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Jellyfish Entertainment Issues Apology to VIXX Fans

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VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment has issued a formal apology for a series of incidents involving the poor attitude of its representatives.

Jellyfish Entertainment put up the apology on February 5 on VIXX’s official fan café, as well on the agency’s website. It began, “First, we would like to offer our sincere apologies to causing great anxiety to the fans through the series of unfortunate events.”

“We promise to be especially cautious to not make repeated mistakes or cause misunderstand through the attitudes or actions of all our staff, which may occur in the course of responding to fans or carrying out their other duties.”

The company said that it would reveal the contents and improvements written by fans through the group’s official fan café, and promised to work hand in hand to communicate better with fans for the sake of VIXX’s future. “We would like to sincerely apologize once again for all the anxiety that we have caused.”

“We would also like to apologize for the recently reported inappropriate behavior of a staff member on the set of a media interview, as well as our late response to the official fanclub Starlight’s request to investigate the matter as it took some time to verify the facts of what happened. The employee involved has directly apologized to the reporter, and resolved the misunderstanding with the media outlet. The employee has been disciplined and we are in discussions to come up with policy measures to prevent such a situation from arising again.”

Jellyfish Entertainment was responding to a recent controversy started by fans who felt disgruntled by the poor attitude of its employees towards the media. VIXX fans had started a boycott of the group’s upcoming DVD via Agora and Change, demanding attitude improvement of its staff, better treatment and communication. They had set a target of 10000 signatures on Agora (7517), and 2000 on Change (1941 met).

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