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♥ Han Tae Kyung ♥ Yoon Bo Won ♥

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“Three Days”, the case of the President’s disappearance, a record of those 3 days

There are moments that can change the world.
In that moment, it takes just one second to get back to the original point and avoid death.
Especially for the leader of a country, one second is as such. Their life and death have great significance. Who would risk the danger to cause their death and for what reason?

The new SBS Wed-Thurs drama “Three Days” starts with this question. The president has gone to the presidential villa on a 4-day-and-3-night trip and, during the night, he disappeared after the sound of 3 gunshots. A search was launched to find the missing president within 3 days.

3 days, 72 hours, 4320 minutes.
In that time, someone wants the president dead. To protect him, the security officers must first get rid of his political enemies. The missing president Lee Dong Hwi, his bodyguard Han Tae Kyung, the policewoman who helps him Yoon Bo Won, and others. Unravelling the case of the missing president, they are coming towards us with breath-stopping conspiracy, infighting and ardent romance that happen in 3 days.

Previously unheard of, the president has disappeared!

5th Feb 2014, President Lee Dong Hwi (actor Son Hyun Joo), away at the presidential villa, disappeared without a trace after the sound of 3 gunshots. And that night, one person is suspected of killing the president and thus is being chased and driven to dark forest paths. That person is Han Tae Kyung (actor Park Yuchun). Han Tae Kyung who became a presidential bodyguard 3 years ago, lives for the sole purpose of protecting the president to the best of his ability 365 days a year and will give up his life for the president. He is deeply patriotic. In his 3 years as a bodyguard in the Blue House, he has unmatchable creature instincts; when he thinks he is right, he will not listen to anyone and will persevere to the end, and thus is well-known for being as stubborn as an ox. But his instincts are mostly correct, and for all the trainings and tests like shooting and martial arts, he is always in the top 1%; he can be said to be an “abnormality”. However, a person such as he is now saddled with the taint of presidential assassination and is being chased down.


To prove his own innocence, he starts to investigate with policewoman Yoon Bo Won, to piece together the truth. Before becoming a police officer, Yoon Bo Won (actress Park Ha Sun) has always been zealous about catching molesters, thieves, violent offenders in school and such. After meeting Han Tae Kyung who is suspected of assassinating the president, she knows he is not a criminal and becomes aware of a huge conspiracy behind the scenes. The story of their lone battle to uncover the whole incident unfolds in ’3 days’. Who could be the person instigating it all, what could be the reason for such a loyal bodyguard as Han Tae Kyung to become a suspect, where did the president disappear to, all these will be answered in “Three Days”.


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Guest geenvyme

class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px; color: rgb(45, 45, 45); line-height: 1em; font-size: 2.286em;"[PIC + TRANS] 140218 Han Taekyung’s Character Description on SBS ‘Three Days’ Official HomepageFebruary 18, 2014 · rilanna

photo character_01.jpg

Han Tae Kyung by Park Yuchun

Doesn’t even miss the noise of the wind
Will not let go of any news

Security Service bodyguard, in his late 20s

He has the animal instinct that does not allow anyone tailing or following.
He is very determined. He never falls back.
He is full of energy and very stubborn.
Yet, he is highly praised for how professional he is.
He is the ‘monster’ that never let anyone slip through his fingers.

Other than his father, the people that he has the most respect towards are
Ahn Jung-geun (a Korean independence activist, nationalist, and pan-Asianist, who assassinated the Prime Minister of Japan) and Yu Gwan-sun (a female student who organized the March 1st Movement against the Japanese colonial rule of Korea).

He always chokes up whenever he hears patriotic songs since he was small.
When he encounters people being bullied, he gets hot-blooded and excited unconsciously.
He thinks that protecting and watching out for someone is his calling and he is proud of it. Therefore, Taekyung has become the Presidential Security Service bodyguard of the Blue House and he’s determined of his choice.

However, since his father, the only family he has, suddenly died, the faith he had before crumbled like the high city walls after being struck. He began to have doubts that he has never had before.

“What exactly do I protect the President for?
Is the President someone that I should protect with my life?”

Taekyung hasn’t found the answer to that question.
As the president’s security service bodyguard, to save the president in danger, he has to run and run nonstop.
Maybe he can find the answer some day.

