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Son Ho Jun 손호준



Name: 손호준 / Son Ho Jun (Son Ho Joon) | Profession: Actor and singer | 

Birthdate: 1984-Jun-27 | Birthplace: Junrado, Gwangju, South Korea | 

Family Member: Mother, father and older brother | Height: 181 cm | 

Talent agency: YG Entertainment




Prior to debut Son Ho Jun has been on many KM and KMTV News anchor, also a model for Andre Kim, a talent and a VJ. He debuted as the leader of the group Tachyon, a 3 member group boyband, on April 14, 2007 on the show A-Live from Channel V Korea. The group was J&H media's first musical group and people from SM Entertainment helped making their debut album. They released debut single Feel Your Breeze that is the Korea remake from the Japanese boyband V6. Disbanded around 2007. He acted in Chinese-Korean production mainly The Shanghae brothers. He rose to stardom for playing the character Haitai in campus drama Reply 1994. He also gained popularity for appearing in reality shows, notably Youth Over Flowers and Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village. In July 2016, Son signed with YG Entertainment. In 2017, he starred in the hit romance drama Confession Couple.




Drama Series
The Light in Your Eyes (JTBC / 2019) - Kim Young-Soo
Terius Behind Me (MBC / 2018) - Jin Yong-Tae
Go Back Couple (KBS2 / 2017) - Choi Ban-Do
Blow Breeze (MBC / 2016) - Lee Jang-Go
Mrs. Cop (SBS / 2015) - Han Jin-Woo
Warm and Cozy (MBC / 2015) - Son Joon (ep.16)
Lovers of Music (KBS2 / 2014) - Seol Tae-Song (Joon-Hyun's manager)
Beyond the Clouds (KBS2 / 2014) - Han Young-Joon (Young-Won's stepbrother)
Reply 1994 (tvN / 2013) - Haetae


A Diamond in the Rough (2019) -

Circle of Atonement (2015) - Nam Chul-Woong
Three Summer Night (2015) - Hae-Goo
Big Match (2014) - Jae-Yeol (president of Ik-Ho’s fan club)
Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010) - Jung-Bum
Wish (2009) - Young-Joo
Death Bell (2008) - Jo-Bum


TV Movies
Drama Special: Let Us Meet, Joo Oh (KBS2 / 2017) - Cha Joo-Oh



Joseph's Amazing Techno-color Dreamboat (2014) - Joseph


Variety Show

2014  |  Youth Over Flowers |  tvN  |  Cast Member  
2015  |  Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village  |  tvN  |  Cast Member  
2015  |  Law of the Jungle (Palau, Indochina)  |  SBS  |  Guest   
2015  |  SNL Korea  |  tvN  |  Host (Episode 118)   
2015  |  Off to School  |  JTBC  |  Guest    
2015  |  Mr. Baek: The Homemade Food Master  |  tvN  |  Cast Member    
2015  |  Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village - Season 2  |  tvN  | Cast Member   
2016  |  Three Meals a Day: Gochang Village | tvN  |  Cast Member   
2018  |   I Live Alone   |  MBC  |   Guest

2019 | Coffee Friends | Cast Member


Music Video

2008  |  "That Person"  |  SeeYa    
2009  |  "My Ugly Love"  |  Voice One    
2009  |  "Apple is A"  |  T-ara    
2013  |  "Do You Know Me?"  |  T-ara   
2014  |  "More and More"  |  The SeeYa   
2014  |  "Pillow Arm"  |   Davichi  
2015  |  "Growing"  |  K.Will




2007  |  "Feel Your Breeze"  |  Tachyon       
2013  |  "Only Feeling You"  |  with Jung Woo & Yoo Yeon-
seok  |  Reply 1994 OST   
2014  |  "More and More"  |  with The SeeYa  |  Tears



To be updated


Awards and Nominations

2014  |  7th Korea Drama Awards  |  Best New Actor  |  Reply 1994  |  Nominated    
2014  |  3rd APAN Star Awards  |  Best New Actor  |   
2014  |  KBS Drama Awards  |  Best New Actor  |  Trot Lovers, The Full Sun  | 
2015  |  10th Asia Model Festival Awards  |  Popular Star Award  |  
2015  |  4th APAN Star Awards  |  Popular Star Award, Actor  |  Mrs. Cop  | 
2015  |  23rd SBS Drama Awards  |  New Star Award  | 
2016  |  tvN10 Awards  |  Made in tvN (Variety), Male  |  Three Meals a Day  | Won 
2017  |  KBS Drama Awards  |  Best Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama  |  Drama Special - Let Us Meet, Joo-Oh  | 

2017  |  KBS Drama Awards |  Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries  |  Confession Couple | Nominated
2017  |  KBS Drama Awards | Netizen Award - Male  | Nominated
2017  |  KBS Drama Awards | Best Couple with Jang Na-ra  | Won  
2018  |   MTN Broadcast Advertising Festival    CF Star Award   |   










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1994′s Sohn Ho-joon joins Lee Jung-jae in action thrillerby girlfriday | November 24, 2013 | 32 Comments


Yay for Answer Me 1994’s cast moving up in the world. I’m sure we’ll hear about lots of new projects on the horizon for the whole cast of the hit cable show, especially with so many of them having come from the film world to begin with. The first to score a new gig isSohn Ho-joon, aka Haitai, who will be joining the action thriller film Big Match.

