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The Genius Season 2 더지니어스2

Rule Breaker

The Genius is a Korean reality game where 13 people compete in games that test their logical thinking and social skills. There is a total of 12 rounds (or 12 episodes). In order to win, one must have a great strategy that will make him or her survive. Every episode one person gets eliminated and the final victor will be named the champion.
The currency in this game is called a garnet. Each garnet is worth 1,000,000 won. By the end, the champion's garnets are exchanged for real money. It may be provided before the game or gained within the game.
Each round will have a Main Match and a Death Match. All players participate in the Main Match where a winner and an elimination candidate is determined. The winner is given immunity. The elimination candidate will then have to choose another person without immunity to go to the Death Match with him or her. The Death Match will then take place and the loser gets eliminated in the round and his or her garnets will be given to the winner of the Death Match.


Yoo JunghyunLee SangminEun JiwonNoh HongchulLim YohwanHong JinhoKim JaekyungLee DahyeJo YooyoungLee EungyeolLim YoonsunNam HeejongLee Doohee

Episodes List: 

Credit to Bumdidlyumptious 
youtube account  and tumblr account

All BTS Playlist: 



(w/ Eng subs)

DL Links

BTS 1 (w/ Eng subs)

BTS 2 (w/ Eng subs)

BTS 3 (w/ Eng subs)


1Part 1 | Part 2

Nam Heejong
2Part 1 | Part 2

Kim Jaekyung
3Part 1 | Part 2

Lee Dahye
4Part 1 | Part 2

Lee Eunkyul
5Part 1 | Part 2

-Lim Yoonsun
6Part 1 | Part 2
-- -Lee Doohee
7Part 1 | Part 2

-Hong Jinho
8Part 1 | Part 2

Get-togethers are fun
-Noh Hongchul
9Part 1 | Part 2
Jo Yooyoung
10Part 1 | Part 2

-Eun Jiwon
11Part 1 | Part 2
--Yoo Junghyun
12Part 1 | Part 2

-Lim Yohwan
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Yay! Hahahaha <3 We can do an analysis of each game however we like! My thoughts are still quite disorganized so let me copy paste my post from tumblr... heeee then you can share your thoughts about the games and your bias and also the other players. :D

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Episode 1- Food Chain Game

My thoughts were that everyone was in war mode before the game even begins. Just like Sangmin said, he misses the warm hearted people from Season 1. NHC started out strong and almost succeed in looking threatening. Jiwon was cautious. Although NHC & Sangmin, was laughing at him for running away, he found ways to survive each round. Hweejong was cocky and didnt foresee Jiwon & Eunkyul meeting up. Junghyun seems lost but he is definitely not the weakest link as Eunkyul had suggested. He lets others fight it out among themselves and as long as he is not targeted, i think he will remain this way till the end.

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Yoosun was making me frustrated. She wanted to be loyal to her alliance. Its lucky that they supported her.

My favourite in running order:-

1) Jiwon

2) Junghyun

3) Yooyoung

4) Sangmin & Noh Hong Chul

6) Yohwan

7) Dohee

8) Jinho

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said: Episode 1- Food Chain Game My thoughts were that everyone was in war mode before the game even begins. Just like Sangmin said, he misses the warm hearted people from Season 1. NHC started out strong and almost succeed in looking threatening. Jiwon was cautious. Although NHC

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Lee Sangmin's Interview for The Genius 2

Broadcaster Lee Sangmin who played a prominent role in tvN’s “The Genius” Season 1 is continuing to do so in season 2. Whether it’s in the games or providing entertainment, he has been making his own character known through “The Genius 2”.

He has exhibited a scary intuition that allows him to understand someone’s heart and determines truths from lies just by looking in their eyes. These are the reasons he has gained the nickname “God Sangmin”.

We met with Lee Sangmin who left a favorable impression with “God of Music” last year and has further upgraded through “The Genius”.

◇”I want to go to the finals”


Just like in “God of Music”, Lee Sangmin has been in his element with “The Genius 2”. His natural behavior and wit has many viewers laughing out loud.

How did Lee Sangmin join “The Genius”?

"Everyone had already been cast and I joined late after Gura hyung recommended me. After the producers heard my name, they had a light bulb moment and said ‘we needed someone like this’ and casted me. I had nothing on my schedule, but I acted busy and said I’d contact them some other time. Then I contacted them really quickly. The producers say that I said I’d give them a call a few days later, but I actually called an hour later (laugh)."