Credit: SBS Three Days via 暖日呀呀
Translated by: Mandragore of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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Guest priti

Wow....how popular can these 2 be.... THAT they oreodi got thread dedicated to them!!! I am all set to see these 2 sizzle in big screen.... I am very thankful tht character names are used rather than their real name cuz its rumored tht Park Hasun is dating someone n i m seriously hoping my Chun is dating his Ms Spring ;)

When Yoochun surprised me and signed up for 3days, my countdown oreodi started when i will b able to see the pilot epi...After the brief abstract of his character, I was sold cuz the plot seems differ from his previous dramas. Part of the reason I like and trust Yoochun selection is: if he like the script no matter how hectic life is, he will grab the opportunity to take it.So when Cjes stated tht Yoochun had his first sight love with the script, he immediately signed aboard!! And even when things went alil shaky with production teams, budgets and actors; everything roll on like planned *phew* So after everything, some of the thing most chunsas ( for sure,me) did was who was the scriptwriter, whats da timeslots, who are they going against with, who will be his Female Co-lead n co-stars n etc etc.

Park Hasun was no where in my radar cuz i have yet to see her work but when she signed up, i was pleased cuz i feel c will be perfect plus i wanted a fresh face like someone YC hasnt work with n someone younger so BINGO! When all of the casted were signed, it was 2 thumbs up for me!!

So 3days will be a suspense/action drama!! I hoped we will see some iconic moves and great visual effects cuz i will kinda disappointment tht we didnt see any of this in IMY when it was Highlighted tht YC roled will da best dec. fastest runner n top notch. So Finger crossed!!

Reading from the clear provided info, Seems like Bo won (power to female cop) will be assisting our HAN TAEKYUNG when he is blamed for Pres. disappearance... So it will be I GOT YOUR BACK coupley romance....KYAKKKKKK cant wait for it....

Even though many reported there will be ZERO romance judging from the writers previous works, it is reported tht there will b a strong loveline between Tae kyung n Bo won. After all, they said it ain't kdrama if there ain't love line right? So lets see how 3 days will go!! Fighting to 3days casts n crews!!!!

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839491680.jpg?1392620366Hmmmm....potential love triangle here...
But I am definitely Team Yoon BoWon (to be with Han TaeKyung)... ;)
Just to be clear, I am shipping the 3Days characters and NOT the actors...at least not yet. LOL :D
I love that BoWon's character will be strong and not meek.Should be a great match for the brave and true Han TaeKyung.Can't wait for 3Days to come...And looking forward to more from these promising characters. ;;) >:D< :)>-

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class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px;"

‘Three Days’ official poster on its main homepage


Credits: Golden Thumb Pictures via Naver + SBS TV Three Days HPShared by: JYJ3


Han Taekyung: “There isn’t much time left now.“-President Lee Donghwi: “Bodyguard Han Taekyung, can you…protect me?”-Han Taekyung: “Before/Unless you kill me, you’ll never be able to kill the President.“[trans by @Sheenathe6004]

Credit: B yoShared by: JYJ3
OMO...did I see BoWon with a duct tape on her mouth? Her Han TaeKyung will have to rescue her as well? Ugh...so excited for this drama and it's love line...Action, Drama, Suspense, and LOVE Story intertwined in between is awesome!

class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px;"[CAPS+GIF] 140219 Park Yoochun in SBS’s 2nd Official Trailer for ‘Three Days’February 19, 2014 · rilanna














Credits: @SEI_JYJ + DC JYJ GallShared by: JYJ3

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Guest priti

Woooooowww....ANTICIPATION RADAR DOUBLED after the 2nd teaser....i love how dark visual is used...it makes it look n sound very mysterious n make you rewatched it.HOW MANY OF U REPLAYED IT?? Admit it.

It so good to see all the characters got revealed in this teaser. Its bout time right! So we got to see han tae kyung in casual clothes ( similar to uri yoochun style ;) wearing cap n completely covered) n hiding behind the door. I wonder if he was following someone as his mission or he was out n he felt someone following him n as his character said, sharp instinct n miss no mark, he was trying to take down tht follower??

If in Skks n RTP,Yc BBF was books n brushes or flavored yogurt drinks, here it will GUN GUN GUNSSSSS ... Yoochun handling the handgun ( sexy myannnnnn)...

