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Kim Hye-Soo 김혜수


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I came to know abt her in Style drama and I really like her acting. She is so natural and good ...

So far the dresses that she wore in the show are so nice and she really has a great body.

She can walk with such a high heels .... hahahaha

Hope alot of ppl will come to know her soon.

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

Lol I think it is just Soompi the people are younger and more into younger people. Hye Soo noona haha is actually the SEX Symbol in Korea and WELL respected, everyone know her in Korea!

Watchingg Style for her!

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Guest greeniegreen

hi everyone!

i've been a fan of kim hye-soo since i saw her in a drama/sitcom entitled "one of a kind" shown in arirang in 2000 (i think). she plays a stewardess there. i think ahn jae-wok plays her nephew there. it was a nice series. too bad i didn't catch the ending.

since then i've looked for her projects. hopefully i would be able to watch style.

go kim hye-soo!!

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

I really like her fashion senes, lol except some in style was crazy, I wouldn't wear it.

She look amazing for photoshoots! She keep really well also. Does anyone know if she is dating anyone and what her plans are like kids marriage?

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October1 5, 2009

Japanese College Holds Film Festival Dedicated to Kim Hye-su

The Korea Research Center of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University of Japan will hold the 4th Korean Film Festival on October 23-25. This year, the festival is dedicated to Korean actress Kim Hye-su, who is considered a symbol of independent women.


The festival is aimed at shedding light on Korean cinematography, history and culture through movies that star a certain actor or actress. Launched in 2006, the festival has so far screened movies starring Moon So-ri, Choi Min-shik and Ahn Sung-ki.

This year, six films starring Kim Hye-su will be screened. They are "Kick The Moon," "YMCA Baseball Team," "Hypnotized," "A Good Day To Have An Affair," "The War Of Flower" and "Modern Boy." The festival will also feature a symposium of Korean and Japanese film experts.

Kim Hye-su will meet with the audience to talk about her life and acting career.

An official from the festival's organizing committee said that Korean movies were not only high-quality entertainment content but that they also fully represented changes in Korean society. He also added that movies starring Kim Hye-su would hopefully help Japanese viewers better understand Korean films.

Source: KBS Global

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I'm not sure on the real story but the news+photos have been widely posted opening the NY2010 celebrations all over the Korean media, even more than the network year-end awards held last night. If this is indeed true, I have nothing but CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES to the new celebrity couple. :blush: They are without a doubt, simply Korea's Best & Talented Acting Pair.

January 1, 2010

The first celebrity couple of the new year is…

delacroix in General | 01 Jan 2010 - 01:46 AM



SportsSeoul revealed on the first day of 2010 that actress Kim Hye Soo and actor Yoo Hae-Jin are dating. For those that aren't so familiar with those names, Kim is known for her amazing body, her superb fashion sense, and last but not least, her ability to act. Yoo is known for... being able to act very well. They're both 39 years old and have appeared together in movies "Moonlit night of Shinra" and "Tazza". They started dating back in 2008 and SportsSeoul has recently confirmed of this relationship that only existed in rumours, and this one done by good old spy-on-their-houses method.

SportsSeoul started observing the two stars back in mid-November. It became obvious that their relationship was kept secret so well thanks to the couple's carefulness; They live five minutes from each other in wealthy part of one of Seoul's older neighbourhoods. Expensive apartments they live in provide excellent security, and they only meet during weekend evenings while wearing layers on their faces. Five minute drive, faces covered up, and weekend evenings combined meant that nobody was made aware of this relationship. By seeing the stars enter each other's houses and often share romantic moments in their cars, SportsSeoul confirmed that they are indeed in a relationship. According to a source that is well-informed of this matter, they met back in 2008 when filming the movie Tazza together. Yoo might not be the most handsome guy in the world, but the source describes him as "the perfect guy". He is smart, funny and kind, and basically it is impossible not to fall for him, according to the source.

While the relationship was revealed through some serious invasion of privacy, it is indeed a good news that we can all celebrate about. Lets wish that couple a good luck.