Lee Sangmin came 3rd in “The Genius 1” and also survived in the latest broadcast which aired on the 21st. There is still a long road ahead of him, but it’s not expected for him to be eliminated easily. This is because the hardships he has faced in life are melded into his own existence. What does Sangmin think his own strengths are?

"The people who break me and even make me succeed are the people around me. Whenever I experienced success and failure, there were always people beside me. That’s why I can quickly judge people. If I think Hong JInho will do well in today’s game, I hold onto Hong Jinho. If I think Lim Yoonsun will do well, I hold onto her. I’m good at making these decisions."

"I’m also quick at judging when someone talks like they understand the game well, but actually don’t know much or when someone doesn’t talk much, but actually knows a lot. I think my accuracy rate so far has been 90%. I’ve been wrong once or twice, but that’s because there’s the time limit of it being a broadcast. I can get it wrong because I have to make a quick decision. The thing that worries me is that my ability shines when there are a lot of people. When the number of people gets fewer, it would change from team games to individual games."

Sangmin says his goal this season is the finals. This is because he fell right before the finals.

"I don’t have a huge desire to win. I’m just thankful to survive. I do have a desire to get to the finals though. Since I already came 3rd last time. To be honest though, I’m really desperate for the prize money. What other cast member would have a debt like mine? (laugh)"

"I made a pledge if I win. I said I’d use 30% of the prize to go on a trip to Jeju Island with the cast and staff. I want to experience the feeling of winning for a long time."

◇”The people most threatening to my chances of winning are Yoo Junghyun, Jo Yooyoung and Hong Jinho”


 Who could be most threatening to Sangmin’s chances of meeting his goal to get to the finals? Most of the cast members are already making their own existences known which made us more curious. After a little bit of thinking, Sangmin gave us three names. They were Jinho, Yooyoung and Junghyun.

Picking Junghyun was unexpected. On the program he has been rising as the pronoun for “luck” and “randomness”. There’s a strong perception that rather than understanding the games well, he’s just lucky.

"Junghyun hyung is really good at politics as expected of a politician. It’s like he’s not there, but he is. At a decisive moment, he’ll clearly make his position known and find a solution to survive. He appears like a sparse person, but he’s not at all a stupid person."

"I think he’ll leave a hugely favorable impression through ‘The Genius 2’. They don’t get aired on the broadcast, but there are also a lot of funny scenes. I think he’ll get a lot of opportunities as a broadcaster."

He also had high praise for Yooyoung who miraculously overcame Go player Lee Dahye in episode 3.

"Yooyoung has the temperament of a winner. She has really strong mental fortitude. Even when you’re wronged, you need the ability to put that behind you and quickly find a way to live. It’s not easy to do that most of the time, but she has that ability at such a young age."

Sangmin has figured out 2 lies so far. He caught onto Yooyoung and Jiwon’s lies in episode 2’s “Seat Exchange” game.

"Junghyun hyung brought Yooyoung to me and said "She’s 9". Then someone who wants to win would usually be curious about who 10 and 11 were, but she talked about something else. So I thought it seemed like a lie and asked her, but she admitted it. If Yooyoung had lied then, she could have become the eliminated player that day. Because I would have done anything to find another way. But Yooyoung told me honestly and that’s when I thought ‘This kid is alright’".

Last season’s winner, Jinho is also still a strong favorite. He has a high understanding of the games in nearly every episode. There are also a lot of people depending on him. People always follow him. In both his individual ability and political ability, he’s the strong favorite.

"He has the best concentration. Jinho is 1st in concentration. In season 1 when Sunggyu and Minsoo were playing the ‘Yutnori’ death match, that was 2 hours and 30 minutes. Sunggyu and I managed to win somehow, but Jinho’s concentration didn’t falter at all. His understanding of the games is high, and even in an unfair situation or when he’s wronged, his mental fortitude never breaks and he manages to find a new solution. That’s what makes Jinho scary."

◇”The true geniuses are the production staff”

In the interview that went on for more than 2 hours, at the end of every answer were the words “The Genius”. It seemed like “The Genius” had meant more than a broadcast to Lee Sangmin.

Sangmin gave praise saying “the true geniuses are the production staff”.

"The really impressive thing is that the producers don’t make even the smallest of mistakes. If someone was eliminated because of a mistake from the producers, there would be chaos. They might even break the set. There’s that kind of energy. There’s a bloody tension there."

