricky to be honest. There are two places where you can change your signature. One is for the website (about me), one for the forum (real signature on forum). Whoever thought that was a good idea....

Anyway, the first one you can find by clicking the downward arrow next to your name in the top right. Click on Profile. Click Edit Profile in the big grey bar on the right side and a popup will show. At the bottom you will find the About Me part where you can enter a signature. Or just anything about you. This will NOT show on your forum post but will be visible if anyone visits your profile.

The second one, and most likely the one you're searching for can be found in the following location. Click the downward arrow next to your name in the top right. Go for Account Settings. Another grey bar, but less big then the previous one, will show you Emailaddresses and Signature. It's the Signature one you want to click (right side again). Just fill that big old box up with whoever you like, or whatever you like, and don't forget to save :).
By the way: you can turn other ppl's signatures off here as well. 

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