As tealee unni stated, i bet Han taekyung will saved Bo won who is taped up... U r right unni Action drama suspense romance..WAD A COMBO eh!!! the last time i watched a drama with this flavors was IRIS 1. Every epi was engrossing n great.Hope 3days will be like tht or even better....

Fangirl voice: my favorite part of the teaser was the ending...han taekyung handling gun, puting tht earpiece line ( wadever u call it) to his ear, n turning 90 degree..KYAKKKKK HOW COOL DID HE LOOK 8-> 8-> ;;)

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Guest bluemoonlight

Me too Priti! So excited for 3 Days! :D...of course especially cuz of Chunnie! :x
Can't wait to see him in an action drama & also looking forward to the romance/love-line between Chunnie & Hasun! (praying that there will still be somewhat of a love-line in the drama, even though I know it's not the main plot...hehe)
Yes, I watched that 2nd teaser over & over! ;))  So I made a couple gifs...haha
This is from the 1st teaseriS7LvmCPTVZAu.gif

...& this is from the 2nd teaser (just realized tealee posted one above, but I'll keep mine too :D)ibaAOyRl00WjLG.gif

His voice & back is so sexy! =P~

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class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px;"Maybe Park HaSun will be of comfort? LOL...PYC will be fine (I know a lot about upper extremity injuries;)...but yes, action scenes may have to be modified...Maybe more tender moments between TaeKyung and BoWon are in order...hmmm...hahahaha class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px;"[NEWS] 140220 Park Yoochun to Continue Filming “Three Days” Despite Shoulder InjuryFebruary 20, 2014 · JYJ3 Team

photo parkyoochun.jpg

It is being reported that despite a shoulder injury, Park Yoochun will continue to film for his upcoming drama “Three Days.”

A representative of C-JES Entertainment told reporters, “Since last week Yoochun had been complaining about pain in his arm. We took an MRI and discovered that he had hurt his shoulder ligaments. The hospital told us that it would take about three months of recovery to heal.”

Despite this, it seems that the dedicated actor will continue his filming. His agency rep continued, “We will adjust the schedule appropriately, and afterwards do what is necessary for his shoulder. The management is making plans to prevent any future complications.”

The drama “Three Days” had been delayed quite a bit before, even to the point where there were rumors of Yoochun dropping out of the drama. However, the drama went back to a schedule and just released a trailer and character posters. Hopefully, Yoochun and the drama staff members will be careful to avoid any further injury for him.

Source: TV Daily via NateCredit: Soompi


[NEWS] Park Yoochun pulls a ligament in his shoulder while filming “Three Days”


On the 20th of February, a staff member for the SBS drama “Three Days” has announced that Park Yoochun had pulled a ligament in his shoulder while filming for an episode.

Apparently, he pulled it around 10 days before the announcement and that he had an MRI and a complete medical examination at a hospital in Seoul on the 19th.

Playing the role of the President’s body guard, Park Yoochun is required to shoot difficult action scenes, and thus this may have led to him pulling his ligament.

Due to this, production staff are at an emergency situation, as he is the protagonist in the drama, and recovering from the pulled ligament is said to take around 3 months. Furthermore, pulling a ligament in the shoulder is known to be very painful, yet due to tight schedules, they have no choice but to continue on with the shooting, despite his injury.

They have announced that they will be holding an emergency conference, and that they will decide on what approach to take on this issue.

Meanwhile, the new drama “Three Days” is planned to start airing on the 5th of March.

Source: Donga SportsCredit: KoreabooShared by: JYJ3

JYJ3′s note: Please continue to support ‘Three Days’ since Yoochun put hard work and a lot of effort into doing his best, even though he got hurt and was in pain.

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so fast there is a thread for the new drama lols........
welcome in joining us in the Couple Shipper sections :) Enjoy :)

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Guest priti

Uri chun injured himself?? OH boy! thankfully it aint that BIG.As stated above, his shoulder ligament got pulled perhaps due to action moves he had to do.

