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Kim Byung Man Gives Teammates a Scare When He Goes Missing on "Law of the Jungle"


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On the latest episode of SBS’ reality show “Law of the Jungle in Costa Rica,” which aired on November 28, comedian Kim Byung Man lost his way while trekking through the heart of the jungle and went missing. It was the first time such an incident occurred on the show. The members of the cast were understandably in shock, having lost their leader. After hearing the news of Kim Byung Man’s disappearance, the team stopped where they were and waited for an extended period of time for him to no avail. Ryu Dam commented, “There is a lot of uneasiness without our leader. I am always worried about these kinds of events happening. We always have to be careful.” Actor Lim Chang Jung seemed shaken despite his previously expressed confidence in adapting to the jungle, “This is ‘Kim Byung Man’s Law of the Jungle,’ so what are we supposed to do without Kim Byung Man? He and I were walking ahead of the others, and he disappeared out of nowhere. I knew ‘Law of the Jungle’ was intense but I did not know it was on this level.” Fortunately, Kim Byung Man did turn up, however belatedly, much to the relief of everyone on set. “Law of the Jungle” airs every Friday at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. law of the jungle

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