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A Pink Talks About Everything From Their First Meeting to Their Stress Relief Trick on Cosmopolitan

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On January 20, the Korean edition of the magazine Cosmopolitan revealed pictures of the girl group A Pink and an interview which was conducted following the pictorial shooting. The concepts for this shoot were "pastel" and "chic in black."

During the interview, the girls talked about their first meeting which occurred five years ago on Valentine's Day. They also  color sketchbooks in their waiting room as a method to relieve stress. When asked which member's appearance changed the most in the last five years, the girls picked Jung Eunji which incited a huge laughter from the group and the staff that was present.

For the upcoming future, the girls wished for their music to be more recognized and they promised each other to work harder to show unforgettable performances for both their fans and the audience. Their first private concert "PINK PARADISE" will happen on January 30 and 31. More of the behind-the-scenes video of the shooting and interview can be seen on the Cosmopolitan webpage and on COSMOTV. A Pink for Cosmo 2

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