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[Upcoming Drama 2015] War Of The Brilliant Minds | Heard It As A Rumor [풍문으로 들었소] - March2015


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Title: War Of The Brilliant Minds |수재전쟁 renamed Heard It As A Rumor | 풍문으로 들었소

Genre: TBA
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Mar to 2015-TBA
Air time: Monday & Tuesday - Time TBA

Production Credits
Director: Ahn Pan Suk (안판석)
Screenwriter: Jung Sung Ju (정성주)


Tentatively described as the life story of a woman who is a brilliant talent since her childhood. 

A rumor spreads at a high school about a student from a wealthy family. The rumor is that the student has fathered a child with a girl of similar age. The male student's family tries to resolve the rumor, but the rumor spreads even more. (CR: Asianwiki)

  1. "War Of The Brilliant Minds" takes over the Mondays & Tuesdays time slot following "Punch" and will air sometime in March 2015.
  2. A third collaboration for 'the brilliant trio' - Actress Kim Hee Ae, PD Ahn Pan Suk and Writer Jung Sung Ju. 
  3. This upcoming project will be their third, following their earlier successes in 'A Wife's Credentials' and 'Secret Love Affair' which were with cable network JTBC.
  4. Renamed "Heard It As A Rumor", with change of main lead to Yoo Ho Jeong. Still scheduled for the same time slot.

    Kim Hee Ae
    Yoo Ho JeongLee Joon Yoo Joon Sang Go Ah Sung34311e5015.png


    PDnim Ahn and Kim Hee Ae7rA3HXt.jpg
    CR: As tagged
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@jadecloud,  Thanks for the thread opening seems to be right on track with these mind dramas.. Just think the liars game also a mind drama and a few others that I won't mention be it the leads have some kind of mental problem or they just a genus..     

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Apparently, this drama has been renamed to Heard It As A Rumor, and KHA is no longer in the cast due to scheduling conflict, or due to script deviation, as reported. Aish. Sad. Was so looking forward to KHA again.
New leading lady is now Yoo Ho Jeong3IdckYv.jpg
CR: Asianwiki
And Related News Update:

 Lee Joon, Go Ah-sung tackle teen pregnancy in new drama  Go HERE

Lee Joon and Ko Ah-seong considered for roles in SBS new drama 'Heard it as a Rumor' Go HERE

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@AnyMod @admin @AnyOneWhoCanHelp
I've started this thread in Nov 2014 when Kim Hee Ae was first announced to be the main cast for WoTBM late last year. But early this year, the drama was renamed and new cast was introduced for one reason or another. Another soompier started a new thread in early Jan 2015 instead of adding onto this existing thread. So we now have the situation of duplicate drama thread existence :-L
I've PM'd the admin in early Jan but no response so far hence this post here :-/
Please do something - either merge the other thread with this thread, or vice versa, or delete accordingly. As can be seen, I've stopped updating this thread pending clarification or action. Thank you.
^:)^ ^:)^ :-/ 

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