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Go Seung Ji

[Movie 2018] The Princess and the Matchmaker 궁합

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The Princess and the Matchmaker

Marital Harmony 궁합







Movie: The Princess and the Matchmaker (English title) - Marital Harmony (literal title)

Revised romanization: Goonghab

Hangul: 궁합

Director: Hong Chang-Pyo

Release Date: February 28, 2018 

Genre: Period / Romantic-Comedy

Distributor: Little Big Pictures



Princess Songhwa (Shim Eun-Kyung) refuses her fate of marrying someone who matches her marital harmony. There are 4 men on her future husband list with different fate signs. Refusing her fate, she decides to leave the palace and find her husband by herself.

Seo Do-Yoon (Lee Seung-Gi) is a person who interprets marital harmony signs. He is very skilled at his craft and, consequently, selected as the one to read the marital harmony signs between Princess Songhwa and the 4 men on her husband list. 



Filming began September 9, 2015, and finished December 23, 2015, in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.



Lee Seung-Gi - Seo Do-Yoon




Shim Eun-Kyung - Princess Songhwa




Yeon Woo-Jin - Shi Kyung





Kim Sang-Kyung - King

Park Sun-Young - Youngbin

Kim Joo-Hun - Yook Son

Kang Min-Hyuk



Choi Woo-Sik




Jo Bok-Rae




Choi Jun-Ho
Han Ji-An














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Will Lee Seung-gi solidify his 'romantic comedy' image with Sim Eun-kyeong?



Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi is working on his second movie, "Match Made in Heaven - Movie" with Sim Eun-kyeong. He's been starring in romantic comedy dramas lately; will he be able to bring out his colors with Sim Eun-kyeong?

"Match Made in Heaven - Movie" is one of the '3 dynamics' by Jupiter Films and is the second series in following "The Face Reader" which was released in 2013. "Match Made in Heaven - Movie" is a romantic comedy historical which looks into the relationship between a man and a woman through marital compatibility.

While "The Face Reader" dealt with the heavy subject of one seeing the future of the king, "Match Made in Heaven - Movie" is lighter than that. However, it is natural for Lee Seung-gi to feel pressure about the movie because he's on the front lines with Sim Eun-kyeong.





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Guest sunshineo

Thank @Go Seung Ji for making this thread ^^

Can't wait to see SeungGi's 2nd Movie (but it'll become a long wait till can see it afterall.. TT) and this is also his 2nd seugeuk role.. ^3^/

At first I thought he will become one of the prince, but Woala.. he's the fortuneteller!! This made the story sounds more intersting to me.

I wonder if this princess will end up with this fortuneteller? and how? Or they wont have that kind romantic relantionship?

Ok, let's wait and see... kkkk

Furtuneteller DoYoon, SeungGi with fortunetelling.. kkkk..



Let's see this charming SeungGi in sageuk attire.. ;;) maybe DoYoon will look like this.. :wub:

(This is screencap from one of SeungGi CF)





credit: jejuslove

and video of that CF.. because I really miss this dazzling smile.. :)

credit: AirenVideo

Well, since this is a romcom, maybe we souldn't expect DoYoon to be this charming, maybe DoYoon will be dorkyve rsion of this SeungGI.. hehe.. :D

Anyway.. I'll love to see SeungGi in this attire again.. <3


Lee Seung-gi, Shim Eun-kyung pair up for sageuk romance

by javabeans | July 20, 2015


Shim Eun-kyung (Cantabile Tomorrow) had been mentioned previously as a possibility for headlining the movie Compatibility, and now she’s confirmed signing on and has also scored a co-star in Lee Seung-gi (You’re All Surrounded). This should make for a fun sageuk romance pairing, coming from the makers of the entertaining box-office hit Face Reader.

Read more on dramabean: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/07/lee-seung-gi-shim-eun-kyung-pair-up-for-sageuk-romance/

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Thanks for the thread!  

I'm excited for this movie.  She's a really great actress and I can't wait to see their chemistry together.  


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My wish for Movie and saguk came true, even better, they're ONE project, and the lady is so cute and an amazing actress.


