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Secret Hyosung's Ideal Type Is Kim Woo Bin?

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Secret's Hyosung, who dropped her first solo mini album just a few hours ago, talked about her favorable impression of Kim Woo Bin during her showcase held on May 7 in Seoul. When asked if her title track, "Into You," reminds her of anyone special, Hyosung replied, "It makes me think of Kim Woo Bin. I see him in many dramas. His on-screen image is cold, but I like seeing how he takes care of women he likes." In regards to her sexy image, she said, "I really like having a sexy image, and I think it is attractive. That's why I don't want to let it go. However, that doesn't mean that sexiness should aways be the main focus of the stage." Source (1) See also: Secret’s Hyosung Reveals Seductive Solo Comeback Teaser Video Secret’s Hyosung Reveals First Teaser Image for Solo Comeback

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