"Jung Jongyeon PD is someone I really respect. He’s younger than me, but his concentration is really amazing and he’s someone who does his best in everything. I don’t even know Jung PD’s phone number. I want to ask how things are going, but it’s difficult. Nothing will change in the broadcast just because I called him, and he’s not that type of person, and it’s difficult to ask for his number. I think this program is really amazing in that way. There’s life in every episode, and it even teaches lessons. It’s also entertaining."

When asked whether he’d appear again if they asked for season 3, he answered “Call.” What kind of program could “The Genius 2” be to him?

"When season 1 ended, I said in the interview that it’s a ‘broadcast I’m really thankful for’. There are a lot of geniuses in the world. Musically, in games, e.t.c. There are a lot. They all come from different environments and have different philosophies. It was fun seeing those people come into ‘The Genius’ and fight to survive. I’m not someone with a high level of education either. I dropped out from Seoul Institute Of Arts. Simply providing someone like me the chance to beat even highly educated people makes me really thankful for this program."



Another person who had an interview with the same source is Jo Yooyoung.


I didn't really understand much about this interview.. except that she said (translated by Google) is: "The rivals are Hong Jinho, Lee Sangmn and Eun Jiwon."


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Just watched the Chinese subbed episode of Ep5. Too bad there is no spoiler tag so I can't post anything significant here but the second season was definitely more cut-throat than the first - in not such a good way IMO. Peoeple were putting more effort into ousting people rather than understanding and playing the game proper.

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Jenny T said: Just watched the Chinese subbed episode of Ep5. Too bad there is no spoiler tag so I can't post anything significant here but the second season was definitely more cut-throat than the first - in not such a good way IMO. Peoeple were putting more effort into ousting people rather than understanding and playing the game proper.

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craptelly said: Jenny T said: Just watched the Chinese subbed episode of Ep5. Too bad there is no spoiler tag so I can't post anything significant here but the second season was definitely more cut-throat than the first - in not such a good way IMO. Peoeple were putting more effort into ousting people rather than understanding and playing the game proper.

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Jenny T said: craptelly said: Jenny T said: Just watched the Chinese subbed episode of Ep5. Too bad there is no spoiler tag so I can't post anything significant here but the second season was definitely more cut-throat than the first - in not such a good way IMO. Peoeple were putting more effort into ousting people rather than understanding and playing the game proper.

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@lindy01 yay! Glad to see more and more fans of the show posting!!!!
My thoughts on episode 5 that I'll copy paste off my tumblr account! hehehe ... 
Hello, everyone! :) I’ve finally seen the episode with eng subs! Had to watch it twice cos I’m an idiot and it didn’t sink in by the first time I saw the ep w/subs. Here goes… :D 

My thoughts on Episode 5

1. Ahh yes, the opening part! Too much adorbs in that one. I love how at this point of the show, they’ve started hanging out together for drinks! It’s funny how Jiwon was already in a hurry to start the game and ready to go with the alliances based on their positions… only Hongchul hasn’t even entered yet! You, Choding! And how they were able to persuade Jinho to reveal his target with the premise that they would eventually share theirs. And when he finally did, they’ve started teasing him on how he could think like that! That none of that thought ever occurred to them. Making Jinho flustered. So nice!

2. The rules.. I had to watch it with subs twice just to understand the game. What an idiot. But to my defense, it was already around 1 to 2 AM.. so it’s acceptable, right? XD

3. The Players 

Jinho - He did such a brilliant tactic with that infinite chips theory. Unfortunately, for the three of them, their social skills are not so good. And so what began as a majority group ended up in the minority. Not to mention two players on the other side have more than 1 wild card each. Sangmin has shown him his card, right? He probably forgot that variable. 

Yoonsun - This player has always been too aggressive, She’s sharp but doesn’t think deeply. Also, a very intimidating player. She was too transparent about her card in this ep. A very hard working woman, but not a good strategist. The way she would easily let go of an ally who helped her without a blink of an eye is not so nice too. And seriously, she made it seem to others that she had such a powerful card and so they have to help her out.. But really, there was no point in helping her. And she made a bad decision in choosing Yohwan for the DM. Not only did Yohwan turn his back to others in order to help her out which brought his downfall too, he also had to be chosen for the DM. I mean, why, Yoonsun? Whatever the DM will be, of course Yohwan would gain the sympathy of the majority. She probably underestimated Yohwan’s ability to play individually. But he’s a famous name in progaming world! Ahh well. I like how she was a very passionate girl in this game and come off as someone strong. But yeah, as she said, she has lacking parts too. I don’t like how she easily betrays others. And another thing, she kept on asking others for favors without even assuring those people what’s in it for them. That’s just not how it works. 