Ever strain your muscle while doing some heavyduty...Tht pain sensation, red/swelling, inflamed area.Haha it might be similar case for Chun cuz pulled ligament can strain and inflamed it.Poor chun hope he dun overexert himself and good to know he is wearin n using sling cuz the best way to recover fast if NOT to pressure on tht affected area. Hence,for pass couple of days/weeks, Yoochun best fren will be Painmeds hahaha...I doubt he will need operation cuz i have not seen ppl goin for opt unless ligament got teared or if the bones start to get pressurized (as u know ligaments are fibrous tissue connecting the bone) or if tht healin took a long time. Athletic go though this most of the time n they still manage to playon after consuming painmeds. And since YC insist to go on with shooting, I bet he is hanging in there (talk bout work ethics right!) He is a fighter Rawr..Looking at the bright side, Yoochun passed a criteria as a true Action hero ,a Good/honorable one cuz wazz an action drama without any suffered injuries right (not tht i wanna him or any crew to get hurt ;) MARCH need to come fast.Cant wait to my action star!

Hope this will be the only obstacle he faces and hope he will have a smooth shootin. Yoochun ah Fightin!!!

Tealee unni unni, i dunno if i wanna Park Hasun (off screen) to comfort but sure do wan Bowon to comfort and sparkle together with Taekyung ON SCREEN ;)

how awesome, we get to see LIVE PRESS conf. for 3 days on 26th feb!!! CAN'T WAIT toodles

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Guest geenvyme

Park Ha Sun / Yoon Bo Won   


pic credit to the owner

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Guest geenvyme

class="at_title"Yoochun Of JYJ Will Complete Work On Dramatic Series '3 Days' In A Sling, After Tearing Ligament In Shoulder

By Jesse Lent | February 21, 2014 01:51 PM ES

JYJ singer Park Yoochun in "3 Days" (Photo : "3 Days" promotional poster)
No one can say he isn't a trooper.

Despite a doctor's order that he should take three weeks of rest after a torn ligament in his shoulder was discovered, JYJ singer Park Yoochun is reportedly planning to continue shooting the political drama "3 Days," slipping on a sling between takes.

"Park Yoochun felt pain in his shoulder while he was filming '3 Days, so he went to the hospital and received an MRI." a rep for JYJ's record label C-JeS Entertainment told the Korean media outlet Newsen on Thursday.

"The MRI results showed that there was a problem with his shoulder ligament. He needs about three months of rest, but with the first episode broadcast ahead of him, he decided to continue filming as he can't fix his schedule around."

"To make sure his injury isn't strained, he's wearing his sling whenever he's not filming," the rep added.

"As for rest, we think it'll be possible after the drama's end."

"3 Days" was written by Kim Eun Hee, whose past credits include the television dramas "Sign" and "Phantom." Director Shin Kyung Soo is best known for his work on the drama series "Deeply Rooted Tree."

"I chose the drama after reading through the scripts," Yoochun told the publication eNEWS earlier this month.  

"I thought, 'Kim Eun Hee doesn't let anyone down,' and I had my trust in the drama's production team, including director Shin Kyung Soo. I've been working hard to do my best in the performance."

"3 Days" premieres on the Seoul Broadcasting System television network on March 5.

The plot revolves around the South Korean president disappearing while on vacation after several gunshots are heard fired. As his head of security, it is the job of Yoochun's character to find the politician.

Cr: KpopStarz 

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Guest geenvyme

class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px; color: rgb(45, 45, 45); line-height: 1em; font-size: 2.286em;"[PICS] 140224 New ‘Three Days’ Posters, featuring Park Yoochun & Son Hyun-JooFebruary 23, 2014 · rilanna***

HQ Version:

photo igpCRNRh7j3kI.jpg

photo iObTiCAnmluHO.jpg

photo itpA8Qqi4YZ1J.jpg

Source: SBS via Naver & @P0308K
Shared by: JYJ3

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Guest priti

Embedded image permalinkHAN TAE KYUNG O______________________________________O WOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
Embedded image permalink

CASTS OF 3DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Image preview


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Yoochun of JYJNew "3Days" teaser
class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px;"Can't wait for more BoWon pictures...And actress Ha Sun pics with Yoochun...we will get to see our future OTP soon enough (press conference)...I already know that they look great together;)
class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px;"[HD PRESS PIC] 140225 New Still of Park Yoochun in ‘Three Days’February 24, 2014 · rilanna


Credit: SBS via Top Star NewsShared by: JYJ3

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