Source: allkpop.com / yahoo.kr

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January 1, 2010

'Top Actress Kim in Love With Yu'


Top actress Kim Hye-soo is reportedly dating with actor Yu Hae-jin.

Sportsseoul.com Friday reported that it captured the scene of the two stars having a date.

Kim, 40, and Yu, 41, have appeared in several movies so far and rumors had it that they have been going on a date.

According to the sports and entertainment Web site, Kim, upon returning home after spending time with her family on the eve of Christmas, got on Yu’s car parked in front of her home and celebrated Christmas together at the car.

According to reports. the two stars routinely had a date every Friday night and Yu was once invited to Kim’s family party in November. Their homes are within a five-minute ride each other.

But agencies of the two actors denied the reports.

Credits: koreatimes.co.kr

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Guest kdramafanusa

Her agency just confirmed their relationship, however, they denied the rumors of them getting married.

Congrats. :)

Some pictures over the years...




as tagged

EDIT: English & Korean article from JoongAng Daily

Kim Hye-soo, Yoo Hae-jin are officially out as a couple

김혜수-유해진 공식연인 “동료서 연인관계로 발전, 결혼 계획은 없다” 공식발표

January 04, 2010


Actress Kim Hye-soo and actor Yoo Hae-jin.

For once the rumor mill was right. It’s finally been confirmed that actress Kim Hye-soo and actor Yoo Hae-jin are a couple.

Kim’s management agency Apple of the Eye yesterday issued a press release confirming the two actors have been dating.

“The relationship between Kim and Yoo evolved from friendship into love in a natural way, as the two share an interest in culture and the arts,” the release said.

The release continued: “The two have had a good relationship and there are high expectations that they will get married, but there are no such plans for that as of yet.”

The two actors appeared together in the movies “Kick The Moon” (2001) and “The War of Flower’’ (2006) and since then there have been intermittent rumors that they were a couple.

However, the two have kept a low profile and denied reports that they were in a relationship ? most recently, a news report on New Year’s Day that featured pictures of the two stars out together.

Some fans were skeptical about the rumors, saying that Yoo’s rather humble status, with mostly supporting roles, when compared to Kim’s popularity, would not lead the two to date.

When asked why the two denied they were dating, the agency said, “The two had to be careful not to make their relationship public because they wanted things to be the way they were ? natural, tranquil and private.”

Kim made a splash last year with her role in the TV drama “Style.” Yoo can currently be seen in a key but supporting role in the Korean comedy/action flick “Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard.”

By Park Sun-young [spark0320@joongang.co.kr]

EDIT2: one more from Korea Herald

Kim Hye-soo, Yu Hae-jin confirm relationship

The much talked about romantic link between popular screen siren Kim Hye-soo and character actor Yu Hae-jin have been confirmed by Kim's management company yesterday.

After a week of endless unconfirmed press reports of the two actors' love affair, Kim's management company released an official statement saying their client was romantically involved with the 41-year old Yoo.

According to the agency's press release, the relationship between Kim Hye-soo and Yu Hae-jin blossomed from a platonic relationship into a full-fledged romance as the two shared "common interests both culturally and artistically".

It further states that Kim had "discovered" Yoo's "free-spirited outlook in life and modesty" to be factors in their relationship naturally developing into an intimate one.

About the possibility of marriage, the press release stated that there were no such plans at present.

This isn't the first time talks of a Kim-Yu romance have been swirling about in the rumor mill.

The two first met while acting alongside each other in the 2001 comedy "Kick the Moon," and five years later they were reunited on the silver screen once more for another blockbuster "Tazza: The High Rollers."

Since then there had been consistent media speculation that the two were romantically involved - although both denied the rumors until now.

Kim and Yu's camp again denied any relationship was taking place last week, saying "the two are close friends, but not lovers," but with mounting evidence to the contrary - such as the series of photos shot by local paparazzi showing the two together and through comments by various sources closely associated to both actors - both camps have now acknowledged their relationship.



