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Rain Opens Up About His Relationship with Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee

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It seemed like yesterday when the Korean entertainment world shook in shock after singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee were caught to be secretly dating. A year after, Rain opened up about their current relationship and the details of love between the two big celebrities.

After being caught on a secret date with the actress while the singer was serving his military duties, Rain expressed how the couple’s relationship is still going strong. In regards to each other’s work, Rain said, “We don’t touch on each other’s work. I don’t let her listen to my songs. When my album comes out, she will probably hear it. I love surprising people, so even my own family doesn’t get to listen to my songs early.”

When asked if the singer meets with the actress often, Rain joked, “Do you think I can meet her?” and then continued, “We are doing very well. There are people who ask if we have broken up, but we are doing very well. Although we can’t take care of each other as much because of our busy schedules, we take care of each other through the phone.”

As this is Rain’s first public relationship since his debut, the singer commented, “We couldn’t help but reveal our relationship. This is my first time. Although there are uncomfortable aspects, there are comfortable parts as well.”

Furthermore, when asked if the kiss mark on his cheeks in his “30 Sexy” music video meant that he already had someone, Rain laughed as said, “You could think that way, that’s the proper way to say it. Of course I have someone.”

Rain released his new album, “Rain Effect,” on January 2; the singer will be making his official comeback after four years. You can catch his music videos for "LA SONG" and "30 Sexy" here

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