I don't think it's a romcom tho, they said LF is a melo then changed it to rom-com. This one must be a melo, ofc it'll have fun parts like anything Korean. The story looks exciting, I'm really anticipating it.

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Movie ‘Marital Harmony’ (Filming) News Tidbits

Posted on Jul 24, 2015by tryp96






A dclsg fan found this audition notice for GoongHap. They were looking for actors/actresses from various age groups, but especially younger ones, for various minor roles. The auditions started in May.


Anyway, the more interesting tidbits I could glean from the notice:


“Crank-in” (start of filming) was originally scheduled for the end of July.

And the movie is intended for audiences 15 and over.


source: dclsg

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Showbiz Korea









credit: qlcsksms01




credit: jejuslov



credit: bittersweet





credit: Adeline @ dclsg




LEE Seung-gi and SHIM Eun-kyoung Sing MARITAL HARMONY - See more at: http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/jsp/news/news.jsp?pageIndex=1&blbdComCd=601006&seq=3512&mode=VIEW&returnUrl=&searchKeyword=#sthash.14GMI2dQ.dpuf


  • LEE Seung-gi and SHIM Eun-kyoung Partner Up for Divining Art Trilogy's Second Installment

    In HONG Chang-pyo's new film Marital Harmony, the second installment of the so-called “divining art trilogy,” actor-singer LEE Seung-gi will play SEO Do-hoon, a highly skilled matchmaker, production company JupiterFilm confirmed recently. Actress SHIM Eun-kyoung, LEE's partner in the film, took the role of Princess Song-hwa, for whom SEO is meant to find the perfect husband.
    Best known for his TV dramas and music career, LEE chose Marital Harmony for his second feature-length film after Love Forecast (2015). SHIM has had a more solid career in film and received an amiable response for her performance in Miss Granny (2014), which was previously remade in China and became a mega hit.
    First-time director HONG, who has participated in Le Grand ChefPortrait Of A Beauty and a few other commercial titles as an assistant director, will handle the directorial duty for his debut feature. Filming will begin in the second half of the year. 
  • Any copying, republication or redistribution of KOFIC's content is prohibited without prior consent of KOFIC.

- See more at: http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/jsp/news/news.jsp?pageIndex=1&blbdComCd=601006&seq=3512&mode=VIEW&returnUrl=&searchKeyword=#sthash.14GMI2dQ.dpuf


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Guest sunshineo

"Marital Harmorny" Script Reading

This was posted on DCLSG yesterday (2015.08.25) :

#Movie #GoongHap #ScriptReading


credit: yeongseobkim via dclsg via Tryp96

I think it was posted on IG first, but the can't find the link anymore ^^'

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Guest sunshineo

Yay.. SeungGi update his IG with photo of him while reading the script!!


On the way to the first script reading

#GoongHap #GoongHapDaebak #SeoDoYoon #Fighting

credit: leeseunggi.official
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Is it today? Or Maybe he took this picture yesterday.. :-?


Around 1 hour ago Yoori.jung.act upload the Script picture:



credit: yoori.jung.act

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Yeon Woo-jin goes up against Lee Seung-gi in Compatibility

by girlfriday | August 26, 2015 | 25 Comments


I like how this movie’s cast is shaping up: Yeon Woo-jin (Divorce Lawyer in Love, Marriage Not Dating) is the latest addition to the upcoming fusion sageuk Compatibility, the fortune-telling royal romance starring Shim Eun-kyung (Cantabile Tomorrow) andLee Seung-gi (You’re All Surrounded).


The film is the second in a trilogy from Jupiter Films following The Face Reader, which was about a fortuneteller who reads faces and inadvertently influences a political coup.Compatibility is about gung-hab, or the practice of reading a couple’s fortunes for their potential marital compatibility, and in the movie the practice will determine who gets to marry a princess. Directing is Hong Chang-pyo, who was the assistant director on Le Grand Chef and Portrait of a Beauty.

