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Eric Nam Gives Kisum a Kiss on "Match Made in Heaven Returns"

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On the recent episode of "Match Made in Heaven Returns," singer Eric Nam and "Unpretty Rapstar" Kisum shared a cute kiss on the cheek. In the show, Eric Nam and Kisum become couples when she chooses his rose among all the other male stars. Next, they move on to a game where the girls have to spin around and put out all the candles with the wind-power of their skirts. Before the game starts, Eric Nam promises to give Kisum a kiss on the cheeks if they win first place. eric nam match made in heaven returns 2 It must have been a great incentive because Eric Nam and Kisum complete the game in 34 seconds, putting them in first place. To keep his promise, Eric Nam says, "Good job honey," and approaches Kisum. He raises his hand to cover the kiss with his hand, making the audience wonder if he really kissed her or not. On this episode that aired April 23, Kang Ye Won, Lee Wan, Shin Soo Ji, Moon Hee Jun, SECRET's Song Ji Eun, Lee Jung, Kang Tae Oh, Park Eun Ji, and MR.MR's Tey, also appear along with Eric Nam and Kisum. Source (1) See also: Eric Nam Announces His First Solo Concert After His Debut Two Years Ago

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