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Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드) - Thank You LADIES CODE!

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After School Club



Hosts were Jimin and Heejun. Heejun is friend of Ladies' Code, he is Polaris artist and he collaborated with Sojung in this song.
Woosung (The Rose) also was host for previous After School Club episode, but he missed episode with Ladies' Code this time,
because of schedule (I think he is on tour, and probably was in Berlin, Germany)


just some of highlights:


1:12-2:28 "SET ME FREE" in After School Club
51:00-51:40 by fan request, Sojung is singing Beyoncé - Halo.


in addition to full episode, this song quiz:


in 1:56-2:07 , they guess ...


... and talk about ONF song "Why".
ONF promotions for "Why" (and EP "Go Live") mostly coincided with Ladies' Code current promotions.
And ONF "Why" is great.
Previous two minialbums by Ladies' Code were composed by MonoTree composers. All ONF songs were composed by MonoTree, with some exceptions. "Why" is co-composed by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) and MK (ONF member). So "Why" is one of most recent MonoTree works, and that is another reason, why it is interesting.


additional photos: 1, 2.

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So, ZEPETO is social network/game where you can make custom 3D avatars (with editor, also it allows you to try to make an avatar automatically from photo)

https://www.instagram.com/sojungsauce/ made ZEPETO avatars based on Ladies' Code.
Ashley and Sojung liked this Instagram post, also Sojung commented.


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Two Instagram posts related to Ashley's birthday (no, it was not today, it was back in 2019)

Post by Sojung. If you are OK with sudden intro video, then there are also 9 nice various photos in this post for you.

Post by Christine Park. (More info about Christine Park was posted here).

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Ladies' Code's "Galaxy" M/V has reached 5 Million views on YouTube.


It is 3rd Ladies' Code's M/V with 5 Million or more views, if we look at one M/V instance (from multiple YouTube channels, where Ladies' Code M/Vs are published). After "Bad Girl" and "Kiss Kiss".
If we look at combined YouTube views from official channels, then "Hate You" M/V has 5 Million combined views.
And "Pretty Pretty" M/V too. "Pretty Pretty" is most viewed Ladies' Code's M/V by combined views. "Pretty Pretty" should've reached 5 Million on one M/V instance (was at more than 4 900 000 on Stone Music Entertainment YouTube channel) before "Galaxy".
Instead, "Pretty Pretty" M/V will anyway reach 5 Million on one M/V instance, but this time on Ladies' Code YouTube channel.

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Ladies' Code contracts with Polaris Entertainment have expired. It means Ladies' Code is not with Polaris anymore.
Group name, Ladies' Code, is owned by/belongs to  members (it means, that Ladies' Code may join other company in future and otherwise use name Ladies' Code
without name-related conflicts with Polaris). At the same time, group activities are stopped, members will do solo activities.
It is unknown yet, if any of these solo activities are K-pop activities. Also members will use real names now (but this mainly means Kim Joo Mi instead of Zuny?).
Here is article about it.
Ashley Choi, Lee So Jung and Kim Joo Mi wrote letters to fans and made Instagram posts with these handwritten letters.
These Instagram posts and letter translations are also included in Soompi article above.
Lee So Jung's letter includes words to international fans, in english.
Ashley's and Kim Joo Mi's posts include Ladies' Code's group photos from various years.
I wish all best to Ladies' Code in everything they do.

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1theK,  Spotify, iTunes news.


1theK uploaded:




and bonus



(with Zuny acting)


At the same time on iTunes and Spotify EP "CODE#01 Bad Girl", EP "CODE#02 Pretty Pretty" and single "Hate You" were added also.

We see, how these uploaded MVs correspond to albums/songs added to iTunes/Spotify.
Together with mentioned uploaded MVs, 1theK also uploaded following MVs:
Kim Bum Soo - Sadness Guide
Heejun Han - Think of you
Heejun Han - Bring the Love Back (Feat. Pusha T)
Iron - blu (Feat. Babylon)
Overall, all these 1theK uploads are songs by Polaris artists. Distribution rights to all these songs/albums, including Ladies' Code songs from EP "CODE#01 Bad Girl" and EP "CODE#02 Pretty Pretty" were owned by Stone Music (CJ E&M). Now distribution rights have been transferred to Kakao M (owner of 1theK).

If we look at uploaded MVs description, we see:"[Notice] 1theK YouTube is an official channel that distributes music videos.This video has been uploaded again as the right of this video was transferred to 1theK."

Let's return to Stone Music. Ladies' Code "Bad Girl", "Hate You", "Pretty Pretty" MVs initially were uploaded on Ladies' Code official channel, Polaris official channel and channel of distributor, Stone Music Entertainment (for some time channel was named CJENMMUSIC Official). I think, something happened between Polaris and Stone Music Entertainment, because result was, that "Bad Girl" (more than 5 350 000 views), "Hate You" (more than 1 870 000 views), "Pretty Pretty" (more than 4 900 000 views) MVs instances were deleted from Stone Music Entertainment channel near October 1, 2018. And now these 3 MVs, deleted by old distributor in 2018, were uploaded on 1theK, new distributor.