Shim Eun-kyung plays the princess who disagrees with the common practice of having her father select a husband based on compatibility fortunes, and sneaks out of the palace in an effort to find love on her own terms. Lee Seung-gi is the geeenius royal fortuneteller who is tasked with finding her the perfect husband, and will have to match her fate against four potential marriage candidates. And fall in love with her in the process, I’m guessing, which is quite the pickle.

Yeon Woo-jin has been cast to play the antagonist who gets in the leads’ way, though there isn’t much detail on whether he’s a romantic rival, a political one, or just a scary mofo who comes after them. Remember how scary he was in Arang and the Magistrate?

I do love it when he plays the villain (okay, so I like it when he plays the nice guy, or the haughty guy, or any guy really). He went straight from his last drama Divorce Lawyer in Love to the set of the sageuk comedy Kim Seon-dal with Yoo Seung-ho, where he plays a king. Reports say that Yeon has participated in a script reading for Compatibility, and is in final negotiations to sign on.

Compatibility plans to begin shoots later this year.

Via Asiae



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Guest sunshineo

Movie 'GoongHap' test filming seems to be today [150831]cr:dclsg fan who saw on IG.



The qualifiers for the audition of movie GoongHap released

cr:캣짱닷컴 via ChristinaWSGL




I hope we'll get to see them in the set soon.. ^3^

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Guest sunshineo

Lee Seung Gi Secretly Visits Famous Diviners Ahead of Movie Goonghap Filming

Posted on Sep 4, 2015 by tryp96



Goonghap’s producer Lee Kang Jin said on September 4, “For the analysis of his role and acting, SeungGi met with 4 or 5 diviners living in the (Seoul) metro area last month, and had his own fortune told. He familiarized himself with the ambiance and gestures like their ways of interpreting fortune, manners of speech, gaze, and hand motions etc., and he said it was a great inspiration to his acting.”

Without any request from the film company, the leading actor spent his own money and personally searched for famous diviners for the sake of realistic and natural acting.

A person close to Lee Seung Gi explained, “Through several acquaintances, he was introduced to diviners who specialized in various fortune-telling, and he called them one by one to make appointments and did his own legwork. Unfortunately there were some who were completely booked this year and had to turn him away.”

Producer Lee Kang Jin added, “Meeting diviners for the first time ever, SeungGi said he was surprised by their charisma and so amazed by their imposing and unique aura that he could have acted out on the spot.”

It’s rumored that he was surprised that some fortune-tellers interpreted his fortune similarly, but there were also people who talked through their hats or repeated abstract explanations, and there were cases where he couldn’t help laughing. There were experiences that were completely worthy of 100,000 won in fortune-telling fees, but there were others where even 50,000 won was a waste.

Lee Seung Gi will start filming on September 9 as the male lead of his second movie. The production company Jupiter Film has recently chosen CJ and Little Big Cinema as the new investor & distributor. The movie is scheduled to open in the 2nd half of next year.

source: osen via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


As expected from hard working SeungGi.. ^^ doing a deep research. I think he must be has read a lot of book about Gunghap too.. kkk

Can't wait to see furtune teller SeungGi.. ^3^

And yay.. We not only get Little Big Cinema, bu also get CJ as investor and distributor.

So, the change too see this movie in my Country become bigger.. hehe..



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Guest sunshineo

Mmm.. this hasn't been posted right?

On Sept, 2.. Hyeon Sang Ryu ( a staff? or Stunt?) posted this in his IG an twitter

This looks like a Gosa ceremony for the movie:


GoongHap Script(?)


credit: stuntryu

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Guest sunshineo

Even though I didn't believe in fortune telling, let's know more about Goonghap. So, we'll not left behind by SeungGi and can understand this movie more when we watch it.. lol :P

From Kwon3002's blog:


I talked about blood-type love last time. Today, I want to talk about other phenomenon that some Koreans believe in. There is a thing called Goong-Hap in Korea. By the dictionary, it is said that Goong-Hap is marital harmony as predicted by a fortuneteller. I believe that there is no such a word in the US. What it means is that a fortuneteller can figure out if a couple is perfectly matched or not in terms of their Sa-Joos. Sa-joo is known as the “Four Pillars” – the year, month, day and hour of one’s birth – which are supposed to influence one’s fortune or fate. I believe that there are similar things as Goong-Hap in other countries because there are similar aspects of a fortuneteller. Moreover, I think that the type of a thing has not been proven by science. It may be merely treated as a superstition.

