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Yoon Sang Hyun On Why He's Rushing to Marry Maybee


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After beginning dating only from July this year and announcing their relationship this November, the couple of actor Yoon Sang Hyun and singer-songwriter Maybee have announced that they will be getting married in February next year. With less than a year into their relationship, some people wonder why the couple is rushing to get married and Yoon Sang Hyun addressed it in his recent interview. On the November 30 broadcast of MBC's "Section TV Entertainment Relay," Yoon Sang Hyun talked about his upcoming marriage with the singer-songwriter Maybee. When the reporter asked Yoon Sang Hyun indirectly on the reason he and Maybee are getting married so fast, the actor let out an honest reply. "I mustered confidence. After searching and searching, I finally found (her) and there's no need to waste time so I decided (to marry her)," said Yoon Sang Hyun. "I'm rushing because I might lose her to somebody else," added the actor. "It's the first time that I saw a person like her," said Yoon Sang Hyun, showing his affection for his fiancee, Maybee. The actor also mentioned his plans to give his future wife a wedding she will forever remember. "I want to offer her a wedding that will stay in her memory. Instead of a wedding, we'll have a concert. It won't be a private wedding but a public one. It's a festival-like wedding that fans can go to," added Yoon Sang Hyun.

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