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Top Ten K-Drama Moments of the Week - October Week 2

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Like most of our fellow Soompiers, the Couch Kimchi girls are dyed-in-the-wool romance revelers, so, this week's top 10 will have you overwhelmed with a confetti of sweet moments. However, the list isn't without a couple of heartbreaking scenes and some ballsy action, especially as a couple of royals own the screen with their chutzpah! No more waiting, and let's get to it! w5t10dor11. Discovery of Romance: The Final Go It's indisputable that this is the number one scene from the final week of "Discovery of Romance." Maybe it's fate that reintroduced them into one another's life since splitting up, but one year later, it is Yeo Reum steering her destiny with Tae Ha, finally able to accept his hand and ready to fill another chest with new memories of their rediscovered romance. We only wish their reunion kiss lasted 16 more minutes to make up for every episode it took to reach this point! w5t10mlg2 [tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "My Lovely Girl" on SoompiTV![/tv] 2. My Lovely Girl: Imma get that kiss! What do you do when your costar is the world famous, uber hotness that is Rain, and it's episode 8, and you haven't gotten a kiss yet? You chase him across a sofa, of course! *Keke* In this scene, Se Na gets very enviably close to Hyun Wook, testing to see if he really doesn't see her as a woman. We don't think anyone is surprised by his reaction ... except maybe him. LOL. w5t103m1 [tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "The Three Musketeers" on SoompiTV![/tv] 3. The Three Musketeers: Let me go! Five years into it, Crown Prince Sohyeon and his wife still haven't consummated their marriage. So, when his father orders him to produce an heir, Crown Princess Yoon Seo takes matters into her own hands and tries to seduce him. She throws in the towel when he rejects her with what sounds like a flimsy excuse. She believes she's no match for his tragic love and so, she'd rather live as the prince's reject than be a princess trapped in a loveless marriage. She's willing to face the contempt of the world if she can have the chance to live with a man who loves her, even for just one day. We believe "that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again," but it takes two to make a marriage work. So, we admire the princess for being courageous enough to give up what others perceive as a charmed life to end her misery. w5t10msd1 [tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "My Spring Day" on SoompiTV![/tv] 4. My Spring Day: Just for a day In this scene, we share Bom Yi’s sadness, but we also feel her happiness when Dong Ha arrives. She only asked for a day with him, so, every warm handhold and cheerful smile may be fleeting but precious. It may be a bittersweet 24 hours, but Bom Yi and Dong Ha have fulfilled a lifetime of memories. w5t10mlg1 [tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "My Lovely Girl" on SoompiTV![/tv] 5. My Lovely Girl: Love in the afternoon Lighting, music, ambiance, and the OTP’s chemistry … Just the perfect romantic bits to give this scene a place in our top 10. Seeing Se Na playing her guitar in the courtyard, Hyun Wook joins her. The luminescent late afternoon sun and the hum of music underscore this moment between them. It’s one Hae Yoon clearly yearns to share with Hyun Wook. Meanwhile, we can have this on repeat all day! w5t10dor26. Discovery of Romance: Learning to say goodbye In its final week, no scene in "Discovery of Romance" moved us more than Ha Jin's emotional epiphany after Ah Rim's sendoff. When he was a young boy, Ha Jin left the orphanage in the middle of the night. Thinking that it would be for the best, he deprived Ah Rim of a proper goodbye. So, it would be like this for most of his life: A pleaser and a fixer, Ha Jin will make some misguided choices for the benefit of others, even if they needlessly protect him and his loved ones from certain inevitable realities. However, Ah Rim's goodbye letter not only reveals her knowledge of his real identity, but it opens his eyes to his shortcoming. After reading her letter, its truth breaks him down, tears streaking down his face and his body crumpling to the ground. It's a realization that will lead him to accept the end of his time with Yeo Reum. w5t10sd1 [tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "Secret Door" on SoompiTV![/tv] 7. Secret Door: Royal Badass It’s no simple job being the crown prince of Joseon, but it’s even worse when your father is scheming with all the baddies against you! This past week, Crown Prince Lee Sun has begun to learn the ways of the court by passing off a harmless facade. Things have become more dangerous for Ji Dam, who is a wanted person, and in this scene, Lee Sun protects her, masterfully beating down a dirty officer without raising a sword or rousing suspicion. Sit down and take notes, Lee Jun Ki! LOL. w5t10mlg3 [tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "My Lovely Girl" on SoompiTV![/tv] 8. My Lovely Girl: A telltale kiss All over K-dramaland, deafening giddy squeals could be heard during episode 8 of "My Lovely Girl." Se Na has finally gotten her kiss and confirmation of Hyun Wook's feelings for her. Everyone should be lucky to have a lip-lock like this! It's perfect! w5t10pnb1 [tv]Thanks for supporting us by watching "Plus Nine Boys" on SoompiTV![/tv] 9. Plus Nine Boys: You don't like me Min Goo fell in love with Soo Ah at first sight and chose to keep dating her despite learning that her real name is Bong Sook and that she wasn't the innocent junior he mistook her to be. It's been a bumpy romance and after he gets mad yet again, this time because she beat him in a computer game, she verbalizes the truth they've both been avoiding: He doesn't like the real her. Romances that don't end happily can still teach us a lot about ourselves. We love this scene because these two eventually learned that there's a lot more to a relationship than sexual attraction and cute dates. w5t10wgm110. We Got Married: Rated +19 Couple "We Got Married" may not be a K-drama, but when Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim are doing things we wish we could see plenty of in our favorite shows, then, we can't shut their moments out of the top 10! This new pairing has everyone talking; they've already been nicknamed the 'Rated +19 Couple' for their quick moving skinship, which we love. For instance, after listening to his story regarding men not wearing undies in the hospital, So Eun decides to check this out for herself. This shocks everyone, including Jae Rim. He later one-ups her by sneaking up behind her, coming close enough for a kiss. Yup, these two are bound to keep everyone on their toes! We're keen to see more from them, but Shim Eun Kyung might put them to shame as she hangs all over Joo Won in "Tomorrow Cantabile." For certain, you'll find scenes from the new drama on next week's list! Until next time!

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