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Won Bin Shocks Netizens with His "Ugly" Photos

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Won Bin's old photos have resurfaced and is creating quite a buzz among netizens. While Won Bin is famous for his handsome looks, the photos showed the star in a different light.

The photos were shared in an online community with the title, "Won Bin's Embarrassing Past." The pictures were from screenshots from an old broadcast and showed Won Bin pressing his face against the glass while he held a teddy bear. His expression and the way his lips are pushed against the glass are very different than the piercing handsome gaze he is more famous for. 

Netizens who saw the photos were shocked at how not ugly his "ugly" photos were. They wrote such comments like, "How does he manage to look that handsome while trying to ruin his face?" "I guess it's impossible to find embarrassing photos of him," and "Even if he tries to ruin it, his face still shines." 


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