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[Variety] Beating Hearts / Heart is Beating (심장이 뛴다)


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From episode 21:
Haha, I can't wait to see the full version of this.  I guess this is the guy they got to direct?

So...they're back in Gangnam now, as of episode 21?  Interesting.

And @kjmcth, where did you see that Lee Won Jong is leaving?  He's been gone because of Empress Ki, I assume, but I never saw anything official that he left permanently.  Although...now that I look at the official site again, he's not listed as a cast member anymore, is he?  Hmm...
So are they going to be down to 4 when PKW leaves next month, or are they planning some larger-scale cast changes, maybe?

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@ecs707a yes i asked becoz i see profile at naver .. but i not see any news abt him withdraw from this show.. maybe he just busy with his drama,,,now  i just remember profile tv show  at naver always updated with episode on tv... 

EPISODE 22  140408

part 1

part 2

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@kjmcth: I haven't seen any news either.  I just assumed he was still missing because of the drama, but since you mentioned it, I checked the official site (which has changed, btw, so I guess I should update the first post), and he really isn't there anymore.  I wonder when that happened?  So, even though there hasn't been an announcement, I think he really did leave permanently.  So thanks for noticing!  I would probably have gone on assuming that he was just busy or something.  When they did that press conference, he wasn't there for that either, but his picture was still included.  So it probably happened after that, anyway.

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Guest adikkeluangman

I wonder how many episodes that they filming with Park Ki Woong before he went to army. This week episode at OneHD is the one with the dog training and the press conference for Moses Project. Poor Jo Dong Hyuk missing their BBQ party. 
Is there any kind of voluntary services like this in Korea? Just thinking if they want to continue doing this thing after the filming end. Like what PKW said, this have become his second job already. 

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Episode 23 140415

link dailymotion been removed...

class="titleNews"[Ratings: Tues, 04.15.14] Park Ki Woong Cries Angry Tears on ‘My Heart Beats’

Another emergency incident caused Park Ki Woong to cry frustrated tears on SBS’ My Heart Beats.

On Tuesday’s broadcast, Park Ki Woong visited a couple, who shared an incident that happened to their first child. The mother experienced pregnancy-induced hypertension, putting both her and her 28-week-old baby in danger. The couple called for an ambulance so that they could deliver the baby.

However, during their ride to the hospital, an elderly man on a motorcycle was riding on a pedestrian crossing when the ambulance accidentally hit the motorcycle.

The elderly man demanded money for his motorcycle repairs upfront, while the paramedics and the husband begged him to settle this later, willing to exchange contact information. However, the elderly man remained stubborn, demanding money, refusing to let the ambulance pass and stealing precious time from the mother and baby.

The elderly man eventually let them go after the husband paid the man, but the surgery was performed too late, and the nameless baby, weighing only one kilogram at birth, died the following day due to lung hemorrhage.

The couple revealed that they asked the program to come visit them, hoping that something like this never happens again.

[Ratings: Tues, 04.15.14] Park Ki Woong Cries Angry Tears on ‘My Heart Beats’

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Guest adikkeluangman

So WS brought Michael home now... Now I'm curious with their relationship.  :-\" Maybe next time will be trap in a car.
EP21; I don't understand how the car can crashed like that with driver can't control it. I never heard about it before. OK, about rescue animal or wild animal I get it but for the dead rat. smh people.
So they start the PR project already. Why it take so long. Sometimes I don't understand how Korean broadcast station work. For example in my country, branded content like this usually will get 13 episode with 30 minutes airtime per week. Maybe Korean took slow and steady method.

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In case anyone's wondering, it looks like the show's still on the schedule for Tuesday night, at least at the moment.

Best wishes to all involved in the ferry tragedy, including rescue workers.

Re: episode 24 (April 22 episode):
Haven't watched it yet, but just skipped through it.  I think only the beginning is new (more about the CF), and the rest is a review of past events (like a highlight reel of footage from earlier episodes).  I guess that makes sense, since this episode aired in a later time slot than normal (after 11 pm, when I'm pretty sure it normally airs earlier in the evening).  I suppose they expected some viewers new to the show to be watching because of the different time slot, and with all the programming disruptions all over the place.

