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Rain and Kim Kwang Min Reveal Hilarious Details of Their High School Life


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Singer Rain's long-time friend and actor Kim Kwang Min recently shared what his school mate was like in high school.

On December 19, Kim Kwang Min appeared on MNet's special program titled "Rain Effect." Rain was getting ready to catch a flight to Japan in order to attend his Japanese tour, and after choosing a fashionable outfit fit for the airport, he finally headed to the van. Much to his surprise, Kim Kwang Min was waiting at the van and warmly greeted the world star.

Bi said, "He promised to help me with my Japanese tour. We have been friends for 15 years, and we met during our second year of high school." Hearing this, Kim Kwang Min corrected, "Not the second, but during our first year," to which Rain added, "Well, wasn't it the sophomore year when we became friends?"

The actor answered, "Right. Rain was quite popular and successful around his freshman year, so he became arrogant and looked at people like they were bugs," jokingly teasing his friend. Surprised over the sudden attack, Rain decided to respond with a similar tone, "If this were high school right now, he would not be able to joke like this," to which Kim Kwang Min commented, "I matured a lot in ten years in my own underground scene," making everyone burst in laughter.

"Rain Effect" airs every Thursday at 11pm (KST).


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