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[Recap] Marrying the Jealous Type - We Got Married 062913

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On this episode of "We Got Married," Jo Jung Chi and Jung In take charge, Go Joon Hee and Jinwoon decide to have fun with the younger couple, and Taemin and Son Na Eun compete to make the other one jealous. 

Marrying the jealous type - This is your Soompi WGM recap!

(If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: We're all in this together.)


Last week all the couples came together for the first time and, as custom, they presented gifts to each other. Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee take their turn to give their gifts to the other couples. Jo Jung Chi and Jung In get some interesting yet practical gifts such as a back scratcher and a head massager that causes an interesting reaction. Jo Jung Chi turns into Hannibal Lecter with a weird face mask that makes your face smaller. How does that work? For the younger couples, they recieve some funny masks, which somehow suits the two perfectly. Maybe now the two can walk around Myeongdong without being harassed by crowds.


The couples receive a mission card ordering them to do some gardening and prepare food. It would be boring if they just split by gender, so the older ladies take Taemin while the men take Son Na Eun. Taemin doesn't look too happy being separated from his wife, and to make it worse, he is more awkward than usual. He even confesses that he's not close with the Girls' Generation members like the others because he prefers male company. Throw the noonas a bone, will you? Poor Joon Hee finally gets to interact with SHINee, but she keeps getting rejected. At least Taemin is loyal to his wife? Jung In isn't as interested, she is too distracted trying out some new well-being recipes like pineapple pancakes. 


Quiet and shy Son Na Eun opens up to the older guys as they garden together. She even asks Jo Jung Chi what the secret to a long lasting relationship is (Answer: Communication). When she bashfully says her dream is to be in an everlasting love, the two men burst out laughing. Let her be, we were all there once. The three get pretty chummy with one another, even sneaking off to chow down on some ramen when they hear they are going to have to eat beans and lettuce. Actually, the three of them look like a new sitcom. 

Synopsis* of "My Two Oppas": Son Na Eun plays a bright and imaginative school girl who is raised by her two older brothers after her parents die in a tragic boating accident. Jo Jung Chi is the hippie eldest brother who believes in living organically, even if it means growing his own food. Jinwoon plays the flighty middle son who thinks his smile can charm over any woman and get him into her purse. Son Na Eun wonders who is taking care of who, as her bachelor older brothers struggle to fit her into their busy lives.

*CallMeN00NA Original


Taemin is constantly looking out at the garden to watch Na Eun and when he can't take it anymore, Joon Hee tags along to check on their other halves. Jinwoon and Na Eun welcome their partners happily, but then quickly notice how the other two walk away closely together. They are not having any of that, so they decide to visit the kitchen and just casually show how close they have gotten. It works perfectly, and while Joon Hee is quick to play it cool, Taemin can't hide the jealousy in his face. The two couples, TaeHee and JinEun, banter nonchalantly to make the other jealous. Come on guys, there's no real winner in games like these.


As the younger couples have a silent battle, Jo Jung Chi and Jung In are left to do the work. Jung In is oblivious to it all, even when its happening right next to her, because she really wants to try these new recipes she found in a blog. Jo Jung Chi on the other hand, is the secret puppet master behind it all. He is the one that "innocently" remarks that Taemin and Joon Hee look good together which started the banter in the first place. Manipulating younger couples looks fun! 


After enjoying their healthy dinner, the couples receive another mission. This time, the couples will be competing against each other to be in the main pictorial of a magazine. Jinwoon and Joon Hee have already done a couple photo shoot before, so they are pretty confident. They should be careful, there's no mistaking the fire of competition in everyone else's eyes. Each couple will have a different theme for their photo shoots. Either way, I'm really looking forward to all of them!



Taemin and Na Eun have been married for two months and already they have intensified their game of "push and pull." In one of the earlier episodes, Son Na Eun said she hated the game but she is turning into quite the pro. It is cute to see Taemin get all fired up when Na Eun mentions she was kissed on the cheek, or the way Na Eun innocently falls into Taemin's coy traps, but how healthy can this be for the new couple? If they are getting so worked up about an old photo shoot, what are they going to do if one of them has a kiss scene in a drama? They might even blow up. Young love, sure is turbulent. 

That's all for this recap! Come back next week when the couples prepare for their photo shoot. Also, follow the writer (me) on Twitter (it's new!)! 

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