However, in fact, many Koreans believe in the existence of Goong-Hap. So, it is common that some couples go to meet a fortuneteller for fun and see if they are really meant to be together. Thus, it is also common that parents go see a fortuneteller and ask her/him if their sons/daughters mat the right mate after their sons/daughters decide to marry someone. If Goong-Hap is true, the outcome of Goong-Hap can be sometimes crucial. For example, by Goong-Hap, it is possible that a person can be harmed or become unfortunate while having a relationship with his/her mate because the Sa-Joo of the mate influences negatively the person. More specifically, the person is more likely to have accidents or even his/her family can become unfortunate. It may seem ridiculous, but some people have experienced these types of things that cannot be explained by any sources, but Goong-Hap. Because of this, it is common that parents go see a fortuneteller before their sons/daughters get married with his/her boyfriends or girlfriends because parents typically want their sons/daughters to get married with someone happily.




A study case :P 


Marital Harmony : Tragedy of a Couple

By Janet Shin

Choosing a suitable spouse is one of the most important decisions to lead a happy life. We all try to meet someone who will be a faithful companion throughout our life journey. Couples reach marriage, sometimes through true love, or sometimes under the other conditions. Whatever the reasons are, they ultimately wish to live a happy married life. This, seemingly easy wish is actually the most difficult thing in our life. Why is that? We humans are not perfect. Everybody has their own drawbacks and sometimes hidden trauma. When it is explained by a saju perspective, it is because we have only four pillars, not five pillars of destiny. The cosmos and every being in the cosmos are explained by yin, yang and the five elements. It is because the five elements (and yin and yang) have been considered the most appropriate energy, relationship and activity to constitute the universe. They are not only physical substances but spiritual existences and phenomena. However humans, being endowed with only four pillars of destiny, are always lacking energy to complete a harmonious life.

Read more at: http://tr.im/mjhCb


About fortune telling in Korean Nowdays.. :D


Lean Times Send More Young People to Fortunetellers

read here: http://www.hancinema.net/lean-times-send-more-young-people-to-fortunetellers-85763.html


For me, I believe every soul already has their destiny couple, but only God knows that.. We just need do our best our effort and care to make a relationship works .. hehe :P

In this Movie, I wonder how big the GoongHap influence will be in the.. and will GoongHap make the love blooms or break love instead.. kkk


Btw, this is link Hancinema Page for Movie "Marital Harmony":

---> http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Marital_Harmony.php


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Guest sunshineo

SeungGi updated his official IG, he was in horse riding practice for Goonghap!!

Embedded image permalink

source: leeseunggi.official

Have a good weekend with rain that’s hurrying up autumn~♡

#GoongHap #SeoDoYoon #HorsebackRidingPractice
#NJttWOverTheWeekend ClickGoGo

#behappy ;)

credit: leeseunggi.official
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com



So.. cool SeungGiah.. :wub: 

Finally, after years I can see SeungGi riding horse again.. TT

This is video when SeungGi was riding horse in 1n2d (Jeju do 2008)

credit: ashoka1006

Well, even for Gu Family Book, SeungGi said he also practiced horse riding, but we didin't get the scene TT (because Kangchi can run faster than horse :P)

Hope Goonghap writer-nim and PD-nim already decided the horse riding scene and never need to delete the scene afterward!! >3<

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Guest sunshineo

And WoJin preactice archery for his character in GoongHap!!

source: joowal

Woah.. so excited..!! ><

WoJin-ah.. please don't shoot DoYoon and Princes SoHwa.. hehe.. :P


hmm, now I need an update from Eun Kyung.. :)




GoongHap script spotted on SeungGi's bed in New Journey to the West trip (NJttW screencap):

Kekeke.. As expected from SeungGi, maybe he has already memorize and analyze all the lines on the script.. haha.. :D


(cr: qingtian)


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Today the filming's starting right. Is it to early for costume spoiler? I don't mind and am currently hoping :P

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