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[Variety] Beating Hearts / Heart is Beating (심장이 뛴다)


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10 hours ago, adikkeluangman said:

Choi Woo Shik takes part in the good company support project!

via JYP Actors

I think this related to his previous variety 'The Heart Beat.

Thanks for posting, @adikkeluangman!  Awww...now I want to watch it all again.  Not a bad thing, though. ;)

Most of those photos are from episode 31, when he and Jo Dong Hyuk joined all those other firefighters to search that huge terminal building after a fire.

I think he's helping to raise money to get more equipment for firefighters, since that was sort of an ongoing theme of the show too, that they so often had to buy their own equipment due to lack of funding...and it looks like they've kept the Moses' Miracle Project going, since it's mentioned there.  Probably some of the donations go towards that fund too.  There are also t-shirts and bags that appear to be the thank you gifts for donating.  (Aw, I want a t-shirt!)

T-shirt, modeled adorably by CWS:



Other stuff:




Anyway, here's the link to the page where you can make donations (or you can if you're in Korea, don't know about elsewhere).

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