For "So Wonderful" and "Kiss Kiss" distributor was LOEN Entertainment (old name of Kakao M), so these MVs instances were on 1theK from start. In January 2016 Kakao acquired LOEN Entertainment (and later renamed LOEN Entertainment to Kakao M). Ladies' Code songs, beginning from February 2016 "Galaxy" were distributed by NHN Bugs!, and MVs uploaded on "SUPER SOUND Bugs!" channel (LC channel and Polaris channel also) . (Speaking of YouTube promotions, "SUPER SOUND Bugs!" channel is not best, for example if we check "Galaxy" views on Ladies' Code channel and views on "SUPER SOUND Bugs!" channel )

In 2019, Polaris made deal with Kakao M, and Kakao M became album distributor for LOOΠΔ.

Kakao M then began getting distribution rights for some LOOΠΔ albums from previous distributors, and Kakao M started with Stone Music (CJ E&M) distribution rights.

Also 1theK (Kakao M) began uploading some(not all) LOOΠΔ MVs in September 2019.

And Ladies' Code (with other Polaris artists) MVs upload is another step in these Polaris - Stone Music (CJ E&M) - Kakao M relations. I wish it could be much earlier, but it happened only now. If I remember correctly, even MVs thumbnails in uploaded Ladies' Code MVs are the same, as they were in Stone Music Entertainment channel in 2018.

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It is 7th anniversary to Ladies' Code.

On March 7, 2013 extended play "CODE#01 나쁜여자" ("Bad Girl") was released.

Spotify link to it.

On YouTube, it is:

Intro... Bad Girl


나쁜여자 (Bad Girl):




Dada La


(also, this video of "Dada La" live version)


안울래 (I Won't Cry)


Also I want to show this fan project by Becky. Total of 90 Lavelys participated, and in this video we can see fan pictures and fanart.


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Around mid-March, LADIES' CODE "PRETTY PRETTY" ("예뻐 예뻐") MV has reached 10 Million combined YouTube views. Details below.

Combined views means sum of views of MV instances on all official YouTube channels,
For "PRETTY PRETTY" MV official YouTube channels are Ladies' Code channel, label (Polaris Entertainment) channel, and distributor channel.
Initially distributor was CJ E&M Music (now Stone Music Entertainment). Near October 1, 2018, "PRETTY PRETTY" MV was deleted from Stone Music Entertainment channel, and this "PRETTY PRETTY" MV instance had more than 4 900 000 views. It was deleted not because of YouTube, but because in some cases Stone Music Entertainment deletes videos from their channel. Maybe it can be related to some expired and not renewed contract between Stone Music Entertainment and Polaris Entertainment, and also there are cases (even from 2020), when other groups MVs got deleted from Stone Music Entertainment channel. But it doesn't explain all that happened, and overall Stone Music Entertainment policy for MVs deletion is bad for industry.

In February 2020 Kakao M (owner of 1theK) got distribution rights to some Ladies' Code songs from Stone Music Entertainment (CJ E&M Music), and that included "PRETTY PRETTY" MV, and it was uploaded on 1theK channel (channel of new distributor) too.


In other words, "PRETTY PRETTY" MV has YouTube views on 4 official channels (but, MV was deleted from Stone Music Entertainment channel), we take into account 4 900 000 views (actually, there were more than that) of deleted MV from Stone Music Entertainment channel, and by now "PRETTY PRETTY" MV on Ladies' Code channel has more than 5 100 000 views,
and that is total of 10 Million combined views, even before we add views from 1theK channel and Polaris channel.


For one reason or another I still have trouble to catch up with current content, so
this time I did watch Ashley's video from December, 20

This is GRWM video, and at the same time Q&A
some of highlights:

6:45-7:58 what Ashley does watch on Netflix? "Black mirror", "Stranger things" are mentioned, and "Modern family".
8:31-10:12 hair care. Hair mask and hair care oil.
10:17-10:56 next hair color. Blue color is also mentioned (and in 2020 Ashley did try cobalt blue hair color)
11:30-12:00 favorite Ladies' Code song. "Bad Girl" and entire "Myst3ry" album.
(also, later in video there is question about albums which Ashley listens to on repeat. Among other albums, "Myst3ry" and "Log" (by KATIE) are mentioned.)
12:45-13:48 weight discussion. 48 kilograms weight limit for trainees is mentioned.
16:24-17:21 best Korean food for Ashley. Gimbap, bibimbap.
17:53-18:10 favorite breakfast food
18:19-19:23 movie of decade. "Parasite", "Whiplash", "Mad Max: Fury Road", maybe others.
21:57-22:31 weird food combination question.
22:42-23:06 favorite thing to do with friends
23:06-23:36 favorite aroma/smell.
23:36-23:59 which film Ashley uses for camera? Fuji, Kodak ColorPlus 200.

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Also from December, V Live.
This V Live atm is last V Live, where we see Ashley, Sojung and Zuny in one video.
Having said that, it is also funny video, probably funnier in second half.
After this, there were 4 personal V Live streams (3 Sojung's and 1 Zuny's).
Also this V Live is atm last V Live with english subtitles.
Speaking of subtitles, it is nice to have subtitles, because not all Ladies' Code videos have subtitles.
Only be warned that in this video partial english subtitles are coming before corresponding parts of video.


link to "2019 finish!" V Live


Related photo:


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