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G.NA Overcomes Fear of Heights on "Real Men"


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Anybody who has acrophobia or fear of heights would certainly know how scared G.NA must have felt as she walked the tightrope that was suspended in the air on the recent episode of "Real Men." On the September 21 broadcast of the MBC variety show "Real Men," the female soldiers were shown getting from one part of the mountain to the next by crossing through only two tightropes--one to hold on to and one to stand on. It is a difficult challenge to overcome especially for G.NA who has a fear of heights. However, the singer mustered a lot of courage and gave it her best shot as she tried to move along the rope. While holding on to the rope and carefully making her way to the other side of the mountain, G.NA was shown trying her best to overcome her fear. Even while the rope shook as G.NA went farther ahead, she managed to continue and didn't give up. When G.NA reached the mid part of the course, she was then told to wait in the middle and a little miscommunication ensued. Eventually, G.NA understood that she was told to wait in the middle and was then commanded to look straight towards the mountains. The moment G.NA looked forward, she started crying because of the happiness she felt while looking at the view. With tears in her eyes and her voice trembling, G.NA screamed, "I think I'm really daebak (awesome)! Totally awesome!" The trainor then asked, "Is your heart awesome (too)?" and G.NA confidently answered, albeit with her stuttering voice, "Yes! I think I'm very cool!" and then proceeded to scream in happiness. "Oh my God!," screamed G.NA as she cried. After her winning moment while suspended in mid-air, G.NA then made her way to the other side of the mountain and successfully completed her challenge. Congratulations, G.NA! We think you're really awesome for overcoming your fear too! We're proud of you!

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