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Ha Ji Won and Entire Family Get Together for Family Photo


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Actress Ha Ji Won and her family participated in a family photo that captured the family’s joy.

Included in the January issue of “The Celebrity,” the family of actress Ha Ji won gathered together to participate in a family pictorial. The concept of the family photo was ‘A warm family feel with a classic mood,’ a concept the actress had suggested.

ha ji won

The photo shows the actress along with her parents and siblings, conveying a happiness only found through the family relationship. Notably, Ha Ji Won’s younger brother stood out, as the actress’s younger brother is a familiar face.

Actor Jeon Tae Soo, the actress’ younger brother, was spotted in the family photo with a bright smile. The actor, currently involved in the filming of MBC’s “King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang,” illustrated the talents of the Jeon family (Ha Ji Won’s real name is Jeon Hye Rim).

ha ji won

Moreover, the actress did not show any signs of fatigue as Ha Ji Won joined the family photoshoot without any sleep due to the filming of her drama, “Empress Ki.” The actress expressed, “At this moment, I wish to be with my family. I’ve always wanted to take a family photo, and I believe that this opportunity allowed me to cherish the moment with the people I care most about.”

The Jun family photo can be found in the January issue of “The Celebrity.”

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