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Welcome to the official thread of Jype's new girl group TWICE!

TWICE is a girl group under Jyp entertainment. They debuted in October 2015 with the song Like OOH-AHH. Before that, the members went through a survival show called SIXTEEN in which 16 girls compete to debut. The final line-up has 9 members from 3 different countries: Korea, Japan, Taiwan. The members are: Nayeon (korean), Jeongyeon (korean), Momo (japanese), Sana (japanese), Jihyo (korean), Mina (japanese), Dahyun (korean), Chaeyoung (korean) and Tzuyu (taiwanese). Their official fandom is called ONCE. Their official colors are Apricot and Neon Magenta (x). Their official lightstick has the shape of a lollipop (x).

Follow TWICE on their official pages:

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/twicetagram/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/JYPETWICE
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JYPETWICE

Members profiles~ (Informations)





DEBUT: 2015/10/20 Like OOH-AHH Mv | 2015/10/22 Debut Performance


FIRST COMEBACK: 2016/04/25 Cheer Up Mv | 2016/04/28 Comeback Performance


SECOND COMEBACK: 2016/10/24 TT Mv | 2016/11/06 Comeback Performance (Inkigayo)


THIRD COMEBACK: 2017/02/20 Knock Knock Mv | 2017/02/23 Comeback Performance




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Can't wait for their debut! Congratulations to all the trainees who are now official members of Twice!
May they always treasure their friendship and memories made during the past few months!
Fighting <3 :D

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Guest adikkeluangman

JYP girl group TWICE become models for 'Skoolooks' even before debut!

School uniform brand, 'Skoolooks,' has announced J.Y. Park and his upcoming girl group TWICE as their new exclusive models!


The company stated on October 2, "J.Y. Park and JYP's next generation girl group, TWICE, have signed their contracts as the exclusive models for 'Skoolooks.'  From hereon, they plan to take on lots of different activities as 'Skoolooks' exclusive models, like paper advertisements."

MBC's 'Section TV' will visit the set of J.Y. Park and TWICE's 'Skoolooks' CF shoot for an interview!


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Guest adikkeluangman

J.Y. Park says he will buy meals for TWICE members' boyfriends?

J.Y. Park and his label's new girl group TWICE, who will be making their debut soon, made an appearance on the October 4 airing of MBC's 'Section TV.' 


During the interview portion of the program, J.Y. Park was asked about his stance on the three-year dating restriction rule. The music mogul explained, "The standard is to wait three years after their first TV broadcast. The time will fly by," and promised, "After three years if [TWICE members] bring their boyfriends, I will buy them a nice meal." 

Jihyo brought a content, fatherly smile to J.Y. Park's face when she said, "We should be active for five years, not three [before we start dating]." 


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Guest adikkeluangman

Park Jin Young and TWICE Speak Up About 3-Year Dating Ban

Singer and CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young, responded to the three year dating ban he enforces on all of his artists.

On MBC’s “Section TV,” which aired on October 4, reporter Shin Go Eun met with Park Jin Young and his agency’s new girl group, TWICE, on the set of their CF shoot for school uniforms.


During the interview, Shin Go Eun asked, “Is it true that there is a dating ban for artists in JYP Entertainment?” Park Jin Young responded, “Yes, there is a three year dating ban.”

To the members of TWICE, Shin Go Eun asked, “You are all at the perfect age to start dating. Are you okay with this dating ban?”

TWICE’s Jihyo responded nervously, “I can start dating after about five years.” Park Jin Young was very happy with her response. “After the three years, if they introduce me to their boyfriends, I intend to treat them well and buy them dinner,” he stated.


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JYP Releases Teaser Videos for TWICE Members Nayeon, Momo, and Mina

TWICE "OOH-AHH하게(Like OOH-AHH)" Teaser Video 3. MINA

TWICE "OOH-AHH하게(Like OOH-AHH)" Teaser Video 2. MOMO

TWICE "OOH-AHH하게(Like OOH-AHH)" Teaser Video 1. NAYEON

JYP Drops First Teaser and Announces Debut Date for TWICE


JYP Reveals New Teaser Group Photo and Schedule for TWICE’s Debut


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Guest adikkeluangman

Park Jin Young Cheers On New Girl Group TWICE Ahead of Debut

Park Jin Young posted a picture on his Instagram account on October 11, in which he is smiling with the members of TWICE in a recording studio.


