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Singer Kim C Voices Frustration Over Cancellation of Music Festival

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Singer Kim C raised his voice regarding the current status of the entertainment industry that resulted from the Sewol tragedy. He got angry and said, "Whether to perform concerts or not is not dependent on the politicians. They don't have the right to judge."

On April 26, along with the words above, the singer also voiced on Twitter, "If there are people who believe they have never been comforted with music, they should look back on their lives. Music is not only for fun." He also continued and ended his tweet with, "Music can also be used for consolation."

Though Kim C did not elaborate more, netizens believe he was talking about the recent cancellation of the spring music festival "Beautiful Mint Life 2014."

While until April 25, representatives of the festival confirmed that the event would take place, following the continued mourning for the Sewol tragedy as well as the non-cooperation from the city council of Goyang that is hosting the festival, the event ended up being canceled despite all the preparations having been completed. 

Kim C was not the only musician who voiced frustration over this issue as other singers have showed their anger as well.

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