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January 5, 2010

Kim Hye-soo and Yu Hae-jin Rumored to Be in Relationship

Rumors regarding a romance between actress Kim Hye-soo (40) and actor Yu Hae-jin (40) were reported once again on January 1st.


▲Kim Hye-soo (40)


▲Yu Hae-jin (40)

An Internet media site released a report on their alleged romantic relationship along with some paparazzi photographs on January 1. According to the media, they have been dating for over two years.

However, their management agencies denied any romantic relationship between them and said, “The two are merely close friends, but not a couple.”

Earlier in November 2008, a report in a sports daily predicting their marriage aroused public interest. However, Kim’s agency released a statement at that time denying the report: “Speculation about their marriage is a groundless rumor. Kim and Yu are just close friends. We are afraid that the speculative report will negatively affect their friendship.”

Yu’s agency also denied rumors about any upcoming marriage.

Source: KBS Global

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January 5, 2010

Kim Hye-soo and Yu Hae-jin Confirm Relationship


Yu Hae-jin (left) and Kim Hye-soo

Actress Kim Hye-soo and actor Yu Hae-jin have finally made it official that they are dating. Rumors of their relationship surfaced several times since 2008, but both had denied them.

"Kim and Yu developed an intimate friendship after realizing that they share an interest in culture and the arts," Kim's management agency Apple of the Eye said in a press release on Monday. "Kim found the humble and humane side of Yu attractive, and the relationship naturally developed from friendship to romance." As for marriage, however, "the couple has no plans," Apple of the Eye said.

The two first met while shooting the film "Kick the Moon" in 2001, and grew closer while filming "War of Flower" in 2007.

Yu started his acting career on stage, and established himself as a supporting character actor, appearing in "At the Gas Station," "Jail Breakers," and "The King and the Clown." He starred in "Small Town Rivals" in 2007 and "The Truck" in 2008.

Kim was a famous child actress in the 1980s and is currently one of the top actresses in Korea, active in both TV dramas and films.

Source: englishnews@chosun.com

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January 7, 2010

What Obsession with Celebrity Couples Tells Us About Ourselves

The public's fixation with the love lives of celebrities reveals the hidden desires of our society, and ubiquitous access to the Internet has caused news or rumors to spread at the speed of light. At the start of the New Year, the Internet was filled with news about top actress Kim Hye-soo and actor Yu Hae-jin officially announcing they have been dating. The Korean public has grown used to far more scandalous and sensational revelations, but the reason they were so surprised to find out that Kim and Yu were dating is because their relationship appeared to transcend social classes.

While Kim played the roles of confident or arrogant career women or femme fatales who stop at nothing to get what they want, Yu has mainly played supporting characters such as jesters or criminals. And when their relationship became official, the public's response was overwhelming. Kim was praised for judging a man for his personality rather than looks, while people wondered what secret skills Yu must have in order to win the heart of such a beautiful woman.

But a closer look at all of the comments posted on the Internet reveals the prevailing mentality among Koreans who look at social or financial status rather than the genuine feelings two people may have for each other. Many people have already reached the conclusion that Kim is the superior commodity simply because of her looks and are debating on various Internet message boards who is benefiting more from the relationship. People are referring to the couple as "beauty and the beast" or congratulating Yu for bagging such a great prize despite being a "loser."

Too many people judge celebrity couples with money as the sole gauge. When a female celebrity marries into a wealthy family -- many seem to get hitched to scions of the large conglomerate families -- people often post snide comments on Internet message boards, saying the rich family actually has no power in the business empire controlled by their relatives or that the actress probably married because of the vast real estate owned by her in-laws since her husband's company is nothing to brag about.

When a famous actress marries a humble office worker, people say her husband's father-in-law must be a powerful figure in his home town. When two celebrities get married, people start comparing the amount of TV ads they were in to deduce which one is bringing more money into the marriage.

Last year, matchmaking firm Sunoo surveyed 20,000 office workers on what attributes they considered most in their potential spouses and found that 28.29 percent chose social and economic status, followed by personality (29.27 percent), appearance (23.82 percent), and family background (18.62 percent). In other words, there was no single trait that was overwhelmingly desired by ordinary people. Times have changed, and even celebrities are attracted to each other by that mysterious thing called love. Then why do people insist on viewing celebrity couples through such materialistic lenses?