He also added words of encouragement to go along with the picture, saying, “You are finally being released into the world ^^ Don’t try to act innocent, and don’t try to act as if you’re bad. You brighten everyone’s days, you are healthy and you are funny, and that is enough for me. Hwaiting!”

TWICE is the first girl group to debut from JYP Entertainment since miss A, consisting of the members, Nayeon, Jungyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, including Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese members. They are debuting on October 20 with their first album “The Story Begins.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

Uniform brand 'Skoolooks' featuring J.Y. Park and TWICE face controversy for alleged sexualized ad campaign

There's a big controversy brewing regarding the school uniform brand 'Skoolooks' advertising campaign showcasing J.Y. Park and TWICE. Many people are saying that the ads are highly suggestive and sexualized in both the images and captions.

The posters featuring the TWICE members have slogans like, 'Let's fight with our slimness', 'Cut your skirt! Shedding cut', 'Tighten with your jacket! Corset jacket'.


In the same posters, J.Y. Park is seen staring at the TWICE members through his sunglasses.

An online community titled 'We ask J.Y. Park to have social restraint in the 'Skoolooks' uniform ads' is gaining a lot of attention, saying that the ads are using very suggestive advertising for a school uniform brand.

One netizen in particular, a teacher from Kyeonggi-do posted comments asking why a uniform skirt has to be shortened, or why a uniform jacket has to be like a corset. The teacher went on to say that this type of look does not fit with teenagers, and it encourages young students to be slim and attractive, despite the fact that the media is already filled with that.

As the issue has gotten bigger, both the brand 'Skoolooks' and JYP Entertainment have come forth to apologize.

'Skoolooks' stated, "These ads had a concept to show 'uniforms that were comfortable and fit the body well'. There was absolutely no intention to impede on student's health or emphasize the physical parts."

JYP Entertainment stated, "We understand the voices that are concerned with these ads. After discussing with the advertiser, we have reflected on the criticism and will correct the entire campaign, and remove the existing ads."



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Guest adikkeluangman

JYP Entertainment praised for their quick response on TWICE’s sexy uniform issue

JYP Entertainment has issued a quick response with regards to the latest controversy criticising him for sexualising TWICE’s uniform advertisement. 

On October 14th, JYP Entertainment announced that they spoken to the uniform company Skool Looks and decided to modify the concept of the advertisement. They have further explained that they have agreed to take down the existing promotional posters.


Praised for their quick response to the controversy, the agency assured that they will continue to participate in the modification and validation process of any shoot of their artists and promised that such incident shall not occur once more.

Earlier today, it was recalled that the agency and idol group TWICE were accused of sexualising students through their risqué uniforms and subliminal catch phrases. This led to the netizens to criticise the group, agency and uniform company for their provocative marketing which led to the circulation of a petition to boycott or ban it.

Meanwhile, TWICE is the latest group under the agency to make their debut on October 20th.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Twice Talks About Meeting Park Jin Young for the First Time

The Twice members said they were most intrigued by Park Jin Young among the JYP artists. 

The Twice members appeared as guests on the October 27 broadcast of SBS Power FM′s Choi Hwa Jung′s Power Time, where they chose Park Jin Young as the JYP artist they were most intrigued by after seeing him in person. 


When DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked, "What were you most amazed by when you entered JYP?" Nayeon answered, "PD-nim (Park Jin Young) was the most interesting." 

Momo added, "Park Jin Young PD-nim was the most interesting. It was interesting to see someone from TV in person." The other members chimed in, saying "We were shocked when we saw him in person because he was so tall."

Meanwhile, Twice is currently promoting debut album The Story Begins, which was released on October 20.


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Guest adikkeluangman

[Photo] Kim Soo Hyun, Park Shin Hye, Twice and More Attend ′Dorihwaga′ VIP Screening


Twice rolls out to support their senior


Tzuyu flashes a gorgeous smile

Korea′s top stars gathered for the VIP screening of film Dorihwaga, held at the Wangshimni CGV in Seoul on November 23. 


This is like the most start studded VIP premiere of the year. Most of young actors are Suzy co-stars in dramas and also CF even for her upcoming dramas.

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