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Wuri Jungwoo oppa, mentions So Hojun oppa!!and I could not agree more on his opinion!!!

Jung Woo of 'Reply 1994' talks about his real personality, his looks, and complex

Actor Jung Woo who's experiencing immense popularity lately with the recent conclusion of 'Reply 1994' appeared on radio program 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time' to open up about himself rather than as his character 'Trash' on the show.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung said, "Although you are a man from Busan, I feel like you would have a lot of aegyo."  Jung Woo admitted to this, "I have a lot of aegyo.  That is why my mother likes me."  On this day, he even sent his mother a video message in the Busan dialect.

He revealed that his favorite scene from 'Reply 1994' was when he asked Na Jung out on a date in the twelfth episode as he likes refreshing moments such as this.  He also chose Son Ho Joon as the best looking man in the drama and talked about his own looks.

"I'm not very good-looking.  Because my face is lacking, I work out diligently... My face is average for an actor, but it stands out among ordinary people," he said with a laugh.  As for his complex, he chose his double eyelids because they give him a sleepy look.

The actor also recently held a free hug event where an immense crowd gathered for a shot at being embraced by this rising star.

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/12/jung-woo-of-reply-1994-talks-about-his-real-personality-his-looks-and-complex#ixzz2p80lk1CT 
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Sohn Ho-joon to play Yoon Kye-sang’s rival?

by girlfriday


Here’s another maybe-addition to KBS’s upcoming melodrama Full Sun, which is still in its name-dropping phase of casting with no actors signed on yet. Rumored to headline is Yoon Kye-sang, and now Answer Me 1994’s Sohn Ho-joon (aka Slam Dunk Hair Haitai) is being courted to play his rival.

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class="titleNews" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 10px; font-family: arial, dotum, Helvetica, AppleGothic, tahoma, verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 23px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); line-height: 28px; border-bottom-width: 3px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-color: rgb(80, 80, 80); color: rgb(68, 68, 68);"Son Ho Jun to Head to Haitai’s Hometown Suncheon for Free Hug Event

cr  CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Celebrating the neat conclusion of tvN’s Reply 1994, Son Ho Jun will be headed off to Suncheon to visit his character’s hometown for a special event.

On December 30, Core Contents Media announced that Son Ho Jun and his onscreen roommate, Kim Sung Kyun will be walking around in Myungdong dressed in 1994 gear to fulfill a ratings promise they made. 

Son Ho Jun also decided to head down south to Suncheon on January 7 to visit Haitai’s hometown told hold a free hug event, giving fans of the region a special treat. More information about the Suncheon event will be announced on January 1. 

Son Ho Jun’s real hometown is Gwangju, which is located about an hour away from Suncheon. 

Photo credit: tvN

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