Perhaps the way we view celebrity couples reflects the way we secretly view those around us. Maybe we have become so jaded that love has degenerated into an emotional scheme to find a wealthy partner, and this characteristic of ours is being manifested in our vicarious fixation on celebrity couples.

The most shocking of all the comments posted on the Internet about Kim and Yu are those who praise the actress for her "unshakable conviction" in choosing the actor. This is certainly a newfound application for the word "conviction." Kim was simply being true to her emotions, just as many of us are when we meet that person we always dreamed about. Besides announcing the love they share, Kim and Yu probably would like to make another announcement to the public: "Please leave us alone."

By Choi Seung-hyun from the Chosun Ilbo's News Desk via chosun.com

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January 17, 2010

Kim Surprises Fans With New Photos


Top actress Kim Hye-soo has surprised fans once again with her exceptional photos, only weeks after the revelation of her relationship with actor Yu Hae-jin came as a shock.

Kim, 40, Saturday posted 12 photos on her blog featuring ads for Fissler, a kitchenware brand, taken by photographer Kang Young-ho.

Fans expressed their admiration for Kim's transformation, saying the actress lived up to her reputation. Critics say these photos show Kim, who is not afraid of changing her image, dressing up as a goddess, elf and doll.

Press reports earlier this month said Kim and Yu, 40, have been dating for years. The couple go on dates every Friday and attend each other's family gatherings.

Credits: sahds@koreatimes.co.kr

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Guest valley girl

hey count me as kim hyee soo new fans. i like her on style!!..

i think the Thread starter should complete her profile. she has so many projects.

no doubt with all of her achievement she is awesome.

i am looking for his projects now!..

i watch tazza but i don't really like her there.

A Day For An Affair too.

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March 5, 2010

Kim Hye-soo Mum on Yu Hae-jin

By Cho Jae-hyon

Staff Reporter


Top actress Kim Hye-soo, who admitted to dating fellow actor Yu Hae-jin two months ago, declined to answer reporters' questions about their relationship during an event to promote a cookware brand, Friday. It is the second time that she has stayed silent on their relationship at a public event. In an autograph session on Jan. 8, she also kept her mouth closed to reporters' questions.


The actress took part in a promotional event to launch kitchenware maker Fissler Korea at Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul Friday morning. She skipped a question and answer session with reporters, which was originally scheduled by the organizer. Reporters were blocked from getting close to her by bodyguards. "I think she did not make comments on the relationship as the event was not a personal one,'' an official with her agency told reporters.

Yu has also made no comments on their relationship. Kim's agency made the announcement of their romantic relationship through a press release on Jan. 4, days after a sports daily reported that they have been a couple for two years.

Kim, 40, and Yu, 41, have acted together in movies, including "Tazza: The High Rollers'' (2006) and "Kick the Moon'' (2001).

Credits: chojh@koreatimes.co.kr with captures from news.nate.com 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5






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March 25, 2010

Korean pic "Mother", stars win big at Green Planet Movie Awards

Reporter.Lynn Kim Editor.Jessica Kim


Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho wins Best International Director award at Green Planet Movie Awards

held in Los Angeles, California on March 23, 2010 [Korea Green Foundation]

Korean film "Mother" and a handful of Korean actors picked up multiple awards including the prize for Best Foreign Culture Film of the Year at the 2nd Green Planet Movie Awards held in California, according to event sponsor Korea Green Foundation (KGF) on Thursday.

KGF announced in a press release that film "Mother" and Korean movie stars were handed a total of 12 awards in nine different categories at the event, which took place at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles on March 23 (local time).

Bong Joon-ho's pic "Mother", starring veteran actress Kim Hye-ja and Hallyu star Won Bin, was awarded four trophies in the following categories: Best Foreign Culture Film of the Year, Best International Director, Best International Film and Best International Drama (Asia).