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Guest adikkeluangman

The nation totally grieving. I can understand it somehow since my country also got something like on missing plane MH370 on early March.
Anyway, here is an interesting comment by netizen at netizenbuzz about the ferry tragedy. It go highest upvotes.
1. [+14,685, -917] It's not only the captain who's the problem. The captain's decision is a direct reflection of Korean society. Did you not see 'My Heart Beats'? No matter how hard 119 rescuers ring their sirens, people are just too busy living their own lives to care. Reality is that the majority of Koreans are too self absorbed to worry about anyone else. The captain is a mirror image of Koreans today.

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class="content-title" SBS’ “Beating Hearts” Films Emotional and Meaningful Ad for Ambulance Awareness I.said.hi April 23, 2014 0 Comments

What do you do when while you’re driving you hear the sirens of an emergency vehicle such as an ambulance or a police car? Do you pretend that you didn’t hear it and continue to look ahead? Are you confused on how to react to the approaching vehicle? With the recent uproar against how people have reacted to an ambulance’s sirens and the desperate plea of emergency personnel while transporting the injured, SBS‘ “Beating Hearts” have filmed and released a commercial showing the importance of allowing ambulances to pass first.

The commercial starts off with Park Ki Woong running down a highway with an injured child on a stretcher. Although he desperately screams “Please move!” the cars do not seem to budge. “Beating Hearts” members Jeon Hye Bin, Choi Woo Shik, and Jo Dong Hyuk are seen in their cars respectively. While Jeon Hye Bin seems surprised to see Park Ki Woong asking people to move out of the way, Choi Woo Sik is seen listening to his music without care, while Jo Dong Hyuk is seen brushing off the plea. Throughout the CF, the ad asks “What is this to you? Noise? Lies? What is the siren sound to you? Please move out of the way for an ambulance.” 

What happened to the little girl and why were the emergency personnel running through a highway? Watch the CF below to find out!

SBS’ “Beating Heart” had previously raised the issue of ambulance etiquette as the show broadcasted an episode in which a woman who had severed her leg in a car crash was delayed medical attention because the ambulance carrying the woman was stuck in traffic. As a result of unwilling drivers who refused to move out of the way, while some even had the audacity to cut in front of the ambulance, by the time the woman arrived at the hospital, she had broken all her teeth while trying to endure the pain.

Let’s all respect emergency vehicles and move out of the way when we hear the siren!

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Park Gi Woong's new fashion pictorials were unleashed.
Actor Park Gi Woong recently had a pictorial shooting with 'bnt,' and he showed various sides of him.

In the pictorials, Park Gi Woong is wearing modern semi-casual outfits, showing chic and sharp look.

Park Gi Woong drew attention by showing amazing looks in all of the outfits, and received a great number of compliments by showing a lot of great poses and facial expressions.

During an interview that was held after the shooting, Park Gi Woong said, "'Gaksital' was the most difficult drama that I've ever done. I could not get an hour of sleep during almost 9 days."

Regarding why he decided to appear on SBS 'Heart Beast,' he said, "I thought that I should let people know all of the troubles that firefighters are going through for us."

Park Gi Woong went on, "I thought that it should worth a try no matter how the program rating turns."

Meanwhile, Park Gi Woong chose Joo Won as the best actor that he every worked with.

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adikkeluangman said: This is from yesterday news. They just updated. It been awhile since the ferry tragedy.

Tonight at 11.15PM (KST), #choiwooshik is up for making his own public ad on SBS '심장이 뛴다'. http://t.co/LENCp1v0Mv

— JYPACTORS (@JYPACTORS) April 29, 2014

This week's episode is a proper new episode.  Yay!

Here's director Woo Shik in action:


And the final product (maybe?  I haven't actually watched the episode yet, just searched for the clips.  Anyway, it's funny)


Ha.  I think I like bossy Woo Shik.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Watched the EP23. PKW and the baby made me almost to tears. Can the parents sued the motorcyclist or something. How come their baby is nameless. They don't named and registry the baby upon birth? Anyway, happy that the parents got another baby after that. :)
The CF filming sure looks epic. Production include the footage from Transformer movie and the boys imagine that the fire truck will change. So cant with CWS and his cheerful parody. There caption include JYP face that give tips on his singing, then he imitate famous hand dance move by a famous singer.
So they started the Moses Project from February and it took off with CF all in April. I wonder if they get another project or any interesting topic to approach. I think they should tackle one topic that close to actors more like accident happened during filming or when they changed location. Maybe can include idols accident due to followed by crazy fans.

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From PKW twitter:
credit: 1 2
He just recently finished up filming for the show, so there should still be several more episodes to come with him, even though he leaves for military service on May 8.

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