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Seven Seasons Apologizes for Use of Derogatory Words in Block B Zico’s “Tough Cookie” Lyrics


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In the midst of the growing controversy surrounding Block B’s Zico due to the use of derogatory language in his first-ever solo release “Tough Cookie,” his agency, Seven Seasons, has decided to step forward in order to offer an explanation and apology. On November 11, a representative of Seven Seasons revealed to OSEN, “[The word ‘f****t’] was not used for the intention of degrading homosexuals or homosexuality.” Many have pointed out that the lyrics of “Tough Cookie” contain the use of derogatory English terms, creating much controversy. In the song, Zico raps, “Rappers these days don’t have the skills, so they all have a snapback fetish. You’re such a f****t b***h.” While there are two different meanings of the word, most listeners have judged its use as being offensive toward homosexuals. The agency rep continued to explain, “The lyrics were borrowed only for musicality purposes to be used as a musical narrative. Had we known exactly that this word carried a deprecating meaning toward homosexuality, we would have strictly censored it. Zico himself has stated that just as he has continued to do music freely, he holds absolutely no kind of prejudice or negative intentions against anything regarding homosexuality, and respects sexual minorities. We would like to once again let you know that there was no objective to belittle homosexuals at all. We offer our deepest, sincerest apologies to everyone who felt offended by this.” Meanwhile, “Tough Cookie” was first revealed to the public as Zico’s very first solo track on November 7. Source (1) (2)

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