Yohwan - Sigh, he received such a good personal card. He should’ve used it to control others! Not the other way around. Good for him, he was good in the DM game! That was pretty much his specialty. He’s great at strategies, but on games that require lots of players.. he’s just meh. Still, he’s so cute. He’s been playing too innocently on main matches. LOL 

Sangmin - A very good card. He could easily win the game if everything goes according to his plans. He formed an alliance that would fully secure his win, through a puppet player, Yooyoung. He didn’t need a big alliance, sure. But by the end, he got himself lots of garnets and no other player reached more than 50 points. Had he not been in the alliance, Jinho would achieve the infinite chips and he wouldn’t win the game. 

Yooyoung - She rubbed off as someone unlikeable in the ep because she was blatantly ignoring other players. It’s understandable that she did it because Sangmin asked her to and of course the immunity. She could’ve been more charming to the other players than snobbish. Had she not received immunity from Sangmin, she would be the obvious target for the DM. But she’s proven herself loyal to the alliance that she wishes to support. 

Hongchul - It’s so funny how he successfully managed to do the crime! Taking Junghyun’s personal card and even passing it off as his own! This is without a doubt his most brilliant moment in the show so far. Thing though is, he often hides his inability to create great strategies behind such a noisy facade. LOL. He doesn’t think much, but an awesome con artist indeed. 

Doohee - It’s still so adorable that Doohee made the voting app! And that he’s also wearing a gun shirt! Probably a man with a purpose! He also has such a good card, taking out other people’s chips. People would have to cooperate with him if they don’t want to be Doohee’s target. Aww.. I just really have a soft spot for him, ok? :) 

Jiwon - LOL He lied so naturally, I love it! One is when Yoonsun asked for his support to get a vote. And he even said, “I’ll support you, you’ll see.” But when she left and Junghyun shared his thoughts about the bill. What he said was, “That’s why I’m opposing it.” Next is when Yoonsun made a bill that would put Doohee in a bad position and so Doohee wants to use his wild card to veto. Jiwon told him not to waste his card and just oppose it and that Jiwon would even oppose it for him But he pressed approved. XD And it’s funny how he keeps on telling Yoonsun the flaws to her plans. He just keeps on disagreeing with her. But to be fair, he has points. And it’s nice how he’s the one who thought of using the bill that would render Yoonsun’s card pointless. It’s actually quite pointless right from the start though. Jiwon and Sangmin had no use for her cards since they can have more than 1 wild card each. 

Junghyun - Hahahaa this guy. He proposed the first bill and got major opposition right from the start! Of course it has something to do with his bill. But somehow, I felt like regardless of bill, everyone would oppose him, just because it’s him. LOL! As expected of everyone. He’s such a cute ahjussi who seems to be so relaxed all the time. He’s like the comic relief of this show. But yeah, I think he could be an easy target when it comes to the DM. Who knows? Maybe yes, maybe no. None of us know the full extent of his capabilities as he hasn’t been on a DM yet. But I really like him. It’s like there’s no bad blood in him. 

4. I liked the Death Match game. Yohwan redeemed himself through this game, so I suppose it’s also a good thing that he got chosen in the DM. Hehehehe… I wish I could own all the stuff they use on the death matches.. even those from season 1!

5. Other stuff.. Awww.. Sangmin played Couple! I really love Sechskies so YEHEY! It’s also nice of JIwon to return the favor of telling Yooyoung the stuff going on behind her back. Yooyoung did her that favor on the last episode and this time, Jiwon told her that what she’s been doing so far is not coming off nicely to the others. As I’ve said, Yooyoung could’ve played nicer while forming alliances.. and not just ignoring other players outright. I don’t want Jinho to be out of the game just yet too! He’s not my main bet for this game, especially as he’s already won season 1. But I want him to also last long cos he’s so good! So more challenge to the other players!


Can’t wait for the episode tonight!!!!! <3
Also here are the deleted scenes from Ep 5!

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Guest cutesywesty

I'm fed up with those "comments" in "that" forum that are really bias (they'll claim they're not to death) and have HUGE grudge against the so called Broadcasters Alliance since..episode 1? Basically people in that alliance are considered 'stupid', 'not worthy', 'betrayer', 'thief'. 'ruining the show' etc etc
Will they hate their bias if the "ugly deeds" are theirs?

They claimed certain players are ruining the show for them, but their comments ruined it for me.

I hope ALL PLAYERS in Broadcasters Alliance will be eliminated next week.


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