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Guest snowdjinn

Subtitles are OUT !!!!!! We can discuss Episode 11 openly !!



Episode 11 (Spoilers !!)


Main Match... boring because it was too predictable. After 10 minutes watching the game, it was obvious who would win.

Sangmin.. In the end, the most awesome achievement of Sangmin is his Genius reputation. He has that reputation of being a very manipulative but somewhat perfect ally. He even betrays players when there is a good opportunity but no player cares. They just stand in line and hope to be choosen as his next ally. It seems as if Sangmin has exclusive rights to pick allies first. All players want him on their team. I still remember in Season 1 when players were pretty much looking up to Sangmin, secretly accepting him as a somewhat leader and strongest player. I think Sangmin's charisma and social skills make him look much bigger than he really is. That draws other players to him and he can easily use them and manipulate them. This is why... in 1 vs 1 matches he is just average. Sangmin was my favorite player from the beginning.. for a while i wanted JungHyun to win.... but now, i just hope Sangmin will win. Sadly, I think Sangmin is just average in 1 vs 1 and loses in the finals.

Yohwan... of course its a good strategy to appear weak, to mess up.... to just survive as a harmless submissive beggar. Keep your garnet count close to zero so you dont get picked for death matches. Its a good strategy but very pitiful so i am a bit sad about what happened. Yohwan is living proof that in the Genius it doesnt really matter if you are good at playing the games. Because if you are not good at playing the games, you are weak and the strong player want to keep you in the game and eliminate other strong players. The more you mess up, the more they help you to stay in the game as a weak opponent. When S2 started, Yohwan was one of my 5 favorite players. Now he is almost the worst of them all. (the IQ guy that got eliminated in round 1 is still the worst but Yohwan is a runner-up) I think Yohwan has a very high chance of winning the finals. 1 vs 1 matches, thats what he is good at.

JungHyun... 41 garnets gathered for nothing. i think it would have been fun if they picked a death match in which garnets are essential. This would be a good way to show that.. Yohwan's strategy to have 0 garnets and not be choosen as a target.... is a bad strategy. So if i planned episode 11 i would have definately choosen a garnet death match and then have Yohwan beg Sangmin for 10 garnets and then it would be a huge 41 vs 10 garnets match with a huge advange for JungHyun. This way, they would reward JungHyun hard work collecting garnets and punish Yohwan for not collecting any. Oh well. JungHyun was the most impressive player of Season 2. I think he is highly respected for his performance.

What do i think of S2 ?  Just 1 episode left and its over. Season 2 had much better main matches rules and much better death matches rules. So many fun strategic interesting main matches. Most of them were so complicated and full of strategy that they had to play test games. LOL. Thats awesome. I dont like the token of immortality. (just messed up the normal strategic play). I think the real problem with S2 are the players. The 13 players were poorly choosen. Most of them were not suitable for the Genius. Half of them didnt play the Main Matches, it was all about alliances. Yohwan kept messing up the main matches with his submissive strategy.  the IQ186 guy didnt even understand what was going on, Doohee was too innocent/vulnerable to play the Genius, .... the girlgroup member seemed a bit out of place, HongChul was a bit too nervous and couldnt live up to his reputation.... the lawyer woman was a bit too dedicated and agressive haha... maybe it just went wrong at some point and you cannot plan this kind of thing. oh well....

Season 3 ? If they do a Season 3 i would like more harmless people for example 13 comedians or 13 idols. Those people cannot act too agressive or manipulative because it would ruin their reputation. Therefore, they might play the main matches and not just do alliances. I dunno. Just my opinion. Name should not be "rulebreaker" but "fair play". Maybe make the garnet count more important in each game. I really think that lots of garnets should be helpful in every game.

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@snowdjinn Nam Heejong just has 173 for IQ... :))

But yeah, I agree with most of what you've said.

I thought the token of immortality was a very interesting thing at the beginning, but after watching this show, I realized it put a lot of impact into ruining things. Some people got too obsessed with it. Well, maybe it was how people treated the token of immortality.. But yeah, not a good addition after all. Perhaps it didn't mix well with the players. LOL

For some reason, I just felt that the token, while there was a good intention for it, made the games less fun. *shrugs*

One thing, I believe those players who got eliminated, especially those in the first half, lost not because they were "bullied by an alliance".  They lost due to their own mistakes.

