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Ha Ji Won and Kim Bum Soo Reenact Legendary Sit-Up Scene from "Secret Garden"

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Actress Ha Ji Won and singer Kim Bum Soo brought back memories from 2010 on the pilot episode of KBS2TV's new variety show "Invisible Man," when the two reenacted the unforgettable sit-up scene from "Secret Garden" starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. Ha Ji Won made a guest appearance on the show premiere that aired on January 7. As the cast members were taking turns to introduce themselves to the actress, singer Kim Bum Soo reminded everyone that he sung the popular "You Appear" for the OST of "Secret Garden." Completely surprised, his fellow cast members said they had no idea it was Kim Bum Soo behind the mic, as the singer is best known for his emotional ballads, not upbeat pop songs. Haha went on to suggest that Ha Ji Won and Kim Bum Soo reenact the legendary sit-up scene from the drama. Kim Bum Soo immediately sat down on the floor and put his arms behind his neck, waiting for the actress to join him in reenacting the scene. As soon as Ha Ji Won gently placed her hands around Kim Bum Soo's ankles, the singer started doing sit-ups and singing "You Appear" at the same time, causing everyone to burst into laughter over the hilarious sight. You may check out a video of their reenactment, or parody, here! ha ji won kim bum sooha ji won kim bum soo

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