Big Match is the new thriller from writer-director Choi Ho of Go Go 70s, and it stars Lee Jung-jae as a star martial arts fighter who finds himself framed for murder one day. Shin Ha-kyun plays the villain, an architect of a mysterious game designed for the 0.1% elite. It sounds like a live-action game where the city itself becomes the game board, and the stakes are life and death.

Lee Jung-jae ends up fighting for his life and his brother’s as he plays this game and matches wits with Shin Ha-kyun. Sohn Ho-joon will co-star as Lee Jung-jae’s fanboy who becomes his sidekick helper.

Sohn is relatively unknown, having only played small roles in a handful of projects (Perhaps the most notable among them is 2009′s Wish alongside 1994 co-star Jung Woo). But he’s been doing a great job in 1994, and sometimes when I see him without his Slam Dunk hair, I’m shocked at how handsome he is. He’s plenty cute on the show, but the 2013 scenes make a world of difference for Haitai and Samcheonpo, whose ’90s hair is a gag in and of itself.

Big Match starts shooting in December for a 2014 release.

Via Star News

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Hi! Just dropping by to show Son Ho Joon some love. He is truly a very handsome actor and his character as Haitai probably gave him more recognition :)

I just read his biography. What happen here?

"Was given Stage 4 due to diagnosis of multi directional shoulder instability."

Can someone clarify that for me? This is the first time I heard of it..new fan haha.

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paradicez said: Hi! Just dropping by to show Son Ho Joon some love. He is truly a very handsome actor and his character as Haitai probably gave him more recognition :)

I just read his biography. What happen here?

"Was given Stage 4 due to diagnosis of multi directional shoulder instability."

Can someone clarify that for me? This is the first time I heard of it..new fan haha.

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Answer Me 1994′s cast featured in Vogue shoot

Aww, I love this: It’s the cast of Answer Me 1994 in a group photo shoot for December’s issue of Vogue Korea, which is enough to make me happy to see it. But I particularly appreciate that they get a chance to dress up in fancy (and modern!) duds, lookin’ fashionable in a way that their adorably countrified characters don’t in the drama proper.

I also love the wit in the shot below, with the three boys (Sohn Ho-joonKim Sung-kyun, and Baro—or as we know them better, Haitai, Samcheonpo, and Binggeure) holding cellos while Do-hee (aka Yoon-jin) holds up a violin to emphasize how tiny she is, a trait that’s constantly referenced by the gang. And I don’t know what Garbage/Oppa/Jung Woois wearing, but somehow he makes camo-capris-or-are-they-ajumma-pants look cool.

And not to stir any pots, but… does it say anything that the shoot seems to have decided that Yoo Yeon-seok and Go Ara are the main coupling? Or is the only thing shown by that the fact that some photogs are on Team Chilbongie?

Yoo Yeon-seok said in the magazine’s accompanying interview (which we will all now have to run out and buy, I’m sure) that he’d had a rough time after playing unlikable roles inIntroduction to Architecture and Werewolf Boy (people would get mad at him in real life—ah, the perils of being so good at playing jerks), so this is a nice change of pace. He said, “I’d like it if Chilbongie becomes Na-jung’s husband and I can become Korea’s Soondoongie [pure heart, innocent boy].” Oh, I think one of those is already true. Though I’m sure the other thing would help.

Answer Me 1994 broadcasts on tvN on Fridays and Saturday, although this week there will only be one episode, thanks to the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Episode 11 will air Saturday.



Son Hojun in Voguetumblr_mwzfszIlzB1t0z18io3_1280_zps389e1
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'Reply 1994's Jung Woo, Yoo Yun Suk, & Son Ho Joon sing for the OST in MV for 'Feeling Only You'

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/12/reply-1994s-jung-woo-yoo-yun-suk-son-ho-joon-sing-for-the-ost-in-mv-for-feeling-only-you#ixzz2nKpIzkdy 

Reply 1994' already had viewers on the edge of their seats with the news of cameos from 'Reply 1997' stars in the upcoming episode, but to add to the excitement, it has revealed another one of its OST!

SEE ALSO: WBW: My Top 20 Old School K-pop Songs

This OST is a special one as three of the actors Jung WooYoo Yun Suk, and Son Ho Joon have lent their voices! As one of these actors are suspected to be the husband of Go Ara in the drama, it's only fitting that they sing the remake song 'Feeling Only You', which was heard during Go Ara and her mystery husband's wedding scene.

Check out the track as you watch the actors sing their parts in the MV above!

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to Son Ho Jun | 손호준 |

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