Name Heejong
- he was too cocky. Chose his allies too soon and was over-confident he didn't even bother to think of a proper strategy.
Jaekyung - she was a very timid player. Not strong enough to leave a great impression. She was really loyal but also trusted people too easily.
Dahye - she was a great main match player but got easily flustered in the DM.
- the guy who somewhat came up with the broadcasters alliance term. He was silly enough to disclose his whole plan of wanting to eliminate Hongchul, in front of Hongchul himself.. (and he was already expecting himself to end up in the DM in the first place, so basically he did get his part of the deal)
Yoonsun - part of the game was to hide your bill and make your opponents guess what it could be.. Create alliances to only those who can help you. She failed largely on that part. And also, she was a player who betrays too easily. It can be beneficial in times of dire need, but in the long run she made herself too intimidating and not as trustworthy to the other players.
Doohee - He's too naive. He knows how to betray but he also doesn't know when to stop trusting people. And while it was wrong for Jiwon to take the ID, it was also his mistake for being clumsy with it, knowing it was a very vital part of the game. I think misplacing the ID was partly an intention by the PDs themselves, or else why would there be a need for an ID in the first place.

The rest... well it was mostly thanks to Yohwan, I suppose. His gameplay in general was mostly cowardly and relied more on self destruction in order to receive mercy from the winner. Main matches became too predictable thanks to him. Too many possibilities and good plays ruined, thanks to him.

Jinho - Yohwan, after all the boasting that he'd put Jinho in 2nd place once more.. got cold feet, and apparently shared a tip on how to beat Jinho with Jiwon. Though, hadn't he thought he had a great chance, I still don't think he wouldn't go all in still.
Hongchul - He wasn't exactly a great player, he relied more on his alliances and his ability to talk a lot.. also Sangmin gave a tip to Junghyun how to play, having experienced the game for himself.
Yooyoung - Already stressed from what's been happening.. And Junghyun was a good DM player...
Jiwon - Junghyun is a good poker player.. and he got bad hands at the same time as well.

I'll stop there..

Junghyun was the last person I was rooting for in The Genius.. and now that he's gone.. ah well.

Anways, watching this show has been fun and has given me greater perception of things. I started watching this show when I found out Jiwon would be in it, and I'm proud of him~ ♥



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I've prob gave this more thoughts than I should but I think the reason why boxer go for the survival strategy in the last few episode is because of what happened earlier in the season. He was actually playing for win earlier on and has some good strats but it was always ruin by someone betraying his team. In a way the person betraying his team in the earlier episodes is no different, they sell out their team in hope of the winning team would save them. Boxer seeing how it is impossible to play straight up just go for self destruct instead. Sangmin and his broadcast alliance kinda ruin the entire season. I'd be glad to see him lose

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Guest amylane

I don't like Yohwan, he is very coward and his alliance strategy is broken because of his selfish act. He wants his allies to sacrifice for him and he wants to use them to win. I like Sangmin and Junghyun, and I want a final with both of them. Since Yohwan is a gamer, I guess he is more advantage in the final. I don't think Sangmin can win the match, since he is not very good at DM. I don't have high expectation from the final, the result is already decided, Yohwan wlll win :(

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S1 won both S1 and S2.


is a lousy choice for such an important game in the Finals.

And Yohwan still cannot escape the jinx that are 2 and yellow, both related to Jinho.

And without any indication for a S3, I am left dangling nowhere.

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Guest snowdjinn

Subtitles are OUT !!!!!! We can discuss FINAL EPISODE 12 openly !!

Episode 12 - Season 2 Final (Spoilers !!)

i stayed up all night just to watch this as soon as it is uploaded. i avoided all spoilers and had no idea what kind of games they play. no idea who would win. It was soooooo much better than Season 1 Finals, especially because the players were evenly matched. It was a close battle.


All the eliminated players tried to show that there are no hateful feelings. They split the items 6-6. In a way, in Episode 12, we finally get more warmth and friendliness. They cannot win anymore , so no more greed and no fierce competition. If you watch "Taxi" with Doohee, Jinho and Sangmin you can also hear how the fans overreact and spam Sangmin on the internet with hateful comments. Ah i wish they wouldnt do that. Its just a game show, and its suppose to be mindgames too so what Sangmin did was absolutely "The Genius" rulebook. Sangmin is just a different type of player. Dont hate him for that.

First Game

Since i am also online poker player, it was really fun to watch. Sangmin did what all smart beginners do. He was smart but he made the typical mistakes, for example: betting too much. Yohwan did the classic tactic you use against beginners. you bet very little and by doing that, you dont lose many chips if you are unlucky. With this method, a pro player reduces the impact of luck/bad luck and makes it more about skills. This way, a Pro usually wins with his experience against a beginner. Beginners like to go for luck but Yohwans strategy blocks it. Very good play from Yohwan and if they play 5 more times, i think Yohwan will win 4 out of 5. He is just the better poker player. I was a bit shocked that Sangmin used the "Copy Item" so early. Since "Quartett" is a total game of luck i would have kept the "Copy item" for that game. But maybe Sangmin wanted to make sure he wins the first game and use as many items he can to get a lead 1:0 in the first game to put Yohwan under pressure. It was an Average Game. Nice Starter.

