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Former T-ara Member Hwayoung Signs On with Same Agency as Lee Jong Suk


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Former T-ara member Hwayoung recently signed an exclusive contract with Wellmade StarM and is well on her way towards building a career as a full-time actress! Wellmade StarM is a reputable company that is also home to popular actor Lee Jong Suk!

On December 16, according to media sources - after signing the contract with Hwayoung, Wellmade StarM plans to take it slow and steady with Hwayoung’s career as a young actress.

According to officials at Wellmade StarM, “We consider Hwayoung to possess great potential as an actress, which is why we decided to sign an exclusive contract with her. From here on out, we plan to showcase new and diverse sides to Hwayoung that you’ve never seen before as she goes on to become an actress. We hope you look forward to seeing Hwayoung again. We think there will be many fans who will be highly anticipating Hwayoung’s return as an actress. Hwayoung will be practicing her acting diligently so that she can make her comeback as soon as possible with a great project.” 

Hwayoung was dropped from T-ara last year by Core Contents Media for reasons they attributed to her attitude problem, leading to public speculation about Hwayoung being possibly bullied by the other T-ara members. However, none of those rumors have been confirmed and the girls appear to have moved on with their future career endeavors. 

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