All-around Korean entertainer Rain scored a triple win, claiming the titles for 10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood, Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year and Best International Entertainer (Asia).

Korean-Canadian actress Sandra Oh, best known for appearing in the hit U.S. TV series "Grey's Anatomy", also made the 10 Outstanding Asians list.

Top Korean actors Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik were named 10 Best International Actors of the Decade (Asia) while Kim Yun-jin and Kim Hye-soo were chosen in the same category for actresses.

Green Planet Movie Awards, formerly known as the Green Globe Film Awards, is one of the largest international film events in Hollywood which promotes film, Asian culture and a "green" environment.

Winners were selected by viewers -- composed of fans and critics from around the world -- who submitted their votes on the official website by March 15.

The Korean film industry had received much hype prior to the awards ceremony for scoring 62 nominations, the most from any Asian country.


《Green Planet Movie Awards - List of Winners》


▶ Best Foreign Culture Film of the Year - "Mother"

▶ 10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood - Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), Sandra Oh


▶ Best International Director (Asia) - Bong Joon-ho ("Mother")

▶ Best International Film (Asia) - "Mother"

▶ Best International Drama (Asia) - "Mother"

▶ Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year - Rain

▶ Best International Entertainer (Asia) - Rain

▶ 10 Best International Actors of the Decade (Asia) - Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-sik

10 Best International Actresses of the Decade (Asia) - Kim Yun-jin, Kim Hye-soo

Reporter: Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr Editor: Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved> 10.asiae.co.kr / news.nate.com 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

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April 7, 2010

Kim Hye-soo in talks to make movie comeback

Reporter.Ko Kyoung-seok Editor.Lucia Hong


Top Korean actress Kim Hye-soo [Asia Economic Daily]

Top Korean actress Kim Hye-soo is showing prospects of returning to the big screen for the first time in two years.

Sidus FNH, the company producing the romantic comedy thriller tentatively titled "Villain on the Second Floor," said Kim has tentatively agreed to star in the film although an official contract yet to be signed.

Kim's last movie appearance was in 2008 production "Modern Boy." The production costs for "Boy" was over eight billion Korean won but flopped at the box office after attracting a mere 750,000 admissions.

Sidus also said they are in the process of casting a male lead actor in his 40s for the movie set to start filming within the first half of this year. The film had garnered attention after being chosen to be financed at last year's Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP), held during the Pusan International Film Festival.

"Villain" will be helmed by director Son Jae-gon, famed for his production "My Scary Girl."

Kim, 40, is one of the most popular Korean actresses in the country with numerous films and dramas on her resume since her debut in 1986. Her most memorable roles include the "Faceless Beauty" and "Tazza: The High Rollers."

She made headlines early this year after revealing that she is in a romantic relationship with fellow actor Yu Hae-jin. The two had appeared together in films "Kick the Moon" and "High Rollers."

Reporter : Ko Kyoung-seok kave@asiae.co.kr Editor : Lucia Hong luciahong@asiae.co.kr <ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved> 10.asiae.co.kr

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April 9, 2010

Korean filmmakers awarded at Green Planet Movie Awards


One of Hollywood’s largest award ceremonies, the 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards presented 4 prizes to Mother by South Korean auteur BONG Joon-ho. The deftly executed crime-drama, which had its local release in 2009 and a limited US run last month, picked up awards for Best Foreign Language Film, Best International Director, Best International Film and Best International Drama.

The ceremony, held March 23rd in Los Angeles, honors works from both Hollywood and Asia through a viewers’ choice poll of critics and film lovers from around the world. The event hands out 100 awards in categories that span Asian, Hollywood, Humanitarian and Environmental films.

Along with Mother, actor and pop-sensation Rain (JUNG Ji-hoon) was named Best International Entertainer, Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year, and one of 10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood.

Actors CHOI Min-sik and LEE Byung-hun were both selected among the 10 Best International Actors of the Decade while top Korean screen actress KIM Hye-soo and KIM Yun-jin of US TV series Lost and Korean film Seven Days were named one of the 10 Best International Actresses of the Decade.

Credits: Nigel D’Sa (KOFIC)

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