Second Game

wow that was so exciting. i got a headache just from watching. it was very well edited. i was so hoping Sangmin wins then they have to play 3 games. i was so bad at this game. my questions would have been so random. lol. Both players strategies are so smart. Yohwan got a little bit confused with numbers and this is why Sangmin could get a little advantage. The double item was strong. Imagine you copy the double item. Then you can ask 4 questions. HAHA. i think Yohwan was a bit unlucky with his items in general. Best Game of the Episode !

Third Game

i guess there was a lot of luck involved in this one. The "0" is good IF you cannot get 4 colors at all BUT if both players get the Quattro then a 0 will make the result so low that the other player wins. So its better if you dont need the "0". i think the extra card exchange is also very powerful. That is 4 chances to make 4 colors, instead of just 3. Anyway, congratulations to the winner !!


Ahh Sangmin. I really respect you ! you worked so hard during Season 1 and Season 2. He is the only person who was in ALL 24 episodes of the Genius. i totally respect him for his amazing charisma and social skills and mindgames. He is like the definition of a Mastermind. Very much respect and hope Sangmin will show up on other subbed Korea Shows. Even though he is a bit of a trickster, i totally enjoy watching him in shows. kekeke. Have a good life, Sangmin !!


he is seriously good in 1 vs 1. i was impressed. he played very well in all 3 games. He is so good in 1 vs 1 but he is a terrible team player in Main Matches. Anyway, Yohwan was not my favorite to win. i still enjoyed his performance in the Final Episode. I expected that more players would support Yohwan but maybe the other players also felt that Sangmin worked so hard in S1 and S2 and they wanted to make it a fair 6 vs 6.

Genius Season 3

Maybe that was it. we dont know if there is a Season 3. even if there is S3, we dont know if it will be subbed. it would be nice if we can still watch more of it. i feel the players learned that you cannot be too greedy and too cruel and that the next group of players will act more friendly (at least in front of the camera, haha.) Anyway, Thank You Genius staff for a great TV show.

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Fyi, "Crime Scene" featuring Hong Jinho as a permanent cast member is now broadcasting on JTBC. 
If you like "The Genius", then you would also be interested in "Crime Scene". Discussion thread here . Bumdidlyump is still the subbing saviour :)
Infinite's Sunggyu is guest member for the fourth case/episode 7 onwards. 

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@craptelly you may like to start a new thread for Season 3 now that some players had been announced. Or would you prefer to start it after the season airs officially?
Recording had started since two weeks ago. Here are the players that had been announced thus far:
- Kim Jung Hoon (actor) - "Princess Hours" - he acted as the younger prince.- Kang Yong Seok (lawyer) - "Crime Scene", "Sseuljeon"- Jang Dong Min (gagman/entertainer) - "Let's Go Time Expedition", "Comedy Bootcamp". He was the E01 guest for "Abnormal Summit".- Nam Hwee Jong (KAIST lecturer) - he was booted out in E01 of TG2.- Ha Yeon Joo (actress) - "I Need Romance"- Lee Jong Bum (web toon artist)

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Jenny T said: @craptelly you may like to start a new thread for Season 3 now that some players had been announced. Or would you prefer to start it after the season airs officially?
Recording had started since two weeks ago. Here are the players that had been announced thus far:
- Kim Jung Hoon (actor) - "Princess Hours" - he acted as the younger prince.- Kang Yong Seok (lawyer) - "Crime Scene", "Sseuljeon"- Jang Dong Min (gagman/entertainer) - "Let's Go Time Expedition", "Comedy Bootcamp". He was the E01 guest for "Abnormal Summit".- Nam Hwee Jong (KAIST lecturer) - he was booted out in E01 of TG2.- Ha Yeon Joo (actress) - "I Need Romance"- Lee Jong Bum (web toon artist)

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Guest titinio

@Jenny T do you know when the show air? i wonder if bumdi will subs it as well,so there's 6 players announced this far, i'm curious with the rest of them :)

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Guest snowdjinn

Okay. Genius 3 will start 1st October.

