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Clara Reportedly Lies about Her Age in Her Profile


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Amid speculation that Clara has made false claims in a sexual harassment case against Polaris Entertainment's CEO, it has been reported that the actress has been lying about her age.

Star News has reported that, according to industry sources, Clara’s real birth year is 1985. Her online profile states 1986 instead. While one source did share that “actresses and female singers often present themselves as one to two years younger than they actually are,” the revelation comes at an inopportune time given the current public scrutiny of the actress. Many are now questioning the actress’s sincerity after she gave several interviews this year about turning thirty despite the fact that she had actually turned thirty one (Korean age).

clara's age

This is sure to add to questions over Clara’s reputability in her case to nullify her contract with Polaris Entertainment. In the suit, Clara claimed that she wanted out of her contract with the company following sexual harassment from its CEO. However, a full transcript of the texts between Clara and the CEO was released on January 19, casting doubt on Clara’s claims and leading to speculation of deception. Meanwhile, the case between Clara and Polaris Entertainment remains ongoing.

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