Cast Season 3

01 Gagman Jang Dongmin
02 Lawyer Kang Yongseok
03 Nam Hweejong (he was the first one eliminated in Season 2)
04 Actor Kim Junghoon
05 Actress Ha Yeonjoo
06 Announcer Shin Ahyoung
07 Screenwriter Lee Jeong Beom
08 Dealer Kwon Juri
09 Pro Poker Player Kim Yoohyun
10 Financial Advisor Yoo Sujun
11 Student Oh Hyunmin
12 Student Kim Kyungkon
13 Doctor (Oriental Medicine) Choi Yeonseung

This time its a lot of Non-celebrities and not-so-famous unknown celebrities. (the only popular guy is gagman Dongmin, in my opinion). I think its a great group of People. They are like white sheet of paper with no set image. They can build up their own reputaton during Genius 3 and nothing is pre-set. we get to know these players as the Genius 3 goes on. i also believe they will concentrate more on the game rules and there should be no pre-set close friendships/pre-set alliances, which was probably the problem with Season 2. So i am happy with this list of players.

1st October Genius 3 starts. <3 HURRAY !!!!

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OK, just created a new topic for TG3. Also added links to the video teasers that were recently released.TG3 will start airing from 1st Oct onwards.


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Just started watchin' this show ever since channel M made its debut on my satellite TV. The premise reminds me so much of Liar Game although I don't understand the rules of this game at all LoL. Pity that Rainbow's Jaekyung got booted off, she seemed too sweet for this show. And it's horrible for Yoonsun to betray her like that too after Jaekyung helped her out in the previous Death Match. 

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Guest chloe.c

Late on board The Genius boat, but I really love it so far! Bingewatched Season 1 and finally now finished Season 2. Season 2 overall truly isn't good. I had heard that the show would be quite frustrating and disgusting to watch, and indeed it was very frustrating. The first few episodes were okay,  but Episode 6 really blew it. I get this show is supposed to have betrayals and stuff and it is inevitable, but to that extent was ridiculous. It was just adults acting like a bunch of children, very immature and childish actions for no good reason. Betrayals are bound to happen in these games, but the action plans should at least be STRATEGIC, not just to make a joke and not think before doing something. Not realizing it would be a big deal afterwards is no excuse for a bunch of adults supposedly participating in a strategic game. 

Episode 6 was incredibly horrible, you can even tell by the episode, as we pretty much didn't even see how people played the game. Ridiculous. I agree that most of the participants wanted to eliminate people rather than play the game and think of intelligent strategies to win. Practically every episode, you can hear someone say / suggest who they need to eliminate now. I liked Lee Sang Min in Season 1 too, but I agree that he kept putting focus on who to eliminate and really wanted to get rid of Hong Jin Ho, Yeah, I guess you need to get rid of the smart players to win, but it's just not very likable. 

Yoo Young's attitude was dislikable too, with a snobbish expression many times. And Jiwon............ yeah no comment. Simply childish to take away Doohee's card and not even let him try at the game, then even after upon realizing his fault, he wasn't even able to own up right away. Then betrayed again at the end. You don't have to help, but after all that drama before, if you didn't actually have the heart to help, then don't say you will. It was also a bit annoying at the end of the episode when Sangmin's response to Doohee is that all he can say is that the world out there is worse than what happened in the episode. Yeah.... great timing there. Doesn't justify people's action just cuz there may be "worse" out there. So many "sorry's" said in the episode, but how many times did they actually mean it? Probably at the end. Yes, this show is about thinking of ways to win, but that was too much, one lie after another. You're on a variety show still, after all, and at least feel sorry and make up for it afterward, like most do in other episodes (in S1 maybe some of S2)

Noh Hong Chul was a bit nuts, but at least he outright yells out and admits he's crazy, which was entertaining. 

Overall, I feel like the participants this season barely showed any wit in the games, except for Hong Jin Ho and Lee Sang Min. In Season 1, I remember myself going like ohmygoddd daebakkk! quite a few times, but seriously not so much in Season 2. Hong Jin Ho definitely lost to luck in that death match, so it was probably fate that he can't win two in a row. I don't think it would've been that good for the same person to win again in the next season anyways, so it probably wouldn't have happened regardless. Jung Hyun was great near the end, and Yo Hwan surprised me to end up in the last two. He really showed his brain in the final, but took a bit too long.... In most of the other games, he really didn't seem to have done much (like most of the other contestants). So overall, I do think Lee Sang Min deserved the win the most after HJH's elimination, and he really did come up with good strategies and surprised the audience. But just not as great of a win when he kept dominating by Episode 7 with not much of a competition. Also kinda awkward that the winner of Season 2 was the Top 3 in Season 1. Maybe a bit unfair, so it's nice that Season 3 only has 1 person from previous seasons. 

Anyhow, despite the disappointment in things that happened in Season 2 and it being less entertainment after the halfway mark, I still enjoyed the games they played and it's still a great show. This can all be forgotten and the audience will all (or should've already by now XD) move on. 


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